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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jailing of Kapiri gay couple to 15 years horrifies US envoy

Headlines Jailing of Kapiri gay couple to 15 years horrifies US envoy

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote says he is personally horrified with the sentencing of two men, who had a consensual relationship, to 15 years imprisonment for “crimes against the order of nature.

In a statement, Ambassador Foote says government officials can steal millions of public dollars without prosecution while political cadres can beat innocent citizens for expressing their opinions with no consequences.

He said poachers can kill numerous elephants, and sell their tusks, and face a maximum of only five years imprisonment in Zambia.

And the American Envoy says such decisions like the oppressive sentencing, do untold damage to Zambia’s international reputation by demonstrating that human rights in Zambia are not a universal guarantee.

He said such sentences perpetuate persecution against disenfranchised groups and minorities, such as people from other tribes or political affiliations, albinos, the disabled, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and anyone who is deemed “different.”



  1. Homosexuality is an act contrary to the order of nature. And more importantly it is a sin. But the punishment is excessive. Like the girl who was jailed 18yrs for a marijuana offence. Meantime real criminals like Kaizer, Kampyongo, chitotela, chilufya sturdy mwale moonga, lusambo etc are roaming the streets driving expensive cars and living in palaces.
    These criminals are far more guilty than these two homosexuals and they should be locked up for a minimum of 30years.

    • US ambassador, this is Zambia where we respect the order of nature. Pease keep your feelings of being horrified to yourself

    • The US ambassader lacks Diplomatic Ettequte, this is interfering in another soverign state.
      We all know that Trump is worser than Shiirt, but we all keep it to ourserves.

    • He said such sentences perpetuate persecution against disenfranchised groups and minorities, such as people from other tribes or political affiliations, albinos, the disabled, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and anyone who is deemed “different”
      He just stopped short of mocking Africans for being different in colour. Crooked koswe.
      Take your gayism back with you. We are different. We don’t tolerate that dirty Agenda.
      Our courts are independent. Zambia is a sovereign state. The day you stop shooting African Americans you can come and talk about gays in Zambia. Koswe!

    • We are horrified everyday to hear that black lives don’t matter in America. Your trigger happy cops fire at will at black hooded Africans/Americans. Who are you to talk about human rights koswe!
      We don’t need your dirty Agenda here we have our own laws and we respect our judges.

    • Hey hey, Mr Ambassador, Its our duty to say. You may think the punishment is excessive but its not according to any pure Zambian. Our cry is only that people that are stealing millions, People that are publicly corrupt are not receiving the same punitive measures.

      please don’t tell what is not right but complain about thieves like senior heads of government stealing. That’s what is not right in Zambia


    • Did the US ambassador protest for that girl? He only is coming out to talk because he is gay. At one time a gay guy in the US embassy denied me a bursary because I was not for homosexuality

    • 15 years is too much but this US Ambassador is crossing the line by attacking Zambian Government officials,let HH and other Opposition do the attacking not you Mr Ambassador ….Do we hear Zambian Politicians condemn US government’s corruption…shooting of innocent Blacks….Trump’s government has been labeled the most corrupt government in the history of the United States…..

    • Am more comfortable with HH or any other Zambian doing balance and checks on the PF bandits than you Mr Ambassador…stay in your lane….we have blacks doing life imprisonment here in the USA just for possession of weed….some blacks in the USA are on death row for crimes they never committed…and he is horrified with a 15 Year sentence….

    • I think I know where the TRIBO H-organisation gets the news about HA-Stealings of public Ha-Funds and HaBlames of HaGovernment! MMM!

    • Mr Ambassador, sorry but Zambia has laws that have to be respected. Those corrupt thieves you mentioned stealing millions of dollars will also one day face our Zambian law, and long prison sentences. But please understand that Africans in general, and Zambia in particular takes our African and Christian values very seriously. There’s no place for homosexuality in Zambia.

