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Dora SiIliya expresses disappointment at HH’s reaction to the declaration of 25th October a s Public Holiday

Headlines Dora SiIliya expresses disappointment at HH's reaction to the declaration of...

Chief government spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya has expressed disappointment at opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who has attempted to trivialize the declaration of 25th October as a Public Holiday. On Wednesday morning, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in his usual way of doing things took to twitter and Facebook to Create memes in an attempt to disregard President Lungu’s declaration.
Chief government spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya

Chief government spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya has expressed disappointment at opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s response to the declaration of 25th October as a Public Holiday.

Ms. Siliya said President Lungu declared October 25th a public holiday because he observed that government workers unlike those in the private sector do not have industrial breaks.

“The whole essence of the President declaring 25th of October a holiday is that first of all, the government has been listening to what the workers have been saying especially workers in government who do not get industrial breaks compared to workers in the private sector.” Ms. Siliya stated during a joint press briefing on Wednesday.

“And if you recall last year with the then minister of finance she did announce that each year there must be at least two weeks break for all government workers especially non-essential workers , this has not been actualized at the moment but this is part of an effort by the President to recognise that especially government workers they don’t get as much holiday as those in the private sector , because they don’t go on industrial break at the end of the year.”- She added.

She added that this was President Lungu’s response to people’s demands.

“So, this is just an attempt by his excellency to say… lets respond to what the people are saying especially government workers but he was very clear also when he discussed with cabinet this going forward has to be structured.”-She said.

Ms. Siliya has described as disappointing Mr. Hichilema’s decision to once again boycott the Independence Day celebrations. She said the Independence Day is aimed at honouring heroes who fought for the country’s Independence.

She added that Mr. Hichilema’s traits are the reason why he has always been denied by Zambians because he wants to be honoured but he doesn’t like to honour others.

“Independence Day celebrations are an honour to forefathers who fought for our independence and not just an individual. Zambia is not looking for a leader who wants to be honoured but won’t honour those who fought for Zambia’s independence.”-She emphasized.

This year’s Independence Day falls under the theme “Our Freedom, Our Country, Our Responsibility for the Citizens.

Meanwhile Ms. Siliya said Zambia managed to attract over USD$5.3 Billion in the first 6 months of 2019. Ms. Siliya said this is contrary to an impression created by one opposition leader that Zambia has stopped attracting investment.

She said the investment was in the areas of Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism and manufacturing.

She says from the said investments, over 9000 jobs were created indicating an increase of 36 percent during the same period last year.

“ZDA said in the first 6 months of this year Government attracted over USD$5.3 Billion in the energy mining agriculture construction, manufacturing, tourism.

9000 jobs were created, 36 percent more than the same period last year.

On behalf of the government the statement by the opposition is not correct adding that Zambia is not being shunned for investment. Our friends have the Luxury of making statements without figures …we don’t have that luxury, we as government will give you the figures as they are.” She stated.

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  1. This is the problem with mediocrity in leadership. You end up responding to anything and everything. Even when hh farts you will issue statement. Ati we are not happy about the effect of the smell of hh’s farts on the economy. Happy neo colonial day to all Zambians

    • Dora has more experience in Government than double h – this is the fact.
      I like the feud between double h and Dora. Maybe not the feud but a correctional effort since h² needs alot schooling being an U5 he is.
      It doesn’t have to be ECL schooling H² but the Information Minister so that the nation can judge and I absolutely like it. Thanks Dora but I hope you don’t have a crush on ugly H², Chuckles.
      Talking about holidays, I hate holidays that will squeeze themselves as a one working day before a weekend.
      I love it when a holiday is declared so I can have to do things for my personal business and my family. No harm, the private sector almost always want to work even on holidays. I kind’a get h²’s point economically. All work and no play.

    • @ Arse licking torn in the gluteus maximus

      !mbecile, this extra “national” holiday declared on the wimp of executive without even considering implication to the REAL tax-payers, employers and investors will cost MILLIONS in lost productivity, pay-roll and tax revenue.

      For what purpose? Self gratification of the executive and government which are unable to provide basic structure for development of the nation.

      F*CK OFF

    • Zambia has too many holidays already. This clearly shows

      The whole general attitude towards work ethics of civil servants needs overhauling.

