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More MMD Members in Mutati Faction want to appeal the High Court Decision


Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal
Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal

The decision by Felix Mutati not to appeal the November 5th High Court ruling which declared Dr Nevers Mumba as legitimate President of the MMD has not been well received by some party members.

Mr Mutati yesterday indicated after attending a Church Service at the Reformed Church in Kafue that he will not appeal the High Court ruling to allow the party to heal from the squabbles that have affected its growth in the last three years.

But Muchinga Constituency MMD Member of Parliament Howard Kunda says Mr Mutati cannot as an individual decide to quit the fight for MMD Presidency.

Mr Kunda says the decision by Mr Mutati to quit must be a collective decision as he did not impose himself as the opposition party leader.

He told Serenje Radio that party members are on the ground consulting the masses on the way forward regarding the position.

And MMD Member Gaston Sichilima says no one is mandated to announce the closure of the case adding that an appeal is more likely.

Mr. Sichilima says wide consultations are still ongoing.

Yesterday, the Lusaka MMD District Executive called on Mr. Mutati and Mr. Nakachinda to appeal the Lusaka High court ruling.

District Secretary, Reuben Mambwe said the committee and the seven Constituencies have also resolved to disown Dr. Mumba.

Last week, MMD President Nevers Mumba challenged Members of Parliament that are not willing to work with him to resign following a High Court judgment that declared him President of the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba, however, said that he is willing to work and support MPs including supporters of the losing President Felix Mutati.

He said he will not force anyone to stay in the party if they are not willing to work with him and the party will be willing to go for bye-elections.


  1. Simple: Felix Mutati should just form another party if he is aggrieved with the court verdict.Even if they appeal they will lose again

    • Always, it’s the people that drive democracy. In every party we have people for and and against a cause.
      Democracy is defined as governing of the people by the people and for the people. You can’t detach people from democracy. Ultimately the people decide.
      The Mutati MMD should hold a national meeting to iron out it’s differences. Mutati, the principled guy I know, can not just make pronoucements in the media. It’s undemocratic and irresponsible. Go to a meeting/conference so that you/we see your numbers. If your mumbers are big, fight this or form a Democratic Movement de’ Multipartism – DMM party if you like. Or Just MMD separatists or progressive or anything mwe. Mutati grow a heart and listen to your people.

    • Besides the name MMD has expired, the hour slogan has expired too.
      It has already exhausted its mandate.
      Learn to give names to parties that would not expire.

  2. Lungu is the papet master of these MMD.

    He plays them like an instrument then dumps them.

    He has allowed nevers mumba some court victories , ready to be played in next elections.

    • Worried that they might loose their parliamentary seats .Whats the purpose of appealing a judgement which you wile still loose .Why waste time and resources .All those that feel they are better off without nervous should leave the party and form their own .Its that simple ..

  3. I agreed with Mr Nason Msoni’s suggestion to MMD in his capacity as a former member.He called on MMD to call for a convention so as to renew mandate from it’s general membership.Truth be told, Nevers has failed to mobilise the party.Just look at how truant Howard Kunda is towards Nevers’ leadership.

  4. MMD is the best party I have ever seen. It has a national appeal, best manifesto and best leader in Mutati. That’s the only party that stabilized the exchange rate and lowered inflation rate to single digit. It was going to rebase and get bonds at the right time (e,g Eurobonds) and use them effectively. But wrong a leader after Levy Mwanawasa mismanaged MMD. MMD under Levy had plans for growing need for electricity and effect of climate change on hydropower. If they had still been in power, we wouldn’t be in this mess. They were going to build roads and tollgates as well and use them effectively; it was all planned for.

  5. Ever since Mutati survived that car crash in northwestern province a few weeks ago he has never been the same Mutati, a bit of a coward since then.

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