    • In other countries this big mouth US Ambassador should have been kicked out already…..all Zambians regardless of Political affiliation should condemn the US Ambassador…this is how they devide us and start wars and then loot our natural resources…look at what happened to Libya…..and look at how France is terrorizing Mali,Ivory coast etc …just stay in your lane Mr Ambassador and i dont know how long you will stay in Zambia because Trump will be out of office soon

    • Over 1500 species of animal, man included, has both gay and straight members. Ignorance and stupidity on the part of religious creeps, in political power, creates victims of your evil.
      Ignoring basic humanity is sick and immoral.
      This “ANONYMOUS” fool should have to tell the gay lions that being gay is a sin against the white man’s religion and god.

    • The so called hollier than thou Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to Jail for Corruption and bribery and theft…did the US Ambassador say anything about it…Joe Biden and his son , Trump Administration full of corruption scandals and fake business deals..the British loyal Family full of corruption and pedophiles….it seems they only see corruption in African leaders…makaka Ambassador

    • I like the fact that both PF bandit bloggers and UPND are attacking the US Ambassador…..at least thats being Patriotic….dont let the Western world devide us though we might be having our own differences…..this is how they ended up colonizing us…

    • This is where we all go wrong, he pointed facts yet we are here castigating him. Yes, Our Country norms and values do not support gays but The Punishment is Excessive and stupid?? Because the government have to feed them for 15 years. Instead of using that money to build schools or improve hospitals. Our Judicial system is laughable. They can’t prosecute cadres who kills another person. Ok, why not take them for counselling or involve the church since we claim to be a Christian Nation? How can we claim Zambia as a sovereign State?? Yet we depend on Donors like the same USA and Begging? WE have the WRONG PRIORITIES and this is why we will always be poor.

    • The ambassador is simply shameless.

      The ambassador thinks people who desire animals for their sexual satisfaction are not different.
      This gentelemani is weird.

  2. thank you for the suggestion, let these save the sentence as we revisit the outdated stance and our obsolete legislation.

    • “Obsolete Registration!” UPND also says “As long as the economy is okay, we don’t care about HaSEX HAGAINST the Horder of HaNature!” Sounds familiar to SATANISM?

    • Where is Chanda Kasolo? Is he out of the country to Lusaka? I expected him to be the first one to throw a stone, since that is what he specializes in despite the shoes not being his size I personally hate gayzim and its sister ntwenokane, but Foote has a point, fikabolala fili fye mumushi, fi murderers fili fye mumusebo, fi corrupt dogs fili fye mumusebo, fikabwalala fya mumamarket na muma bus station filifye free.

  3. US ambassador, this is Zambia where we respect the order of nature. Pease keep your feelings of being horrified to yourself

  4. Though the Punishment is Excessive for first offenders, the Judgement in itself is unblemished because the act is illegal in Zambia. Had the Judge given a different Verdict people would be on his throat saying his Judgement is encouraging Homosexuality in Zambia.

    • The US ambassader lacks Diplomatic Ettequte, this is interfering in another soverign state.
      We all know that Trump is worser than Shiirt, but we all keep it to ourserves.

    • The US ambassader lacks Diplomatic Ettequte, this is interfering in another soverign state.
      We all know that Trump is worser than Shiirt, but we all keep it to ourserves.

    • Hey Myles …why don’t you move to a country where gayism is not a hate crime? Move to South Africa or some Western country, instead of forcing Zambians to live according to your norms. Gayism is illegal in Zambia and that should be respected.

  5. Comment: Zambia like USA is a sovereign state with it’s own laws and statutes which must be respected and abided to by its citizenry. Corruption, political violence and animal poaching should be condemned on their own or revisit the stipulated sentences but not be used as an excuse for people to tolerate sodomy

    • “From other minorities!” Interesting! I love the Bible it is a great book of wisdom! It talks about the speck in the eye!

    • The US ambassader lacks Diplomatic Ettequte, this is interfering in another soverign state.
      We all know that Trump is worser than Shiirt, but we all keep it to ourserves.