      Do you know how much money is lost each time there is a national holiday? I suspect this government have no way of measuring this, nor do they care.

      For this PF government, every day is a holiday. It always has been.

      This is not how nations are developed.

    • Some of us are able to manage our hangovers and get back to work in minutes, you just have to accept that there workaholics like us,who would loved to visit public institutions on Friday.

    • @TRUTH

      Get over it bitter kid.

      I am celebrating Independence and definitely not ready to be drawn into unprogressive squabbles with doomsayers like you.


    • HH was wrong, Ba Edgar has saved so much money from those PF ministries thieves. And most theft happens on Thursday and Friday.
      Also civil servants need time to go collect firewood for cooking, there is no electricity.
      Keep closing down Zambia unexpectedly, close it next week too.

    • Interesting how you speak of job creation, without considering job losses during the same period. We may attract some gullible investors, but what of the more that are leaving?

      Holidays don’t help an economy which is falling apart. Many industries in the private sector have stopped taking industrial breaks due to the economic issues at hand.

      Understand the issues we have, make decisions accordingly.

    • President Chiluba once gave CHILDWASA chance thinking he would help restore the nation and give chance a TRIBALISM-prone block to rise up to the challenge but the move almost had him killed. WE HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE. UPND CULT of the leader is an embodiment of that TRIBALISM block.

    • A person and persons who are UNPATRIOTIC, ANTI-ZAMBIA and ANTI-EVERYTHING RIGHT must never be entrusted with power in Zambia! UPND is the WASTE EXPERIMENT to ever appear in Zambia. Zambians can tell from the comments we see against the president and government! It is not because the President or government have done anything wrong! It is because he is not TONGA! These people MUST NEVER be allowed in GOVERNMENT. They have bitter hearts and eat bitter herbs which make them be full of hatred.

    • What? Dora, are you serious? Do you understand what these public holidays do to the Economy? The banking sector is disrupted, losing 3 working days in a week. Stop showing your stupidity if you have nothing to offer to Zambians. You did the same with SATA and now on HH? You are not even ashamed of yourself being a chief spokesperson for a party you insulted the founder, Sata to his Grave. Now enjoying and talking rushing?? You a CURSED Woman. Typical Lazy Lung and his Lazy Ministers.

  2. Public holiday for what PF-GRZ? What the country needs at work he moment is production in various industries. Zambia and Zambians cannot afford to be on holidays so often. This all sums up as being a lazy country. Lungu! Please go to work.

    God bless Zambia

    • Shame. This is not worthy a rebuttal. Our leaders will never accept any error they make. Never. They are always right. Kind of omniscient. All knowing. HH has become a huge nightmare for them. Several times HH has given very progressive ideas to help lift up our economy, but all Dora Siliya and her cousin Chanda know, is fight back. Imagine, even when HH has wanted donate food to starving Zambians Dora has still cried blue murder! What type of leasers do we have?

  3. Already a dwindling economy and
    Creating extra holidays is not beneficial to zambia.we need to work extra hours to revive the economy if possible cancel some

  4. Honor heroes long fallen with deeds not words. This is not the kind of Zambia they hoped to see when they fault for it’s independence to assure you. The regression Zambia has taken in all aspects is very dreadful. If you want to honor freedom fighters show it in unison by changing for the better and make this country prosperous. Take away oppression of the opposition, people and the media, value constructive criticism, overcome violence, end corruption, become accountable leaders. Zambia is blessed with so many resources but due to mismanagement we never manage our resources well to get the best benefits out of them. Our compromise to appease or to impress people who don’t give a damn about this country is slowly killing this nation. This Independence Day may true Patriots arise and…

  5. Is Govt paying for leave days when you have accumulated? I I thought that if you don’t your leave days in govt, you they are not payed for. If this is the case, who does not take leave days and work for free? So I think this statement done in the interest of being seen to be responding.

    • @WisdomGreat you spot on, if this government is responsible and able to respond to citizens they should listen to the cry of those that are not getting paid for months and do something rather than only responding when they ask for holidays, yes they are asking for Holiday because they have been working for free.

  6. Looking at the status of our economy, creating more holidays only makes the situation worse. This is the time we even need to work extra to save our dwindling economy. Not lazyung around. 24th October is enought to celebrate our Independence. Poor leadership………

    • And when you get to your imaginary farm, your sick animals will only be attended to on Monday next week cause that public vet doc is on holiday, and can’t afford a private one.

