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Chief Madzimawe, Nzamane refuse to endorse Raphael Nakachinda and his activities in Eastern Province


Senior Chief Nzamane of the Ngoni  meeting   Raphael Nakacinda and his entourage
Senior Chief Nzamane of the Ngoni meeting Raphael Nakacinda and his entourage

It has emerged some Traditional Leaders in Eastern Province refused to endorse Raphael Nakachinda who is fighting for Movement for Multi-Party Democracy which he says has been taken over by illegitimate leaders in the Nevers Mumba executive.

The Nominated Member of Parliament was on a tour of Eastern Province where he addressed members of the MMD drawn from various districts and demanded that the Party should go for a Convention to elect new office bearers because the Nevers Mumba leadership’s tenure expired.

However, some Traditional Leaders among them Chief Madzimawe and Chief Nzamane refused to endorse Mr Nakachinda and his activities but advised that the former ruling party put the house in Order.

The Traditional Leaders acknowledged that the challenges facing the MMD were as a result of the unnecessary wrangles caused by leaders.

Mr Nakacinda, however, said that he will continue fighting for justice to be done in the MMD to save the country’s democratic history which has a huge tag to the Party that got power from the one-party state under Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

While in the province, Mr Nakachinda also apologized to the party membership for supporting Nevers Mumba’s Presidency in 2012.

Mr Nakachinda says he had the impression back in 2012 that Dr Mumba was a good leader to replace Rupiah Banda capable of taking the former ruling party to greater heights.

He said when he addressed his supporters in Chipata Eastern Province that Dr Mumba who in November last year was declared President of the MMD by the High Court is not capable of leading the party.


  1. The people and the chiefs know that only PF can bring development there. Why waste time dealing with childish parties like mmd and upnd. Mulolyeka awamako sure. Kz

  2. Is this the Kaizar Zulu we know or an imposter? because its like the man has a new job now, yet we were told he was fired.

  3. @GM, this is an imposter hoodwinking Zambians. The masquerade in the name of KZ is that of cadre benefiting from PF plunder and corruption and diverts PF crime to suffering Zambian people by bootliking this PF regime. The ex state house abuser, Keizer Zezulu is a dimwit incapable of any civility action. Hence, public outcry that he should be prosecuted for a plethora of criminal and civil offences inflicted to many innocent Zambians and police officers.
    Justice awaits for him as victims currently are unable to be re dressed by PF regime.

  4. The problem with politics in Zambia is that its too much centered on SELFISHNESS! Nakachinda is right Nevers Mumba has no capabilities to lead MMD. It was Mwanawasa’s mistake to even appoint him Vice-President because the man is just a born-crook! Ne cant lead anybody to anywhere! He now thinks he is popular after Mwanawasa mistakenly appointed him to office of Vice President. Mwanawasa was not looking at quality when he appointed him, he was trying to get the Bemba vote because of his fear for Michael Sata! But he soon realized that he had appointed a rogue and fired him. Its the end of MMD now because Nevers Mumba’s interest is to enrich himself. I wonder why people like Nevers even continue with their political activities when he knows he will never win an election in Zambia.

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