    • People please listen to what the ambassador is saying. He is saying that it is unfair that cadres who brutally assault other candidates and people who steal millions in dollars go free, yet gay people get 15 years. In your opinion as a zambian citizen, which one is worse?

    • Opinions, based on your hate should be called out.
      The Zambian law on sexuality is immoral and repulsive and must be changed.

  6. Tribes, Albinos and the disabled do not halt population growth of Africa; also they do not destroy morals. This is because Albinos, tribes and the disabled are us too. The other act is an action of the west from Roman and Greek times to fulfill evil inert matrilineal fantasies; plus an agenda of population control. Zambia and Africa reject this for we are of Jehovah.

    • The white mans god and his sick religion are at the heart of this immoral law which is, not only against nature but also heedless of African culture and norms.

  7. Keep your gay Agenda in America you pollutant.
    Stick with your Akainde who supports the African Gay Liberal Network
    Don’t lecture us with rubbish koswe.

    • The “GAY AGENDA” is exactly the same as the “STRAIGHT AGENDA”.
      Grow up. Get an education. Find a job. Find a home. Find love. Raise a family. Live a life free from hate and intolerance. Grow old and die in peace.
      Zambia’s law on sexuality is rubbish. Your idea on “AGENDAE” is polluted and foolish.

  8. Ambassador I think you are a product of two male sexual partners ,sir take your rubbish off zambia we are not in America.To he’ll with you.

  9. Mr Ambassador please keep your opinion on these matters to yourself. We do not as a people believe that Homosexuality should be accepted as the norm in our society because it is a perversion and insult to Gods Kingdom. Likewise your mention of Transgender, intersex and LGBT nonsense is something many Zambians don’t even know about and we do not want to know about it even from you. So please respect people that you are an envoy to. May God have mercy on all the so called LGBT people and may he not pass Sodoms judgement on them that consumes the rest of the people that fear and respect his his Word. We are human, we err in my things, corruption, fornication, etc but we will not insult what God as proclaimed that he made them Male and female that they should be a family and multiply. I don’t…

    • Ezekiel 16:49 The so-called destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was because of their abuse of visitors and newcomers. It had nothing to do with homosexuality.
      If you choose to believe the immoral stupidity of the white man’s religion, at the very least, be aware of what you are talking about.
      Religion is artificial; that means that it is not real. While sexuality is innate, people can and do change their gods and their religions at the drop of a hat.
      Ten percent of all people, in all societies, are gay or transgender because of the way they are born. Can you change the colour of your blood? What floats your boat is also unchangeable.
      Gods exist only in diseased minds.

  10. ……. I don’t even think you believe in such nonsense and the official communique is just to please these so called influential LGBT people, just know our God is more powerful and he is King of Kings and Lord if Lords, it’s his Word that will stand and not yours. We would rather be poor and starve that bow to this disease called LBBT movement. Shaaa

    • When something scared man he needed something, a god, to intervene with the danger. When man understood the danger that god became useless. The white man’s god is worthless and useless and will soon be abandoned, like the thousands of other gods before it.

  11. Meanwhile just know we hate the Witchcraft practice of killing Albinos for the devils work and if we catch them we will lock them up together with the Homosexuals because witchcraft like homosexuality in Zambia is against the Law. But please help us save our animals, especially Elephants and Rhinos from poachers and South African game ranchers that are flying in to rob us of the animals. We need drones and raider technology to detect their planes.

    • To condemn people because of the way they are born or whom they love is sick and immoral. You need to get over your ignorant foolishness.

