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Mbala PF endorses EL’s candidature for 2021

General News Mbala PF endorses EL’s candidature for 2021

President Edgar Lungu gestures to Chifunabuli residents on arrival at Mwewa Village with PF Campaign Manager for the Chifunabuli Council Chairperson elections Chipolo Mwale (r) and his Deputy Rodgers Mwewa on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 – Pictures By Godfrey Chikumbi/ZANIS

The Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in Mbala district has welcomed and supported the endorsement of President Edgar Lungu’s candidature for the 2021 general elections.

The PF officials registered their support when they conducted a solidarity march past along the President Avenue before gathering outside the ZANIS offices in Mbala today.

And speaking after the march past, Mbala district PF chairlady, Matildah Makungo predicted that President Lungu will win the 2021 general elections.

Mrs. Makungo said Dr. Lungu has exhibited good governance adding that the President’s vision is to transform Zambia into a better country.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Makungo has called for unity among PF members in all the wards, constituencies and districts.

And Mbala deputy mayor, Aaron Chungu said the PF is ready to face the opposition in the political field without fear or favour during the 2021 general election.


  1. The fear the Little Boy has held for years is coming to pass! He will NEVER be a president in our lifetime or next. He is UNELECTABLE! Let’s develop this thing Mr. President! You have done a great job and little boys are jealousy.

    • Government employee been today? How much is fuel today? How much is meali meal today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much do zambians mis Guy Scott? We told you about this Bandits. Zambia is the fifth poorest country on earth because corruption. Enjoy your load shedding this weekend

    • Government employees been paid today? Guy Scott told you Zambians about this Bandits. I hope u enjoying load shedding this weekend. Zambia is now the fifth poorest country on earth… Enjoy your poverty ..

    • Government employees been paid today? Guy Scott told you Zambians about this Bandits. I hope u enjoying load shedding this weekend. Zambia is now the fifth poorest country on earth… Enjoy your poverty ..

  2. Fine, let him be your presidential candidate but forget about him being Republican President after 2021 elections. Never again should Zambians make a mistake of voting into power absolute clueless characters like they did in 2011 and 2015/2016. If Lungu wins in 2021 there will be no country to talk about. They will move the central bank’s role of printing money to state house and Kaiser Zulu will be Director-Currency. Then the spending galore will follow

    • A clueless privatisation thief has been a leader perpetually of a tribo grouping masquerading as a party and they have no clue that he is UNELECTABLE.

  3. You can’t really put the blame on ECL!
    He is very honest!
    It’s Zambians who are very dishonest!
    We pray ECL rules up to 2030 as he desires.
    We need him to help Zambians open their eyes! Zambians also need to take their civic responsibilities seriously! The best people to offer checks and balances are the citizens and not the opposition! Enjoy the ride!

    • The man is useless Sata would never tolerate these endorsements in 2019, he would tell them to focus on important matters of building the country. Its no wonder Kaizer can go on TV and talk big as he knows that there is just an empty suit in State House.

  4. Good luck with that, he first needs to fix the debt problem he and his old boss created, then cadres and his useless ministers who are busy decampaigning him through corruption and brutality. He has a mountain to climb with a bad economy and lack of reserves he is going to need a miracle because life is something else, it punishes you for your bad decisions, the people of Zambia are paying a price for voting for a clueless goon like him, the man is powerless against real issues like climate change, economy, and others you cannot rig like an election.

  5. Stop the issue of endorsement. Let the govt find alternatives of solving the economy which has gone down like kaya. Improve the economy. Start those in 2021. Work,work,work first.

  6. President Lungu wants a convention, but there are those in the PF that know their crookedness will not let them win at the convention. They are afraid they wont be adopted as MPs again. Chitotela, Kampyongo, Dora the explorer, Vincent ” I some how bought a stadium ” Mwale, Pro. Luo etc.

  7. Undemocratic PF and undemocratic UPND. You both need conventions for electing of viable leaders for the nation. It is not only people that will represent your parties you are electing, but people that will plot the course of a magnificent nation that has been mismanaged for 55 years.

  8. Another reason why we never develop, if this Lungu had any ounce of integrity he would have told them to not endorse people but people do not really respect him like they still call him Dr when he said not to call him that!

  9. Ba kamushi aba…they can’t even remember the last they bought themselves a ka pant for K5, imported from China via Tanzania and they are busy endorsing clueless man…..the man said he has no vision, his given you signal of poor performing economy for been vision less but you still endorsing…..most Zambians thinking no bwino bwino…I think the mentally retarded kids due to poverty that’s engulfed this nation for some time now have grown up and are now making most noise in political matters because that’s the only way they are guaranteed of income…. And they know the few who understand and articulate issues will forever be on terraces…. Its quite sad for this beautiful country, Zambia…. Its indeed true…the A+ brains, will be led by F++ brains, while the B and C are in…

  10. Endorsement from a PF group that’s normal even Upnd group will endorse Upnd in Mbala so nothing special about that endorsement, Zambians are just waiting for 2021.

  11. Look at the smile on Mwewa’s face, he looks sooo stupid! Do you think a dog like that can tell the King he is naked?

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