Thursday, June 13, 2024

Fred M’membe’s Speech at a Socialist Party Rally in Lusaka Matero



  1. Another dunderhead who is wasting time and splitting the opposition vote share. Why doesn’t this man just go to hell for all the evil thing he did under the disguises of a newspaper. We know he is part of the legata homosexuality squad. We have lots of evidence of his exploits with men. Kz

    • Mmembe at the rate you are going, you have along road to cover, before you can be seen as a serious political contender.

      You manifested a lot of hate, satanic vessels and acrimony to many people.

      Now that seed you planted has grown to hound you back.

  2. 200 people is not a rally. That is a family meeting in a bedroom. 2021 I will ensure fred and his party are done away with for good.

  3. Wow, what a speech! Where do I start with this ridiculous charade from such an unscrupulous character? “Comrades”, here is man who has for decades not only coveted but also benefitted immensely from the same capitalism he decries today. In fact, his very livelyhood and even the ability to stage this event are all made possible by capitalism. How dare he escape his gilded life briefly to go to the ghetto and lecture the “peesants” on what they endure on a daily basis! He has cast himself as one of “us” while keeping a firm foothold in “their” world. Its so ridiculous that I won’t even give the terms he uses to refer to the “haves” and “have nots” space in my tirade. A true leader with a heart for the people does not stand at a lectern to remind them of what their miserable…

  4. … lives are like. A leader gives his people hope and solutions to make their lives better! When s the last time you saw Comrade Mmembe sharing a meal with folk in the ghetto, going to the same clinics or sending his children to the same school as them? Last time I checked, all his properties and amenities he enjoys are located in “their” areas! Socialism is not about nostalgic memories of clean ablution blocks and the few individuals who benefitted from now living a gilded life, nor is it about wearing a ‘che green’ outfit and hat. Educate the people about what this ideology is about instead of making condescending statements and far flung Ideals of what their lives should be like. Who are you really grandstanding for here, Fred? Do you think that boy standing in the heat holding up…

  5. Well done comrade Fred. These paidout hired guns looters of Zambian treasury shall all be locked up, every single cent they stole be brought back and their cronie capitalist Empty Chagrin Loafer be paraded around the country along with all his cronies looters and stoned to middleast fate

  6. @upndist- FYI – I’m not PF.. I’m fact, I’m not partisan in the current climate. I’m just tired of our people being duped and taken for granted. My small brain obviously pales in comparison to your cerebral might but I’m just voicing my opinion. Isn’t that what this thing is all about after all?

  7. With your strategy of compaigning fredy you are not going nowhere and avoid talking about the past,just concentrate on what is happening now not history.Be like ck,HH,and hk.

  8. Currently no party in Zambia as any suitable candidate for 2021. Ww look to the Lord to provide. And if the parties don’t take my advice and decide to proceed with their anointed presidential candidates (conveniently known as sole candidates) then a devastating loss is awaiting them, followed by extinction or oblivion ike UNIP. And those who are building party HQs from suspect funds, thank you, we shall confiscate it and accommodate the Ministry of Local government which needs office accommodation. How can you build party HQ from funds donated by well wishers? Who are they? Definitely the HQ will be candidate for repossession by ACC under “proceeds of ***** ” legislation.

  9. The current government complex at freedom statue was transparently “donated” by the Chinese government to the “mighty” UNIP, but who occupies it now? What more suspicious and undeclared donations?
    Do we ever learn mwebantu?

  10. If all human beings were parts of one human body, I think Kaizer would be that part of the body which is disposable like the nail, because he does not add value.


  12. Only those whose brain is the size as that of a chicken can vote for fred and HH. These 2 guys who have party ligalia in red (blood) colour are very dangerous and have simila elements. HH looted this country thru privatisation, fredy looted this country by not paying PAYE to ZRA for many years. HH made deals by selling a mine worth $200m, for $ 30m. While fredy got a loan from DBZ and dosent want to pay back, just HH’s company saturnia regna pention sheme has tefused even after the court advised this company to pay BP pensioners their money, but have not done so till today. Out of 250 BP pentioners, more than 180 have died, some out of depression because of the same. These scallet 2 coloured wild beasts have brought missery to CB ex miners by HH, and mukelabai former DPP, some workers…

  13. Some workers of DBZ he had them fired, with intent to eliminate witnesses to the loan he got from dbz and the forging of a document from BOZ by fredy, which he used to get a big chunk of money from FINANCE bank just to mention a few. The list about these 2 crooked demons are is endless. The duo have everything in common. Its not by mistake that the chose RED as party ligalia colour. These 2 are dangerous. NONE of these 2 is fit to be president.

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