  12. but to be honest 15 years is too excessive unless they also tried to turn other people into gays or deceminated gay culture otherwise a sentence less than 5 years was in order

  13. you fools on here are missing the bigger picture
    quit this buls hit of Christianity because all the stuff you’re doing is against your very own doctrine
    how many rich politicians are sleeping with very young school girls and all the f ucking around boing on in the country, against nature my a ss
    you can burry your head in the sand all you want. gay people are here to stay, they aint going nowhere and it’s only a matter of time before Zambia moves with the times. you do the same with albinos cuz of your ignorance. why are you so scared of gay people you, are you scared that they are gonna expose you as a bitc h? why do you even care? do they bother you when you’re doing your thing? leave them alone and being an ambassador doesn’t preclude one from speaking up when violations are…

  14. leave people alone
    you didn’t create them therefore you can’t control and/or tame them
    there’s worse things that are happening than two adults doing whatever the he ll they wanna
    go ahead and burry your head in the sand, the g ays aint going nowhere

  15. It doesn’t make sense to jail these two men whose act didn’t directly hurt anyone and those who have plunged the nation into darkness, debt and hunger and affected millions of Zambians go scott free.Where is the justice in that? Who really is the sinner here? Stop interpreting the bible your own way according to your own perceptions -hypocrits!!

  16. What about 18 years for weed? Also horrifying but no comments from USA. Some stoners are more equal than others it seems

  17. Comment:That was the wisdom of the antichrist ,May salvation come upon you. Every house has rules and as a visitor you are expected to abide by the rules of that house even if you don’t like them.Do you think you are so special than other diplomats?

  18. You hypocrite, how many innocent human beings has you country slaughtered and families ruined nations brought down across the globe for you to come here and act like a saint. This is zambia twapapa tata ikalenifye

    • Who told you that homosexuality and tribe are same.The reasoning is so weird.This man Is the devil incarnate .Let the international community learn how to respect morals.

  19. Let those without sin cast the first stone! Sumaili’s ministry izativuta! Why can’t our leaders mind their own corruption than trying to teach us about right and wrong?

  20. In Saudi Arabia which is more of an American ally than Zambia they’ll behead you for doing that, even Americans know.

  21. US Ambassador seems to have read the bible very well but he forgot the book does not state that in the garden on eden Adam and Steve…..were in the garden….US is not Zambia…they should have jailed them for LIFE…

    • If the second creation, in the white man’s bible is correct; your imaginary god, by taking a rib from Adam to make Eve; created the first transgender. So Eve with male DNA was male. Thus it was Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.
      Should anyone be jailed for life because of whom they love?

  22. Meanwhile you are sending them to 15 years to enjoy guaranteed gayism in prison. Almost makes me think they accept the sentence with a big smile

  23. stop this bs
    if some calamity happens in Zambia, you’d be running to the americans for assistance. why don’t you deal with your own internal issues and not beg/borrow money from amarica? the ambassador is a public figure who’s paid by tax payer’s money. I work and pay taxes here and I say it’s taxes well spent. well said Dan
    you only want americans to intervene or say something when it suits you, americans ain’t puppets they’ll speak wherever they feel it’s necessary and you can cry all you want, Zambia will never throw dirty at the Americans because truth be told, Zambia needs them more than they need zambia
    and at the center of it all is law that was put in books by your colonizers, it’s not even a Zambian law. read and wise up and laws aside. there’s nothing wrong with…

  24. 100 comments on a matter that is so irrelevant such as people’s sexual orientation and yet when it comes to your constitution and country being taken for a ride you are quiet ndweeee like a rock. Only people with small ones feel threatened by gay people. A straight man should be happy when there are more gay men because it reduces competition for women. So to me all those who feel insecure about gays are probably gay themselves cause they want less competition for other men

  25. It’s important to express yourself but it’s also important to respect other people’s expressions and interpretation of their culture and practices.

    Ambassador Foote is emotional about Animal Rights and Gay Rights it’s clear. But he went too far in being pedantic and stamping his foot like an angry sulking child when he started to attack politicians for stealing money (which I think is fake news added on to his statement by fraustrated individuals). After all where is this evidence to support the theft allegations?

    I really think a slip in diplomacy has occured here.

    • Basic human rights for all Zambians include basic human rights for gay and transgender people, no matter what religious homophobes may think.

  26. For sure it is also horrifying to see the us accepting same sex marriages, to keep good friendship is to give each other respect not to try and impose your will, thinking your wrong conceptions is always right because of your power the game is played with different views, it’s good for you to bring up things that can be understood.

