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Access to Information Bil will punish those publishing false information-Siliya


Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya featuring on Hot FM’s HotSeat radio programme
Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya featuring on Hot FM’s HotSeat radio programme

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has said that the Access to Information Bill once enacted will stiffen punishment for people who publish false information.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, also said that the government would proceed to put in place a Self-Regulation Mechanism for journalists, adding that journalists have failed to meet the deadline to present their own Self-Regulation Mechanism.

Mrs. Siliya said this in parliament when she made a Policy Statement on the Ministry of Information budget.


    • More foo1ishness from this incompetent administration. Instead of worrying about the shameful load shedding crippling the economy in Zambia, they’re busy talking about media and information control. People have a right to voice their opinions, you criminals. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! You can’t take that right away from them.Who are you? You don’t OWN Zambia. Zambia belongs to ALL Zambians and thus they’ve a right to voice their displeasure if things are not right in the country. You work for us, and not the other around. With the way things are going… you’ll be voted out in a landslide in 2021, and then arrested for all the crimes you’ve committed. Stop stifling our rights. You dictators wannabe.

    • PF should have used Dora to replace Ba Edgar, who won’t ran, instead of Vincent Mwale. That ka Vincent is a girl.

  1. We need to get rid of this government before they take away all our freedom. That’s all we got and these people who cannot even tell the truth should regulate us. No Dora respect freedom of expression and rights you are trying to undermine. I’m sure you don’t want sanctions on you because the world’s policemen are going to police you too

    • It’s a democracy, bubblehead. Not everyone will agree with you. The one who gets more votes wins. Accept that. Hate doesn’t change governments. Do you honestly believe Luapula, Northern, Muchinga or Eastern will miraculously vote for hh like the Southern bantustans?? Live in reality…

  2. These P.F. Mak@ka’z have bankruped the Nation, as evidenced by resounding failure to pay Civil servants on time, Maamba Collieries, Russians for the “Luxury V.V.I.P Jet, & now the answer to that is Muzzle Zambian’s, & stop them complaining about their wasted Taxpayers cash gone Awol into J0na, & his goons pockets.
    Bedwetters in control zo-ona!!

  3. So Madam do you still maintain that Sata is gay and that PF will bring gay-ism to Zambia and we should admire your bums? Or is that FALSE INFORMATION

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