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Zambia Army Commander concerned by rampant smuggling of maize and Mukula trees into neighbouring countries


Defense Minister Edgar Lungu (r) confers with PF Western Province Chairman Kenneth Namutulo (r) as Zambia Army Secretary Brig .Gen. William Sikazwe (c) looks on during an Official visit in Mongu District at Country Lodge, Western Province
Defense Minister Edgar Lungu (r) confers with PF Western Province Chairman Kenneth Namutulo (r) as Zambia Army Secretary Brig .Gen. William Sikazwe (c) looks on during an Official visit in Mongu District at Country Lodge, Western Province

Zambia Army Commander William Sikazwe has expressed concern over the rampant smuggling of maize and Mukula trees into neighbouring countries.

Lieutenant General Sikazwe said Mbala and Mpulungu districts in Northern Province have continued to record high cases of smuggling, of the two commodities.

He however disclosed that government through the Zambia National Service (ZNS) has deployed officers to help monitor the operations and cushion any possible challenges that might arise from the smuggling at the two border towns.

Lt. Gen. Sikazwe said the defense forces are doing everything possible to enhance security at all border points.

The Army Commander noted that enhancing security at all border points will help conserve the craved commodities, for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Lt. Gen. Sikazwe said this when he called on Northern Province Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje at his office in Kasama yesterday.

And Provincial Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje has called on the Zambia Army to help construct the Lufubu Bridge which links Mbala and Nsama district in Northern Province.

Mr Sipanje said the construction of the bridge at Lufubu River, has the potential to help increase inflow of tourists into Kasaba Bay in Nsama district.

Meanwhile, the Army Commander later paid a courtesy call on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu at his palace in Mungwi District where the traditional leader commended the defense forces for exhibiting discipline and professionalism in their line of duty.

He said the defense force has continued to lead exemplary lives, both in the community and on official duty.


  1. Mwebashilika leave political talk to the politicians. If they ask you to help in their operation stick to your duty the opinions on smuggling are for Lungu HH and the other members of the smooth talking profession

  2. The Army Commander and the Commander in Chief are surprised by rampant smuggling when they have the powers to stop it.
    Very inspiring. What else are they surprised about?

  3. Surely the smuggling of Maize and Mukula Tree has nothing to do with the Army. This is the Role of the Police, Immigration and Customs. A National Army should be used to keep Territorial Security. This Army Commander doesn’t know the Role of the Army vis avis the Role of the Police.We are not at War so the Soldiers should stay in the Barracks and leave Policing to ZPS and other relevant Govt Agencies. This Statement says a lot about the Integrity and Competencies of this Army Commander.

  4. Just shoot 1 ringleader so that we see who will gather to mourn and where the funeral will be held. We understand that the mukula smugglers are very well connected so bwana Uzisunge 1 don’t waste our time

  5. he is now ZRA commissioner General?

    That is not the headache for you sir, yours is to grab as much land as possible for Zambia.

  6. Smuggling of Maize has been an on going activity for a very long time. In actual fact it should be categorised as cross border trade. The poor farmers can choose where and at what price they want to sale their produce.

    The Army Commander should not waste resources by deploying the National Service to stop the smuggling. He should be reporting back to the nation on the tonnage of maize, wheat and other products that the Prez promised that National Service will produce en-masse. In any case its not his mandate to stem smuggling , that belongs to ZRA and the police in instances where the goods being exported have been stolen.

    Ba Bwana concentrate on snake snacks!!!

  7. The fact they are concerned and they are monitoring means they know who it is and they will do nothing about it. Isn’t it time you politicians and your minions realized we are in the 21st Century? People know what you are doing – they are just trying to figure out how to deal with you. It will soon happen! Muzatawa na ma sapato mu manja a mambala.

  8. “Zambia Army Secretary Brig .Gen. William Sikazwe”

    Those mistaking him for Army Commander take note of the above.
    The gentleman was earlier this year promoted from Maj. Gen To Lt. Gen.

    It seems he has been quietly demoted two ranks back to Brig. gen probably by LT.
    Sadly he has even lost the position of Commander and is now Army Secretary which is 3rd/4th in command.
    Better demoted in rank but retains his command post as Army Commander or vice versa demoted in command post but retains his rank of LT. Gen!

  9. kikikiki ba author in small italics just below the pictures,what was he trying to say mmmmm niboza iyiiiii kikiki alaaaa iweee bako serious

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