  27. America.has laws which have sent the law.breakers to.jail once proven guilty though by design , more are black .Zambia has its laws too which have been applied in this case correctly.
    The zambian laws do not allow homosexuality . Ambassador has to respect our laws or let him leave our country immidiately.

  28. “And the American Envoy says such decisions like the oppressive sentencing, do untold damage to Zambia’s international reputation by demonstrating that human rights in Zambia are not a universal guarantee.” My Foote!! What do you mean?
    We don’t hide our position on this issue and our African Leaders always state our position on international fora including the UN General Assembly. When Muslims stop visitors from taking Alcohol and force our women to cover their faces do you talk about human rights?
    How about the innocent immigrants children you are starving in cages, are those human rights?
    Black’s are killed on mere suspicion of “being Black” and their killer cops are left scot free. Are they less human?
    Go clean up your house before giving us advice on Human rights. How…

    • Cont’d

      Go clean up your house before giving us advice on Human rights. How dare you call Human wrongs Rights? Like Mugabe put it, Even Animals know better.
      Very soon you will call a Man marrying a dog as a Human right. Just because two adults consent doesn’t make it right. Suppose two adults consent that one be killed by the other, is that right?

  29. What human rights naimwe ba Foot ubupuba? In America citizens shoot as many fellow citizens as possible, but you have refused to change the law to control the bloody thirsty and primitive gun culture. Has this Ambassador foot considered the human rights of those hundreds of innocent citizens including school children killed by gunmen literary everyday because him Foot and his Trump protect the human rights of gunmen rather than of victims?

  30. Ambassador you are free to take those jailed animals and others remaining and offer them citizenship in gay America. We can do without them.
    Dont confuse corrupt politicians with gays, talk about them as individual groups. If the law say say 15 years for gay se.x so let it be. Our courts of law simply follow the law.
    But if you have a way of helping us stop corruption by ensuring that these animals are jailed, please you are welcome to help us. As for gays, sorry your help is not welcome.

    • Refugees, who happen to be LGBTQ+, are welcomed in many societies because they have had to hide their talents and love in repressive societies. Their freedom adds vitality to whatever place welcomes them.
      Meanwhile, Zambia flounders in corruption and the evil stupidity of the white man’s god.

    • The food you buy from South African retail shops is manufactured by LGBTs. Your corrupt government goes to the same country with a begging bowl. Improve your economy and your people.

  31. American Hypocracy in action. Black people in America have suffered and continue to suffer unspeakable human rights abuses to this day. innocent unarmed Blacks are shot dead by white racist police daily. unemployment, poverty and longer prison sentences given to Blacks. This is the disgusting reality for blacks in America and this son of a bitch ambasador can have the guts to speak of human rights abuses when America has a long sad history of mistreating its own Black minority population. REMEMBER SLAVERY BLACKS WERE SUBJECTED TO FOR OVER 400 YEARS upto this day blacks in America are second class citizens. White Americans are hypocrites

    • So you prefer to be a hypocrite as well in your treatment of human rights for all Zambians, gay and straight as well?

  32. “The straw that broke the camel’s back”

    What’s going on with the judicial system in Zambia? Yes you’re sovereign state but part of Artificial neural networks.

    It was consensual relationship between two adults.

  33. If you hate LGBTIs so much, why do you still go to beg aid from them? Don’t we risk unnecessary international sanctions over trivial matters? The smartest thing we can do is to remove from our statutes laws that are discriminatory and leave private bedroom matters to open interpretation. Quiet Diplomacy is very important for the sake of the Economy because of the many controversies in this world! Practice more quiet Diplomacy especially when you know you are the weaker party in Geopolitics! Mugabe destroyed his country by insisting on being right! Drivers who always want to insist to be right on the road have perished while right! Such drivers forgot the importance of Defensive Driving where you should always be on the lookout for the unexpected and avoid collisions! The Bible cautions…

  34. The Bible cautions us to be as wise as Serpents and yet as harmless as Doves! We live in a crazy world! Proverbs also says no one respects you when you are poor (extremely indebted poor country). Why then bother?

