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ZICTA cancels Vodafone licence



The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has cancelled the network and service licences issued to Mobile Broadband Limited trading as Vodafone Zambia Limited.

The cancellation is on the grounds that Vodafone has ceased to fufill the eligibility by not being technically and financially capable of meeting the obligations and the terms and conditions of the licence.

According to ZICTA Board Chairperson Emmanuel Musonda, the decision to cancel the licence was arrived at during a special meeting held on September 12, 2019.

Below is the full Press Release

Statement on cancellation of Network ,Service and Spectrum Licences for mobile Broadband limited

Notice is given to the general public that following the resolution of the Board of the Authority at its Special meeting held on 12th September 2019, the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority(Authority) has cancelled the Network and Service Licences issued to Mobile Broadband Limited trading as Vodafone Zambia Limited.The cancellation is on grounds that Mobile Broadband Limited has ceased to fulfil the eligibility requirements under Section 12 of the information and Communication Technologies(ICT) Act No.15 of 2009 by not being technically and financially capable of meeting the obligations and the terms and conditions of the licence. The cancellation shall take effect 30 days from the 20th September 2019.

The cancellation of the licences entails that Mobile Broadband Limited will cease to operate as an Electronic Communication Service and Network Provider under the ICT Act,2009 after the expiry of the thirty day notice.This publication is in line with Section 18(8) of the information and Communication Technologies Act,2009 which obligates the Authority to publish the suspension or cancellation of any licence which was issued under the ICT ACT.Further Notice is given that the frequency bands that were assigned to Mobile Broadband Limited have been withdrawn.

The Authority is aware that the cancellation of the licences held by Mobile Broadband limited comes with great inconvenience to alot of consumers that have subscribed to the network.We expect that Mobile Broadband limited will address all consumer issues as a result of this cancellation.

Issued by Emmanuel M.Musonda

Board Chairperson


    • It was a raw deal.

      There is no way Vodafone was gonna perform or succeed with internet only service in this competition where every jim and jack company offers near Zero cost of internet. With the right sophistication, internet is pretty much free. The ICT industry looks clogged, suffocated and saturated for service.
      ZICTA Should have advised and inducted Vodafone rightly. The company died the very time it was licensed on data only, pantu takwaba.

  1. Perhaps Vodafone won’t adhere to their regulations I. E-mail. SPY ON PEOPLE !!!

  2. Sad development.So the Business Rescue Process approved by the High Court that led to the subsquent appointment of Business Rescue Administrator in 2018 after the withdrawal of the main shareholder,Afrimax Holding BV, failed to yield the desiref results.I was quiet excited with Vodafone Zambia in 2016 for being the first to introduce 4G high speed mobile internet and was looking forward for them to extend to other services like Voice and Sms.

  3. Hh came out with a very powerful alternative to the budget of the failure party and that sent shivers down pf spines. They had no response so they went down the old African political response of accusing opposition of supporting gay rights. Hh and upnd do not support gay rights but as an individual myself I have no problem with it. The reason ignorant Africans dislike gay people is based on some supernatural belief that christianity does not allow such acts. However the same people that brought them christianity were found to be touching and sexually abusing both young girls and boys. Gay people have no impact on my life so why should it bother me. You are willing to accept Grant’s and aid from gay countries but say you hate gay people. Only small penis insecure men are scared of gay…

  4. That is not good. Vodafone would have added color on the scene had government and the relevant authorities been transparent or fair in their dealings. Am sure somebody out there is determined to see Vodafone fail in the country.

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