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China is not putting the Zambian Government under political pressure to pay back loans

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba with  Chinese Head of Mission to the African Union, His Excellency, Mr. Lui Yuxi
Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba with Chinese Head of Mission to the African Union, His Excellency, Mr. Lui Yuxi

Chinese Head of Mission to the African Union Mr. Lui Yuxi has refuted recent media assertions that China was putting the Zambian Government under political pressure to pay back loans.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, Mr.Liu stated further stated that reports alleging that China was demanding a stake in the running of Zambian mines and other national assets were totally false.

Mr. Yuxi said that negative reports being made about China and Africa were malicious and designed to drive a wedge between the two, adding that China was cooperating with Africa to ensure that countries succeeded in their development agenda.

Mr.Liu noted that Zambia was an important country on the African continent because it played a key role in the regional body SADC and was a member of the African Union Committee called the C10.

Mr. Liu said that China would support Africa’s quest for reforms at the United Nations Security Council.

At the same meeting, Mr. Mwamba said it was unfortunate that the western media was using Africa’s debt owed to China as a weapon to fight China and derail the ambitious infrastructure development plans China was supporting in Africa.

Mr. Mwamba said Zambia only owes China about 30% of loans compared to other loans that the country was servicing with other development partners.

Mr. Mwamba requested the Chinese Government to support President Edgar Lungu’s ambitious infrastructure development program.

Mr Mwamba urged China to fulfil its commitment to complete infrastructure projects approved under the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Mr. Mwamba said that President Lungu’s infrastructure program that had seen the construction of roads, airports, schools and hospitals was instrumental in the development of the country.

Mr. Mwamba further said Zambia would engage the Commission of the African Union and propose projects which would be incorporated on the phase two of the China Africa infrastructure cooperation plan being done jointly with the African Union.


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  1. They don’t need to put pressure. They will just grab all mines and rivers. They already grabbed znbc. Yaba last night…****DELETED please reserve your private affairs for your own facebook page!!*************


  2. GRZ should be put under pressure to boost growth back to Rupiah Banda’s levels of 6%. Too bad Lungu has presided over growing poverty.


  3. Bloomberg,African Confidential and Moody’s are foreign propaganda media publications used by west to fight African countries.Due to Global village these media publications have been vindicated.They have FAKE NEWS used to challenge their opponents like communist states e.g China,Russia,North Korea and other ant-democratic states like Iran.
    However they take advantage of African dwellers for lacking of global insights.


  4. no COMMENT as all my comments show …under moderation for a longtime, checking the following day NONE OF MY COMMENTS APPEAR


  5. China needs to increase its levels of transparency. There’s no transparency in most Chinese deals. When we remember what happened to Kalengwa Mine we have no choice but to believe what the Western media is saying although we understand that they also have partisan interests. Apart from Chinese companies being worse emplyers they’re also not cooperative. They record financials in mandarin which we don’t understand. They don’t pay tax. The Chinese facilitate illegal financial flows through the huge kickbacks they give. Chitotela was acquitted despite his company receiving $250,000 from a Chinese company without an invoice nor a contract. We have failed to understand why investigators didn’t question the Chinese officials that facilitated this payment. We speculate that they did but…


  6. Imwe namwe your government is not borrowing most of its loans from the Chinese government, but from private corporations. They are the ones pressuring ati mubweze nkongole. So you run for propaganda from the Chinese government officials when mwenze ku kongola from kaloba. Muzamuziwa yesu a mambala.


  7. So what ?
    We continue borrowing?
    This is nothing to celebrate about. They are not putting pressure because they are already making their money or have already made their money.
    I don’t even understand why this man who likes cameras had to make this a news item. No news here let us discuss other sensible things.


  8. Forecast – even failing to locate the owner of 48 houses is propaganda. Buying wheelbarrows at USD 1 million is propaganda kikikikikikikik


  9. We don’t need your China loan because our country budget 50% civil servant salary 41% service loan including Chinese load and just remain with 9% ,


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