  35. The problem with Americans is that they judge Africans using the American context. Homosexuality is taboo for Africans, it is un heard of!

    The majority of Zambians, especially those from rural villages don’t even know there is such a thing as homosexuality.

    The unus in Zambia is not considered a sexual organ but is considered a garbage disposal organ, this is biology 101!

    They’re many injustices going on around the world but Americans are concerned only for Homosexuals. What is so special about homosexuality kanshi mwebantu?

    • Homosexuality has always been a part of every society, and always will be.
      Ignorance is overcome by knowledge. Get educated.

  36. Dear Ambassador.
    According your own dictionary written by a man, you have defined homosexuality as an abnormal act.
    Have ever during your life time on seen even male dogs mounting each other?
    So if according your own definition you describe this behavior as abnormal, why then do you want to come and make us believe that this human rights?
    If dogs can distinguish the difference between a male and female, I will be right to say that you people lower than dogs,
    Please Foot! Keep quiet. You have no morals to question this Noble judge. Infact We need countries that help in infrastructure development. America only bring Aid that is attached to such rubbish keep your stincky money and we will keep our values.
    May God have mercy.
    Sodom’s distruction came about because of such foolish…

    • Again Ezekiel 16:49 and Matthew10:5-15 show that homosexuality had nothing to do with the imaginary white man’s god’s destruction of the Cities Of The Plain.
      Religious values are hate and intolerance, coupled with greed.

  37. How I wish Zambians could come out this strong against Corruption and Economic Mismanagement!
    Zambia unfortunately is a highly discriminatory country with a lot of discriminatory laws and regulations! It all starts in the preamble of our Constitution. Those of us Zambians who are Moslems, Hindu, Shinto, Atheists feel left out in National Debates because discussions easily degenerate into unproductive, irrational religious bigotry! Secondly, most Zambians think all Zambians are black! Unfortunately, the Zambian Flag creates that impression. How we wish Zambians can be open minded for once and embrace all without prejudice! Parliament used to have Zambians of different colours and debates then were good but now, our Parliament is all black! That tells you we don’t value diversity!…

    • Agree 100%
      Zambia needs to revert to a Civil Country! Christian practices and any practice of any religion should be private matters! Religion retards progress! Christianity is becoming an epidemic that hinders the growth of healthy public debate! See what happened in Nigeria – A meeting of witchcraft practitioners as well as scholars in the disciplines of human behaviour and history is underway in the University of Nigeria-Nsukka (UNN) to deliberate on the phenomenon of witchcraft. The two-day conference, according to its host, Prof Egodi Uchendu, is supposed to help the Nigerian and African publics “determine amongst other things the intelligibility of witchcraft, the principles that underpin it and the impact it has on human life, society and progress.” According to Nigeria’s Premium…

    • According to Nigeria’s Premium Times newspaper, when the conference was first announced, protests and threats were issued by members of the country’s Christian communities.

  38. The sentencing is fine we don’t need rubbish cartures in Zambia even under Upnd it will be like that nothing will change because the Zambian people wants it to be so this is good so our kids can be safe in our country.

    • Ten percent of all children are born gay or transgender. The suicide rates for these children are extremely high because religion hates love and hateful laws like these show only hate.
      Keep all children safe by throwing laws like these in the garbage.

  39. The culture you are talking about, @Sichalwe was enforced by a British law that the Brits themselves have since revised. It is fine if you want to keep it that way but at best own it so that that 15 years is brought into perspective. Dogma is very, very dangerous.

  40. In as much as the sentence is excessive the envoy Foote has no right whatsoever to meddle in the judicial process of this country.

    He should look closer to his own country’s judicial system and process. People of colour are killed every other day, they are incarcerated wrongly just because of their colour. Just the other day three men of colour were released from prison after serving thirty-six years in prison for a murder they did not commit. Did we hear Mr. Foote comment on that.

