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Ministry of Labour threaten to revoke UNZALARU registration for saying only Idiots can vote for PF


UNZALARU General Secretary, Dr. Kelvin Mambwe
UNZALARU General Secretary, Dr. Kelvin Mambwe

The Ministry of Labour has requested the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) to show cause as to why their Certificate of registration must not be canceled for violating the Industrial and Labour Relations Act.

This follows unpalatable language by UNZALARU General Secretary, Kelvin Mambwe on Zambian citizens for voting for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Labour Permanent Secretary Chanda Kaziya says it is disappointing that Dr. Mambwe’s statement is Not in line with section 3 of the industrial and Labour relations Act Chapter 269 and was outside the objectives of the Union, adding that the statement is insulting and politically inclined and that the comments have potential to cause anarchy in the country.

Mr. Kaziya says Dr. Mambwe’s sentiments are uncalled for and do not denote the principals of industrial relations and workers’ representation.

He told ZNBC News in an interview that the Ministry of Labour will not hesitate to invoke the law in canceling certificates of registration for Trade Unions that are not abiding by the labor laws.

Mr. Kaziya has since warned all trade unions that are contemplating to engage in activities outside their realm of trade unionism.

During a protest over delayed December Salaries, Dr. Mambwe said that if an election was to be called today, either those that are enjoying with government or idiots would vote for the PF

“As long as the University of Zambia is not properly funded, this institution will be ungovernable. And it will be a bad reflection on the government of these guys calling themselves leaders when they can’t lead at all. And if an election was to be called today, there are two categories of people that would vote for them; either those that are enjoying with them or idiots,” Dr. Mambwe said.

“It’s as simple as that. No normal person would support this nonsense. It’s not only UNZA which is struggling today we have council workers, but there is also ZNBC, there are National Museum workers who have not been paid for eight months and they want us to be the next category of people who are not being paid. We are not going to allow that. And we have told them.”

Dr Mambwe wondered why President Edgar Lungu’s salary cut had not resolved the problem of payment delays at UNZA.

“Government is a culprit. We have a government of the Patriotic Front (PF) which is not doing its role. We thought by cutting his salary, we were going to get our salaries early because, in an ideal situation, the reasons why the President decided to cut his salary and that of his colleagues was to ensure that there are sufficient funds. So we should be able to see those funds come to the University of Zambia on time,” he said.

He said the government had shifted its attention to Bill 10, “a self-preservation document and a scam to many Zambians”.

“They are focusing on Bill 10 because the interest is themselves. It’s about self-preservation. They are not concerned with your welfare. And that is the reason why they come up with some salary increment and behind the back, they get one per cent through the so-called National Insurance. It’s a useless and actually a scam. And it’s unfortunate that you employees are not actually rising up to this nonsense. Come together so that we rise against this incompetent national leadership, incompetence of leadership at different levels of the nation,” Dr Mambwe said.

“My appeal to the membership is that this solidarity that we are showing should continue. We are calling upon our members to be united so that we get what is owed to us. It’s not just about the salaries, it is about gratuities, pensions. We are eight years behind. And the guys (you know the guys that I am talking about) will soon be getting their mid-term gratuities in full without any problems on top of those Surfs which they are driving. Right now a bag of mealie-meal is costing [about] K200 and our members cannot afford to buy one especially that they have not been paid. And your fuel is costing close to US $2 [per liter], increased electricity tariffs, we are in trouble,” said Dr Mambwe.


  1. It means they are calling the majority of zambians *****s. We know that universities have been infiltrated by opposition political hooligans masquerading as students. They have an agenda to bring this government down. At this rate it may be a good option to close unza for a bit in order to clean out the thugs just as was done at CBU. CBU now has order. Kz

    • I don’t think so KZ, All you of close to HE seem to have a very big disconnect to the most peoples feelings. Do you honestly believe that majority of Zambians are happy? Well and good for you if it is so.

      Lastly who ever you call hooligans from CBU, unless there dead there not your voters with families and friends.

      I will stay and watch for another six months as people get more money and the economy flourishes. And by the way HE would have made more impact by cutting free fuel for all on it as its worth billions. Not a 20pin pay cut who will that help. burying a person???.


    • Please note that I also don’t tolerate abusive language which should not be used by a union leader. like I say displeasure can always be communicated just by words.


    • This Kaizar ***** now has the guts to pass comments on a daily basis. In a normal country with real leadership this thug would have been locked up for all the atrocities it has committed

    • If Mambwe is a real Dr, let him quit UNZA and get a better paying job else where. These doctors with honorary degrees like Chisushi Kambwili are the biggest problem Zambia has.