  7. HH is very right on this one and I support him hundred percent. Even some body with learning disabilities would see his point that PF can’t see.Lungu has no foresight and no clue to see that the country’s economy is on standstill the fact that he is having everything free at state house paid for by tax payers money , thinks everything is alright . This prostitute called Siliya is also supporting Lungu because she is also mentally handicapped too and has limited thinking capacity to see that the economy has come to a standstill because she is a beneficiary of PF corruption and she is to scared to correct Chagwa when he declares and make silly National decisions as she is too scared in case she gets fired . Kwena Siliya uli chipuba , elyo uli chikopo not to see all these nonsense coming…

  8. coming from your boss’s brains . This PF Government should have put it’s feet down and remove some of the unnecessary holidays that it has created . Why having a holiday to just pray for the looters wealth when millions of Zambians have got no food and no jobs as a result of the the mismanaged economy by PF looters .People pray everyday in their homes and go to church every weekend and why having a holiday for prayers and worse of all having a religious minister who does not represent all faiths in Zambia. Even industrialized nations haven’t got such nonsense . PF government needs to go back to the drawing board and correct their failures as there a lot of issues needing resolved urgently. We regret voting for a drunkard playful president.This PF Government should be voted out at next…

  9. This PF Government should be voted out at next general election without fail.We are fed up with Lungu and his under performing PF government .I don’t mind who is the next president of Zambia as long as the country goes back to work

    • The best way to punish PF is to vote for their enemy number one – Double H! These PF are the useless things Mr Sata referred to who don’t have what it takes to drive this country forward! We need a protest vote in 2021! If we don’t remove PF in 2021, there will be nothing left to talk about Zambia! Critical Reserve Forests they have stolen thereby endangering the future of Lusaka as a whole; they have sold all our wild animals and left us with only snakes to eat in the name of survival skills! ZAWA has nothing to protect now and we can as well disband it! Bwafya sana!

  10. Congrats Edgar!! Let those who have fields get the fields cultivated in the next four days. Oval head has nothing to say. People need to do other jobs thru these holidays

  11. The best way to honour government workers is to improve working conditions, pay their salaries on time, pay their pensions gratuities on time and free them from the pressure of partisan affiliation.

  12. Dora Dora Dora!
    It’s not only Double H complaining! What is there to celebrate? A dead Economy? Dictatorship? POA?
    We no longer have the Freedoms to criticize Boma or Assembling freely without the colonial POA requirement of a police permit! Are we not being hypocritical and insulting the spirit of those that sacrificed their lives to bring Zambia Freedoms that PF has taken away and destroyed our livelihoods through corruption and tribalism? Let those who don’t see sense in celebrating the day exercise their democratic right and freedoms not to do so!

  13. True, tomorrow’s holiday does not make sense.No money in the economy and so a lot of people will just be home without power.It will be very boring

  14. “……She said the investment was in the areas of Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism and manufacturing……”

    She will not give any examples because most are pledges ……..

    • My point exactly. Working on Friday, after independence, is deception. People will be overtaken by excitement. When they report for work, they will just be overwhelmed with hangover. Most of the workers will drink head off. It is naivety and of the worst kind to think that workers will be productive after celebration.

  15. HH shound be a leader who understand the working culture in Zambia. What economics is he talking about. Surely after celebrating independence on Thursday and then you criticise declaring Friday holiday is wrong. HH shound know the people are heavily drinking today and then go to work with hangover, spend the whole day drinking coffee and some even drinking in hiding, at the end of the day get paid for nothing. Is that the productivity HH is talking about. Let him criticise on some thìngs and at times just sit without saying a word.

    • Heavily drinking with what money, hasn’t your PF stolen everything? At at which drinking place with no electricity? Who will take pleasure in drinking a hot beer because of 16 hours load shedding? Be real iwe

    • This has to be the dumbest comment I have seen today and I am positive this twit is not employed anywhere nor does he run any business. Definitely a dull dependant.

    • Hahahaha This is how PF caders react when you tell them the truth by resorting to insults. They are chronically addicted to the lies their leaders fetter them with.

