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Drivers implored to stay away from planned strike

Economy Drivers implored to stay away from planned strike

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya
Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

Government has urged drivers not to join the illegal work stoppage initiated by a selection of truck drivers.

Minister of Works and Supply Mutotwe Kafwaya said government through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has already commenced meetings with sector unions, in order to put in place a joint council, to establish the specific conditions of service required.

In the Statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Kafwaya said Petroleum Truckers Association of Zambia has already put in place measures that provide self-regulation for improved conditions of service for its members.

Mr Kafwaya stated that the Union Leaders should disassociate themselves from such illegal acts, to avoid being in conflict with the efforts that government is putting in place to improve conditions of service for drivers.

“I am aware that Petroleum Truckers Association of Zambia has put in place measures that provides self-regulation for improved conditions of service for drivers from its members. I urge driver union leaders to dissociate themselves from such illegal acts to avoid negating the efforts that government is putting in place to improve the conditions of service for drivers,” he stressed.

The Minister further called on the truck owners to pay better salaries to their workers, while the process of developing industry specific conditions is being concluded and finalized by government.

Mr Kafwaya called on aggrieved drivers to report to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, all employers that perpetuate bad conditions of service to the drivers so that appropriate action is taken.

He further urged the police to deal with lawlessness, should there be individuals that intend to disturb the peaceful operations of the transport sector.

The Transport and Communications Minister appealed to all truck drivers to report for work and move the economy forward, in order to avoid loss of business and jobs in the transport sector.

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  1. Great Hon Kafwaya. We’re engaged in a game of survival here. This is whn real trade union leadership is needed. So let’s all talk. The business climate is extremely toxic and few businesses are making any meaningful money.

    • Trade unionism is a branch of labour economics, as is human resource management. Capitalism in the early days was cruel: think of it, no weekend rest, no leave days, no leave pay, no compensation for injury suffered at work, even children were not exempt from work. It’s thanks to trade unionism that all these are a thing of the past. Whn there’s a grievance, u formally begin the negotiations. Insults hv never resolved any problem. Minister Kafwaya should be supported.

    • I think he is NOT Presidential Material because he holds a Guinness Book World Record of the most losses of little boys masquerading as Presidential candidates. He can protest with drivers too! That can’t change a thing!

  2. K1,000 wages for a truck driver!! What a shame on the truck owners!! And recently they were in the news fighting for their own interests, and yet they don’t think of their workers!! Shame Shame Shame on them!!

    • They should go to arbitration if they can’t reach agreement. Financial information is available on wht is happening in the haulage industry. This is a small economy where loads are almost always one way. In big economies, trucks usually pick up return loads and this keeps running costs manageable. This is a tough year fellow citizens. Half a loaf is always better than no loaf at all. Most businesses are limping financially and that’s no good for us all.

  3. Junior your government caused all this, increased toll roads and fees, reduced driving time what do you think the owners will make after paying all the tolls, pay bribes to police. Nothing of course with a weakened kwacha it makes everything worse. Bus drivers strike now truck drivers pretty soon the suffering people will join. Lungu needs to up his game instead of believing the criminal gangs around him. Sata was smart not to trust his ministers that much like the way Lungu does.

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