    • Zambia is supposed to be a democracy where people are free to speak their minds!Any leader worth the salt would not even worry about the very mild comment of “*****”. Its only an imbecile or moron who would suggest closure of UNZA for a Zambian exercising their democratic right. Have you observed how news media in the USA have labelled their presidents and major political parties? No wonder the country is quickly turning into a piece of land instead of a nation due to lack of leadership. How can you expect a person who has not been paid their salaries react? You should be living on another planet or crazy to think that Zambians are happy with the way PF has destroyed the promising Zambian economy. A country where PF cadres have more authority than the police.

    • @GM, this is an imposter hoodwinking Zambians. The masquerade in the name of KZ is that of cadre benefiting from PF plunder and corruption and diverts PF crime to suffering Zambian people by bootliking this PF regime. The ex state house abuser, Keizer Zezulu is a dimwit incapable of any civility action. Hence, public outcry that he should be prosecuted for a plethora of criminal and civil offences inflicted to many innocent Zambians and police officers.
      Justice awaits for him as victims currently are unable to be re dressed by PF regime.

  2. Mr mambwe must change the name on the group to a new political party,than hiding in the name of the Union squash the certificate and let him go to pacra and register a political party,He want to bring confusion to the innocent students,he has made enough money,he is a lecture cadre.

    • He is a big ***** himself, in fact *****s are those that will vote for homosexuals. Withdraw the certificate and fire him.Sha I forgot fire that other chap called Shishupu Shishupu.

    • Dr mambwe is saying the truth freedom of speech is democracy PF is always scared about the truth anyone who says the truth is their enemy cowards start parking ur bags 2021 is here.

  3. It’s unacceptable that the majority of Zambians who voted or who are likely to vote for PF should be categorised as *****s by one union leader. This behaviour of insults is uncalled for and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

  4. Kkkkk frustrations everywhere, it tells you a lot about the state of affairs in the nation. Things are bad the sooner the PF realises this the better. Them bellies full while the masses are fighting for crumbs. This is a wake up call,if this continues no one knows what’s going to happen next.

  5. This Mambwe is very useless and Zambians must checked how he got his PHD from China.If indeed he is a PHD holder,he could have known that Zambia is a democracy where people below to various political parties.He must control his frustrations because nobody apart from himself benefits from his salary.Whether he gets paid on time or late,that is his baby to nurse!!!Really some learned people are so dul1.Why insult innocent Zambians because of his frustration?Mambwe do not depend too much on a salary.Nobody has gotten rich via salary.Do businesses as you work and you wont mind that salary.Plus where have you seen mealie meal at K200 in Luska or fuel at 2 dollars?Be real if indeed you are a PHD holder!!

  6. UNZA is a Gvt institution so such dull lecturers who insult innocent Zambians must be fired so that he can be rotting with his fake PHD degree at his rented K3500 FLAT in Salama park.
    they say “you cannot bit the finger which feeds you”. Thus Mambwe must be taught a bitter lesson in life.

    • But the PF Government bites us who feed them on a daily basis. There cadres insult our intellect on a daily basis and we collectively seem powerless to do anything. Maybe because Dr Mambwe was quoted in the media and all hell has broken loose. If you have time now, walk over to Cabinet Office and hear what those retirees are saying about PF and the people that vote for them. What Dr Mambwe said will be miles behind in comparison to what those unpaid retirees are voicing out there.

  7. Why can’t these UNZA dons emulate the trend in world universities to raise their own salaries for the institution? These doctors and professors have failed to run zamnet which should be a cash cow, they have failed to rare chickens which is like a gold mine, they certify water but can’t run a pure water company, they can’t make bolts or nats. What are you contributing to the nation Doctors at UNZA. Countries economies are advanced by research and development what has UNZA done for this country other than channeling out job seekers like any other college and trades. Why should UNZA continue to beg when they can fend for themselves?

    • Even people who have not seen the walls of a classroom are raising funds to run their lives. Who corrects the rentals from East park Mall? So the new political party will allow babysitting grown-ups. Please give us a break. In fact, we have more universities in the country now like UNILUS and Catholic Universities producing quality graduates. Where do you take the school fees you collect from students. UNZA needs to be audited to find out where these monies go. I think the audit should go as far back as 15 years. Also, why have you failed to run Zamnet when people by data bundles like they are buying oxgyne. Ba dokota plizi twapapata.

    • Because UNZA is a public institution and is supposed to be subsidized by government instead of charging cost reflective or commercial fees. Even the royalties from East Park Mall can be directed to be deposited with Government if government as 100% owner so wishes (just like the toll gates, RTSA, etc…) Only way will be to sell part or all of it.

