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World leaders convey messages of congratulations to Zambia on the country’s 55th independence anniversary

General News World leaders convey messages of congratulations to Zambia on the country’s...

World leaders have conveyed messages of congratulations to President Edgar Lungu and Zambians on the country’s 55th independence anniversary.

Russia President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that Russia and Zambia will further develop bilateral cooperation for the benefit of both countries.

In his congratulatory message to President Lungu, President Putin says strengthened bilateral cooperation between Russia and Zambia would help foster security and stability in African.

And Japanese emperor Naruhito has wished President Lungu and the people of Zambia prosperity as they celebrate independence.

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi in his message of congratulations assured his willingness to work with President Lungu towards developing and strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation which exist between the two countries.

And Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, General David Hurley says a positive bilateral relationship between Zambia and the commonwealth of Australia stands to grow further through education links.

And Indonesia President Joko Widodo in his congratulatory message to President Lungu said Indonesia is resolved to strengthen ties with Zambia.

And Korean President Moon Jae -In observed that for years Korea and Zambia have steadily developed friendly relations by working together in variety of fields.

This according to a statement issued to media by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public relations Isacc Chipampe.


    • Independence for much of Africa probably came too early. America is responsible for this. USA didn’t want to see its Marshall Aid to Europe going to support the colonies. That’s why she told Britain and France to let the colonies go free. But Africans weren’t ready to run their own affairs as the value of the common good isn’t realky recognised. You can’t start democratisation wth a universal franchise. It just didn’t start like that anywhere on planet earth.

    • Congrats Zambia, thanks “World Leaders” we shall rock n’ roll.
      Abakalijo don’t like it.
      Only a true Zambian patriot understands the value of independence as we reflect on the evils the Brits showered on us.
      1. Being cherry carried like kings on niggaz shoulders.
      2. Having to put up with the
      window hole buying/shopping.
      3. Pronouncing no go areas kumayadi.
      4. Stealing our wealth – mineral, precious metals and other natural resources.
      5. Not doing enough to develop the country.
      6. Treated as third class citizens in our land.
      7. Calling us thieves in our own land. Thief? This was worse than ISIS. Chaps were crazy.The list can go on and on. Statesmen, we definitely have a reason to observe this day. Only U5s have an alternative view of this.

    • You niggaz were treated like slaves in your own country.

      So are you gonna be a well fed slave with a haunting list above or a hungry free man? The choice is yours. But you can’t go hungry forever. Insala ni ndiminwa, tempulilwa awe. Innovate and Invent. Don’t beg and depend on donations and FDIs.
      55 years of independence our Engineers are sleeping and seeing our country getting into total darkness. Our Engineers can’t invent. Can’t make solar panels, can’t design inverters, can’t do wind power generation, can’t build roads, can’t make bridges. Wake up Zambian Engineer, you’ve been napping for far too long.

    • Democracy is an entirely human construct. There’s nothing inevitable or natural about it. Everyone has had to learn along the way, including the clergy who used to preach the devine right of monarchs to rule regardless of their cruelty to ordinary people. This is wht I think makes all of religion an entirely human construct too. It has no monopoly of wisdom in interpreting things on this planet. Both the Koran and the Bible hv verses that were used to justify slavery and apartheid.

    • Thorn in the flesh: I normally avoid tangling wth u because of your crude language and flippancy. In fact there’s nothing wrong with Zambian engineers. They work in an environment that is disabling and that renders no support to start-up engineering-based businesses. You need to develop a long-term strategy to get going on this.

    • All the same mune Nemwine. You are spared. Engineers gotta start somewhere pal. I don’t see Engineering Fares or proactivity for locally born inventions.
      I repeat, the gramour of a village, town, City and Country depends on the prowess of an Engineer. I wish I studied Engineering. I hate office bound Engineers turned managers or MD. All Economic Sectors and Ministries of a country depend on Engineers ability to solve problems and increase productivity with innovated and invented machines. 55 years of independence Cabinet and Government gotta depend on EAZ, EIZ, MCZ and all other associations who mean well to root the country into a frenzy of development. Kid, how do you let a foreigner design, build and construct structures in a coutry. In the end we end up with a Chinese…

    • … looking road; an indian looking dam, an American looking ARV pill.

      My Engineer friend, mwandi ask not what the Government should do for you, with the country dogged with massive economic challenges, that’s what you’re trained for; therefore ask what you can do for the country. Are you not ashamed that we are wallowing in darkness because nature has failed us? Come on nigga pull up your socks. I am watching you, especially Civil and Electrical Engineers.
      Listen to a voice that tells you you can do it with or without Governments.


    • Nemwine you cooon, I have never seen idiiots in my life time than I have seen in the UPND. Africa was developed millennia before Europe or America was even an idea. Jesus walked on these lands. Sudan has more Pyramids than Egypt, should I go on. Great Zimbazamabwe in Zimbabwe. Yet lost souls like you still kissing up to colonialists. Happy independence to Zambia.

    • They think they are “CLEANING” but they don’t know that the people they are kissing laugh at them! Africa, twasebana with INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

    • I am sure they are laughing at us. What independence are we celebrating? It is the birthday of corruption and slavery. Worse with the Lazy Government who believes in Public holidays and do not understand what productivity means?. LAZY & CORRUPT LEADERS, will be Drunk tonight. PARTY after PARTIE.

    • U are free to disagree with my argument. But show me one black nation that is globally-recognised and respected as well-governed with human and economic development, regular free and fair elections where leaders come and go, the opposition is free to organise and campaign and human rights are respected? A black country where garbage is regularly collected, municipal officials are in control of urban growth, etc.

    • Sharon and Nzelu: I don’t use the anonymity and invisibility of cyberspace to insult anyone. Wht I say here is wht I would say even if I met u in person at a conference or physical discussion forum. Those pyramids u cite in Sudan and Great Zimbabwe are both dead civilisations. In case u don’t know, there’s such a thing as decline in this world. U can be a dominant nation during a certain period but other nations can become bigger and oust u from the top. Think of the Netherlands, Spain, the UK , USA and now China which is threatening America’s dominance. I hv not associated u wth any political party or against any political party , I hv not insulted u, I hv just argued points.

  1. It’s mockery to congratulate us for 55 years of stagnation and misrule. With exception to Mwanawasa RIP the rest have really failed Zambia. Zambia will only show it has grown at the 2021 poles. Either the elections will be bloody or zambia would have learnt and there will be peace. Otherwise 2021 is will be the indicator the world waits to see about Zambia.

    • EAZ and your fellow Technocrats you need to up the game.
      We can’t have fine economists and continue to fail to advise Government on a proper path to economic recovery 55 years after independence. Take this day and tomorrow to reflect as we celebrate it.
      Medical association of Zambia and Pharmaceutical practitioners, we can’t continue losing money importing medicines. You guys ought to up the game and innovate and Invent.
      Agricultural Geniuses, come on guys, insala nindimimwa, tempulilwa iyo. Accounts and procurement colleagues, stop thieving. But an Engineer is core to all these.

    • @2, CHILDISHWASA was the waste President Zambia ever had and the WASTE HOPPOSITION CULT LEADER CHILDISH will NEVER have that chance to be a PRESIDENT by ACCIDENT! Chiluba must have regretted to try to help the sleeping man!

  2. Misplaced priorities,there is money for vitenges but not for education and salaries, what a sham of independence celebrations


  4. Zambia is a very respected country internationally. See how ‘important,,’ countries pay us Good wishes and support.

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