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Deputy Ministers should not be re-introduced-Parliamentary Committee


FILE: Deputy Ministers before the constitution was changed to abolish their positions

The Parliamentary Committee appointed to scrutinize the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 has supported the submission by stakeholders not to introduce the position of Deputy Ministers.

In its report, the Committee said almost all the stakeholders who appeared before it were not in support of the amendment to reintroduce Deputy Ministers.

The Committee said in the report that it agrees with the stakeholders that the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers does not reflect the current will of the
people of Zambia.

It has thus, recommended that the position of Deputy Minister should not be reintroduced.

And on the Amendment of Article 142 on the Tenure of office of judge, the Committee observed the concerns of stakeholders on Article 142 (3), which imposes a term limit of ten (10) years on the office of Chief Justice.

The Committee further noted stakeholder concern that limiting the Chief Justice’s tenure would deprive the Judiciary and the nation of a
seasoned Chief Justice, particularly in the event that the holder of the office completes his or her term long before they were due for retirement.

The Committee says it agrees with stakeholders that limiting the term of office of the Chief Justice to ten years would deprive the Judiciary and the nation of tested and proven leadership where one has served for such a period but has not attained the retirement age.

The Committee says it also agrees with stakeholders that requiring a Chief Justice to continue in office
as an ordinary judge would be demeaning to such a high office holder and tantamount to a demotion.

It has since recommended that there should not be a term limit on the Office of Chief Justice.

And the Committee has reccomended that the process for the removal of a judge should be initiated by the Judicial Service Commission, which should subsequently submit a report to the
President who should, in turn, appoint a tribunal to hear and determine the matter.

Meanwhile, the Committee says the majority of stakeholders were opposed to this amendment, which provides for mayors and council chairpersons to be elected by their fellow councillors.

The Committeee said the stakeholders supported the direct election of mayors and council chairpersons by the people in their respective districts.

The Committee, however, observed that a directly elected mayor or council chairperson is normally an executive mayor or council chairperson, and that the 2016 constitutional amendment had envisaged the mayors and council chairpersons being endowed with executive powers.

The Committee says it therefore supports the amendment for mayors and council chairpersons to be elected
by their fellow councillors.


  1. We are a listening government and we will consider all submissions by the committee and work with them. There is no hidden agenda as some parties would like you to think. Kz

    ECL for 2021

    • It’s just the president who wants more posts for his cadres. He wants to appoint ministers deputies perm secs diplomats everyone

    • To the PF govt, the shambles in public finances means nothing. You therefore cannot rely on them to craft policies that will get us out of the mess we’re in.

    • Former State House political advisor Kaizer Zulu is in the process of forming a political party called Young People’ s party (YPP).
      Mr Zulu has a placed his surrogates Venny Musonda Kabamba and Munir Zulu as fronts.
      Kaizer Zulu will use the two chola boys to spill the beans on President Edgar Lungu and also to undermine Zumani Zimba, his replacement.
      A source close Kaizer has disclosed how bitter kaizer is with the President and he has promised to spill the beans so that President Lungu learns a lesson
      “ KZ is not a person to mess with Lungu should wait and see how KAIZER will deal with him through his new party,” the source said!!

    • @ 1.5 breaking news, I laughed when I read that article which is sponsored by a well known opposition leader and party. If the president was not happy with my conduct or work, he would have fired me a long time. Every government appointment and firing has to be documented. Has any of you seen a document signed by the president stating that I have been fired? Positions are not forever. My services are still needed in other areas of the office of the president. I can not divulge my current role due to security reasons. However, I can confirm that I have no intention of forming a party or joining any other political party. My role is to ensure the PF remain in power and continue with their program of development. Any queries, please contact me

  2. Better people know what bill number 10 was a bout, however people had no idea what it actually meant let us see another popular news to talk about and let tension disappear in the nation.

  3. This bill needs to be thrown in the dust bin, waste of taxpayer money. It shows how out of touch the framer of it is with reality. Most Zambians rejected it, it’s contents very dangerous for our country. Musicians, NGOs, lawyers and everyone who cares for our country stand up to reject this bill the ruling party is trying to shove down our throats. This bill offers no benefits to the common man but the greedy politicians ravaging our country

  4. Bill 10 is an outright fraud that should be trashed. The mechanism that brought it into existence was undemocratic, sneaky and an embarrassment in civilised society. It was cobbled together to advance the interests of one man and his party now bent on imposing it on the citizenry; continued discussion of the bill is a waste of time and resources that should be better applied to buy drugs in hospitals or farming inputs for the peasantry in the countryside.

  5. I think the current set up without these deputies is working alright. From KK to MCS they existed. ECL is the first to work without them. Brother KZ is right that PF is a listening GRZ. Remember the ICC issue was given to people to decide?? While “our friends” are spreading falsehoods that Bill 10 is evil, it’s a matter our legislators can handle, not walk out!!

    • you have hit the nail on the head! unfortunately in this world you cannot please everyone. As for us, we will continue listening to our people and effecting development in all corners of the country without fear or favour. KZ

  6. Just a waste of time and resources, you start discussing an issue which should not have been there in the first place and an ignorant mind even says democracy is not cheap. Democracy is infact cheap. stop fulling yourself please. Who told you democracy is expensive, STOP LYING, it might be your way of life but it is wrong. Democracy is cheap if you follow things correctly

  7. Deputy ministers were scrapped off in the 2016 constitution, who tf proposed their reintroduction? Why has this even been given debate time?

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