    • aa,

      I concur with the general thrust of your argument except where you say:
      “ In fact, we have more universities in the country now like UNILUS and Catholic Universities producing quality graduates”.
      I was part-time lecturer at UNILUS for two years and left because I realized the institution is more interested in making money than in producing quality graduates.
      For your own information, I know a lot of human resource executives in large local and foreign corporations who are not impressed with the quality of graduates from UNILUS , Cavendish, etc. Because of this, most of these corporations have unwritten rules of not employing graduates from these private universities and prefer graduates from UNZA, CBU, Mulungushi, and ZCAS.

    • @Aa: You have hit the nail dead centre on its head!! A colleague who lectured at Evelyn Hone quit because of this same unprofessionalism. He watched his friends prosper at ZCAS and their institution develop into a world class learning place. All the while both colleges charged and retained fees. KZ is spot on that these institutions and unions have been politicised and infiltrated by opposition, sadly the same opposition lack substance to develop this country.

  8. aa you are the ones who are making this government very inefficient, the same government has placed cadres in charge of these universities who are running these institutions into the ground. Don’t forget UNZA is supposed to be funded by the government it is there in our constitution. Audit UNZA and you will be shocked to see how cadres have looted the place. I concur with the man’s frustration, it only in Zambia where people go months without pay elsewhere Lungu would have been impeached or overthrown. We are in a mess because of illiterate voters who based their vote on a song, if they had used wisdom we could have been in a better place. The so called president is already on a retreat barely days into 2020 how do you develop like this

  9. PF has just brought itself down, Zambians rejected MMD in 2011 but today MMD is calling shots in PF. The people who supported Sata have been removed. We’ve a very greed leadership. Clinics are empty, not even under 5 cards are available, not even antenatal cards. People are using grade 1 exercise books! Suppliers haven’t been paid since September 2018 but look at the 1st family and Ministers. Money is only in the hands of cadres and those shouting ECL2021. The 1st lady is also another Vice President who moves with a large entourage. The list is endless. Edgar thinks he can run the country on donations. Many people who paid K400 in 2018 haven’t still received their fertilizer. Things have fallen apart

  10. Niti ya cocota kwa pilu sina wa kayuwe kwa malete. Mambwe is right, the average Zambian is a full cycle *****! And I would add a third category of fools to vote PF, Nyanjas, in the spirit of “umodzi kumawa kwa anyoko!”

  11. What the man said was correct, it’s either people who are benefiting or *****s that would vote for PF! Simple let’s leave it at that

  12. can this ***** be dealt with because he is the one who is an ***** with forged papers and claims to be a doctor and by the way who gave him this so called doctorate,may be he is a witch doctor cos we have different fields of doctors.mmmmbuzi doctor.

    • From what you have written, I think you nicely fall into the category Dr Mambwe has created.
      You know very well that UNZA screens all qualifications before they employ anyone. He earned his degree through hard work not bootlicking. He was employed to provide a service and get paid for it. He has provided the service, is it not in order for the employer to pay him on time as per his conditions of employment?

  13. Id!ot is not an insult. it simply means a stup!d person. Stup!d means lack of common sense which is true, if these people had common sense were going to manage to find money to pay the academicians.

    • @imprezza: wajimona just wanted to test you if you really believed the word “*****” was not an insult. What we have all discovered is that you yourself do not and that’s why you have reacted like that to him

  14. Dr mambwe is very right about bill 10 and everything else he said may his voice echo all over the country may people now rise from their slumber and redeem this country from utter ruins.

  15. PF hates the truth, it is a fact that only a mad man can at this moment in time vote for PF because to start with what would be the objective of voting for PF at this time in the first place, there is totally no reason hence it is a fact that unless one is mad, one cannot vote for PF now.

  16. Do votes of 1d1yots count. If so then they may carry the day again. The language used diluted the message he wanted to communicate. You wonder how he manages to teach at UNZA. He is an embarrassment.

    • you are just a faggot you were not part of that and now that you are on a firing range, wait a minute …………. jamoke we goon wamuntu.

  17. Although you may have had a point to put across, your well intended objective was totally diluted by your insults. Remember the majority as it stands now, support PF and they are the ones your insults were directed at including me. You therefore do not deserve to even continue lecturing at UNZA which is funded by tax payers like my self. I EVEN WONDER WHY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN FIRED UP TO NOW SO THAT YOU CAN GO AND JOIN POLITICS.

  18. so true of PF, no other description can fit them. The Lecturer’s must be allowed to voice their displeasure, there is nothing politics

  19. Thank you Dr Mambwe, finally Zambian intellects are now fed up with these scoundrels.
    We need more learned people to start speaking up for the poor people.

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