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President Lungu Commissions a Nursing school in Lumezi

Health President Lungu Commissions a Nursing school in Lumezi

His Excellency President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu commissioned the Lumezi St. Joseph College of Nursing and Midwifery school under the administration of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata.

President Edgar Lungu has emphasized the need to expand the nurses and midwives training institutions, in order to produce adequate health professionals in the country.

President Lungu notes that human capital development is key to universal health coverage and a cornerstone in the delivery of health services countrywide.

ZANIS reports that the President was speaking during the commissioning of St. Joseph School of Nursing and Midwifery, at Lumezi Mission Hospital in Lumezi district, Eastern Province.

The Head of State echoed the government’s intentions to recruit 30,000 healthcare workers by 2021.

And President Lungu has further reiterated the government’s commitment towards working with the church, to uplift the lives of the people in the country, adding that both the church and government serve the same constituents in providing social services.

He observed that the Catholic Church in Eastern Province is not only growing spiritually, but is also supporting the uplifting of vulnerable communities, through the provision of health and education services.

He added that positively responded to the request by the church for human resources by deploying eight nursing and Midwifery graduates.

President Lungu also expressed delight that Lumezi Mission Hospital which started as a rural health centre has undergone various stages, to be a first level referral hospital with a bed capacity of 170.

He stated that the college has already been gazzetted and the process of creating its structure through the public service management, is underway.

President Lungu has since implored the college administration to prepare for the commencement of other programmes such as public health nursing.

And Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says the commissioning of the college shows President Lungu’s political will to achieving universal health coverage as outlined in the government’s developmental agenda.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu commended government for the developments that have taken place in the health sector, in the region.

Mr Zulu said a number of health facilities have been constructed in various parts of the province.

He however, stated that Lumezi hospital, which is the only referral hospital in the district, requires an ambulance, as it services 29 other health facilities.

And Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata, George Lungu has pledged to corporate and supplement government efforts in providing social services to people in Eastern Province.

Bishop Lungu says the Catholic Church is aware of the many challenges that society is faced with, with regards to education and health, especially in underserviced areas.

He said this in a speech read for him by Auxiliary Bishop, Benjamin Phiri.

Bishop Lungu also commended government for supporting the growth of Lumezi Mission Hospital which he said started as a rural health centre, and eventually become a first level hospital which now has a nursing school.

He stated that the demand for more health services due to the growing population in the area, led to the construction of the nursing school.

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  1. Ok so the boss travelled to Eastern to go and commission (open) this nursing school. Any one please tell me. Our economy, GDP just in our state the State or Province of Queensland Australia about 10 times bigger than our entire country. Size of economy is 350billion dollars. Now even 30,000 Jobs they cant just create. They would beg for the formula.

    Where does he get these figurers from. 30,000 health graduates in a year all employed! How many health training institutions are there at home now. I think am lost. Too much time away. or it doesn’t ad up


    • Ok traits of a visionless leader…..Lungu has brought shame to the Office of the President….traveling all the to Lumezi to open a school…..this morooon of a President is a joker…instead of finding solution to stop 20 hrs of load shedding he wastes tax payers money traveling to Lumezi…..2021 please dont make any mistakes no more visionless President…..flashback 2019 UNGA New York..Lungu steps to the Podium the whole auditorium becomes empty….just Kaizer Zulu and Sikazwe plus empty chairs…who wants to listen to a corrupt clueless bandit President

    • CAT power the State or Province of Queensland Australia is not yours, you are an just immigrant squatting there. Your ‘State’ is in Dudumwenzi, man!

    • Ba lungu please please say anything about economy please. How much is fuel today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is meali meal today? 7 yrs old clubbing ba lungu please please say anything about economy.

    • I am sure the little BOY and his tribal supporters are not Happy HAGAIN! The good news though is that he is UNELECTABLE! Let’s develop this thing Mr. President! HAZALUZA HAGAIN!

  2. What is an Auxiliary Bishop? Osaseka ni funsa cabe suuniziba neo ala!! I hope this is a new construction (doesn’t say) otherwise this habit of commissioning maintenance works must really be checked mwe. Ma entourage kungo gabana per diem for nothing bati.

  3. Lungu must just come in the open and declare that campaign time has begun. Surely with all the problems facing Zambia, he can find time to go and open a meaningless institution. A task that would have been performed by the area PS !! He goes to promise 30 000 jobs which he clearly knows that he cant. Mulungushi textiles in kabwe is still waiting to be opened. He promised the people of kabwe that it will be opened and so many jobs will be created 3 yrs ago. Still waiting. Lungu must be retired in 2021. For once, Zambians open your eyes and ears and think rationally in the interest of the nation. Lets kick PF out and try someone else. We have HH capable of turning the fortunes of this country around. Ignore all the attempts by PF to paint him black. The world always tries to do that to good…

    • Davies Mwila is busy campaigning in Mpongwe without a permit while the opposition is being denied any chance to gather or registration activities.
      No wonder after 55 years our aspirations to have electricity in nearly every home is beginning to sound like pie in the sky. Very soon we will told electricity a luxury.

  4. All he does is to continue building infrastructure in his village while the rest of the country continue to face challenges. The lack of power is a national disaster which should have led to the entire pf government resigning on moral grounds. However these thugs and thieves like lungu lack any morals. I mean what you expect from someone who stole client money as a supposed lawyer. Very dishonest character.

  5. Cont
    The world always tries to do that to good people. They did that to Mandela. The colonialists painted KK as a baby eater. Good always comes tops over evil.

  6. Why cant he and his clueless cabinet go on leave?Fine they like money,give them paid leave till 2021,let technocrats take charge of the government instead of everyone suffering apart from themselves, does he even realise that these useless travels are further costing us,we dont have the money bwana Lungu to pay for your clueless journeys…

  7. But there are thousands of unemployed teachers, nurses and other health professionals. Are they going to wait until 2030 to get employed? What a bawbag this fella is!

  8. It’s worrying when Mr Chagwa keeps on referring to what he terms “Our Enemies.” He said it during his Presser and during his Eastern Tour. Who are these his enemies? And when he says it the emotions are not hard to spot! Is he the President of ALL Zambians like was the case with RB, Levy, Chiluba and KK? Sata unfortunately was divisive! When he was asked why his appointments were not tribally balanced, he said he was balancing brains and not tribes, implying other tribes have no brains! What an insult! Sadly, ba ECL has blindly followed in the bad example of regionalism Sata left of kapatulula! It’s us and them! It’s one Zambia, one side! Aleni! The world is watching! It’s your legacy at stake!

    • I have also noticed, it simply shows that there is nothing presidential about him.Now if the too man in PF can call the opposition as enemies imagine what that does to a common cadre,no wonder they move around with pangas.Another example of luck of presidential etiquette and decorum was his reaction to the so called reconciliation, he even divulges what was discussed with the priest.No iota of Statesmanship, he just carries a title…

  9. Why is the government just opening schools of nursing everywhere in the country? I do not think nursing can develop the country

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