    Mr Foote get a life and stop the hypocrisy. Remove the log in your eye before you try to remove the speck in another’s eye.

  41. Corruption? Fine, that’s just politics. Theft from the national coffers? Fine, fill your pockets. Beating anyone opposed to the views of the government? Fine, they had it coming. Ignoring starvation in sections of the population? Fine, as long as it’s not me. Child marriage? Totally fine, it’s not underage if she’s your wife now. Two guys together? 15 years! What would Jesus think?

  42. I am Zambian and equally horrified. When did we lose our humanity Zambia , honestly? Just sad , and if u celebrate this then you are clearly evil.

  43. the ambassador is right pf ministers who illegally stayed in their offices getting govt money as allowances are still free and haven’t paid back the money.

  44. This Ambassador soon rather than later will bring the restaurant for selling humans meat because he looks like a criminal to me though he is a major sponsor of our friends who want to be leaders of this country in 2021.

  45. His point suggests that “sin is sin”.Judging someone for a different kind of sin is sin itself.Christian country my foot!.Indeed let he who does not sin cast the first stone.A bunch of hypocrites that’s what you are.

    • If you are not selective with the book you are quoting from it has intolerance, genocide and unspeakable evils against “enemies” in it. It is only in the New Testament that you try to make amends. Osa kamba-kamba cabe monga ni nye-nye muzuwa baba. Look at things from a HUMAN point and not a dogmatic id!ot’s perspective. So imwe ndi muli na cinji ka? Tizamuoonani.

  46. I think what the US ambassador Daniel Foote was saying there was the severity of the punishment on certain acts of similar criminal activities including those unnatural acts n comparison to those other criminal acts also

    If you see recent US supreme courts decisions and judgement on LGBT activities,you will observe that the US and President Trump do not support LGBT and when you see his decisions in BANNING Transgender sex in the US military establishments recently in November 2019 you will see that the Zambian policy towards Gender and the US is similar

    Read the new draft of a new Health and Human Services rule 2019 and observe the US policy stance on LGBT and Transgender I think…

  47. AND I think the Ambassador request for consideration of sentences must be stressed more and Zambia traditions supported with regards to LGBT

  48. This is just plain stupidity, the ridicule these PF fools are exposing Zambia to everyday stinks. Look at all the cabinet and other appointments, if you are Tonga, Lozi or Kaonde forget it. And yet we all know that only last week Kaizer MalyaMungu Zulu was so intoxicated while in the process of trying to have s/exual intercourse with his girlfriend Misozi at NIPA flats landed in the wrong hole. Her cries that “Kaizer wanichita” made him pump more until he loaded his cargo in the wrong hole! Lungu does that all the time that’s why his eSwatini spouse now walks with a limp!

  49. There is nothing political about the Ambassadors statement neither he is in support of single political parties In-fact he stands to the highest ethical and moral standard and would never support any of those you are writing here on private individuals like Kaiser that is why he castigated one leader who was in attendance at a US Zambia celebratory event for dragging him and the embassy on cross with Zambian Gov and leadership He does not support transgender and LGTB His mission and duty is to support the Zambian community Government and societies in the best possible way and fairly so without being drawn into cheap political propaganda by any but support the US missions and work…

  50. work with the Gov of the day in particular He doesn’t in any way depart from the Zambian “commonalities and way of family Okay”

  51. By Derrick Bryson Taylor
    Nov. 2, 2019

    A proposed rule by the Trump administration would allow foster care and adoption agencies to deny their services to L.G.B.T. families on faith-based grounds.

  52. What forte should know is that Zambia has her own laws which every citizen must follow. So, its one way of not entertaining such vices in a country like Zambia. So, let him use the resources to educate the pipo in anyway before they break the law.