  16. Never happened during KK’s 27 years of power.
    We had “HUMANISM WEEK” and everybody including schools and companies were involved in Community activities such as cleaning hospitals, helping the elderly etc.Teams would be selected to participate and the rest would be involved in normal school or work activity.
    In Zambia now , the so called “Christian nation” , the main activity is to drink alcohol and engage in illicit sexual activities

  17. South Africa the biggest economy in Africa shuts down for two weeks nationwide on industrial break. So let’s nit oppose it for the sake of opposing it.

    • @20…You are lying, south africa does not shut down for 2 weeks. During the xmas period all government non essential employees go on forced leave with days deducted from their annual leave. The deductions are done in january when the annual leave days are credited. I know this because I worked in the south african government for 20 years!!!!!!

    • South Africa is the wrong example to give! That country is going down under black rule! The only thing keeping that economy going is the ingenuity of the White Man! The black man is lazy and all they know is drinking their heads off, womanizing and crime! What a race!

  18. Am surprised that at this point people do not see the benefits of an extra day off. My nephew took full advantage of this day and is with us preparing fields while the opposers are waiting for electricity to watch arsenal vs real zaragoza. Even 14 days holiday can not be a loss. Did you know that most civil servants spent 80 percent time watching movies in offices.

    • ba upnd ….respect yourself..Nganganga
      insulting dora will not change anything
      This is the reason why even in 2021 upnd will not
      form government.

  19. HH, that’s daft. What man does not want to celebrate his/her liberation, especially those that serve the state? Where have you heard an American say the ,4th of July holiday is a waste of time and resources? HH is surpassing himself in negativity; I suspect he is locked in a bitterness he cannot override. A potential Presidential candidate must demonstrate his adherence to the very fundamental principles of freedom and self rule.

    It’s become a pointless strategy of negativity at every turn. He cannot demonstrate anytime he has backed sensible matters. HH please cry alone. Us, we will down tools and reflect with joy our Independence day thus far GOD BLESS HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT LUNGU. LONG MAY HE LIVE AND RULE!



      We are most thankful to God Almighty for His favour upon this beautiful land of Zambia. Sparkling in the sun like the rarest Jewel of Africa; that it is!

  20. The president was not wrong for adding Friday as a holiday. Trust me, Zambians were hardly going to do anything after drinking today. This way people can stay home, and RATSA can monitor roads. Not everything needs a response BO Dora. Some of these ministers just cannot shut up.

  21. The president declares a holiday, no connection to HH, every one comments against HH….comment on the credibility of the holiday and not HH.People have even forgotten that the budget is being discussed in the house



  23. I have a suggestion to make since Zambia is a Christian nation and we just came from observing a day of prayer and reconciliation. Why not, madam minister, just clarify government position on this matter, also on the investment that has been brought in without demeaning the other side? I must say and acknowledge that state house has started doing that. Well done Mr Chipampe. The moderates or should I say, most of us who are independent voters are put off by these relentless attacks from both sides. At worst, let political parties quarrel or PF spokes person issuing such statements but not from a government spokes person. You are not a PF spokes person so your language should be measured and governmental.

  24. Waste of time and ridiculous that a few people can support this irrational declaration of a public holiday. On what basis, – apart from a misconceived populist endeavor to gain accolades from the perpetually abused voters.
    The man cannot articulate on the state of the economy – hence the resort to this silliness.

    Dora has no point to make apart from stating that as her role entails, she will boot-lick endlessly and churn out propagandist responses to ‘defend’ her boyfriend.

  25. The Public Holiday (25th October) declared by the President was well considered – especially taking into account the dynamics of the working class on Fridays. The political genetic make up of HH is so weird that he is prone to react negatively and fight anyone who attempted to praise HH’s Mum as a God-fearing and caring Mother.

  26. My Fellow Zambians everything u complain some of u don’t even know what Economy means . Those that want to work during holidays u can go and work for some reasons, just tell your bosses or managers that you want to work whether on over time or volunteering simple Then the boss z the one to decide. Like i always say don’t let anyone’s or someone’s perspective become your reality and do wat z right for you and for the people.


  28. Country Men and Women, As Alangizi Ba Chitukuko we would like to advise the citizen of this country Zambia that, We must work passionately and unrelentingly for the goal of Freedom, and we must be sure that our hands are clean in the struggle. Therefore we must never struggle with falsehood, hate, malice or bitterness. It is important to respect and work with the government of the day, talking will never provide any solution to this country.

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