  53. The thieves money launderers, serial adulterers now sit in judgement. What the “F” is the order of nature? What century are we in? So called “Christian Nation”makes me cringe. The Ambassador is right and I think its time Donald Trump stepped in to stop this nonsense. Ati “Sovereign Nation”. Our Moral stance on on a specific (but unot uncommon) human attribute beggars belief when put in the context of an immoral incompetent and inept leadership and society. Ambassador Foote has hit the nail on the end. Holier than than thou??

  54. The greatest Constitution in a Christian nation is the Bible. Is same sex allowed in the Bible?. Our culture is not American culture.

  55. Fact:For all are still sining and still falling short of the glory of God.
    Fact:There are gay people in Zambia.Some are even one of the people in here busy hating on gay people.#Self hate
    Fact:Whether you like it or yes sin is still sin regardless.
    Fact:Only Judgement day will show who is a true Christian via God’s selection.

  56. “Newsweek investigated the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan,” a Newsweek representative previously told the Washington Examiner. “The story has been corrected, and the journalist responsible has been terminated. We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action.”

    EXCLUSIVE: Newsweek reporter fired for Trump Thanksgiving story blames editor
    by Mike Brest
    | November 30, 2019 04:56 PM

    • What does loving someone of the same-sex have to do with it? Gay people have always been about the same ratio to straight people for centuries.
      You have no choice over whom you love but hate is taught.

  57. @Lie-Detector You should be aware that no society can function very well if ten percent of its citizens are denied basic human rights. Your ignorance about “GAYISM” is sick and immoral. Does anyone tell you whom to love or not? Are you in danger of being murdered because of who you are or whom you love? This hate and intolerance doesn’t help any society to function. It impairs all society and you are aware of it, yet you deny the consequences.
    Think of how many people in your family or friends or co-workers have to pretend just to exist. Are you that proud of your hate and intolerance that you don’t care about the damage you do to society?
    You are pitiful.

  58. This pig from America has no manners NOT even bad ones, America need to study,understand and respect our culture. Homosexuality which UPND want to come and introduce in Zambia has NO space in our beloved country Zambia. Wo Ambassador if your biological father and mother were homos, You wouldn’t be here therefore take your stupidly to America. Here its a non starter.

    • Ignorant stupidity has no place in any culture. Eeeat should learn basic truth before he spouts foolishness.
      How can you introduce that which has been there for thousands of years?

    • Patrick loves sodomy because he believes it is inspired by the white man’s god.
      Isaiah 45:7 your white man’s god declares that it is evil and does what it wants.

  59. Don’t support sin. Sodomites is against God and nature. God made Adam and Eve.
    Gayism is Satan in short and those who are supporting it are agents of Satan. Even dogs have better senses than they

    • Sexuality is innate and immutable. Nothing is more natural.
      Gods are man-made. Nothing could be less natural.
      No god ever made anything.
      Get an education.

  60. Personally I am not supporting sin and neither am I rejoicing in it.But all you claiming to be christians are coming out so strongly about gay people, why don’t you do they say when corrupt leaders are stealing from the Zambian people or when some of you cadres in here are killing innocent people????.Even going as far as calling for Foote to be deported.Zambians can sabaila.smh…If you can not survive without Shoprite and Hungry lion for 2 seconds do you think you can survive without the United States for a milli second????.

  61. Africans its high time we should go back to our history our biggest strength was our culture and religious belief against colonialism and a white man strategy was to destroy these backborne of our strength, they have continued to destroy it, when something bad has happened let us concentrate on that whether its corruption or gays so that we can show them how against we are

    • Homosexuality has always been a big part of Zambian culture.Followers of the white man’s god deny truth and you push that immoral stupidity. Ignorance and greed, combined; will you never learn?
      Have you no shame?

  62. I knew I was gay from about seven years old and am from a traditional family and have had two long lasting happy relationships, it is natural for me to be intimate with a man. Why for something which is not of my making should I not have the right to love freely and be a valued part of my community. Its quite of for two men to fight in a boxing ring until one is hurt but against the law to love freely, think about it. Those two men should be pardoned and offered the chance to have political asylum if they cannot live freely in Zambia.

Comments are closed.

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