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The current number of constituencies cannot be changed without first amending the Constitution-ECZ


THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has said that the current number of constituencies cannot be changed without first amending the Constitution.

ECZ acting public relations manager Sylvia Bwalya said proposals to carry out a delimitation exercise can only be effected through amendment of the Constitution.

“In the event that the outcome of the delimitation exercise is to recommend an increase in the number of constituencies, from the current 156, this would require an amendment of Article 68(2) via the Constitutional Amendment Bill

Ms. Bwalya’s sentiments were echoed by ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano who said that the current number of constituencies cannot be changed without amending the constitution because the existing constitution provides the number Constituencies the country should have which is 156, that this was the reason the Commission cannot conduct the delimitation exercise without changes to the Constitution.

He said at the moment ECZ can only recommend an increase in the number of constituencies.

And Government has clarified that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) cannot carry out the delimitation exercise without harmonizing the current constitution.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said that because the current constitution does not provide clauses for the creation of new constituencies.

Mr Kampyongo was reacting to remarks made by UPND-Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwimbu at a public discussion forum where he stated that the ECZ can carry out the delimitation exercise without amending the current constitution.

The Home Affairs Minister has also encouraged Zambians to read public documents to avoid being misled.


  1. Here we go again of what relevance is the delimitation of constituencies when people are dying of hunger? Where are your priorities mwe fipub@ ?

    • Tutwa and your fellow PF must be ashamed after you were dressed down at the Bill 10 forum at Inters. Insoni ebuntu indeed. You have been weighed and found wanting. You will not fo0! Zambians anymore, we are now fully awake. Next year PF kuya bebele, it may even be earlier than that gauging by people’s reactions in that forum.

  2. We’re not interested in having too many Constituencies that will only send more idlers to Lusaka at great cost to spend time shouting yaah,yaah,yaah! Can’t you get that into your little minds? We’ve told you that we want more Wards. Abolish CDF and replace it with Ward Development Fund so that those Constituencies with many Wards aren’t disadvantaged. Bring governance close to the people, devolve most functions being done at the Ministries to the Provinces and Districts. You want to concentrate power in Lusaka so that you promote grand corruption? Let Local Authorities do their own procurement we see if they’re going to buy fire tenders at US$1. 0M each

  3. correct, a lot of people have no interest in even knowing what is in the constitution as a result people are being misled and you can see the level of ignorance.

  4. We are not interested in having gay rights in our country,we don’t want to come and hear that we paying back what we got from the gay organization.
    And we shall remain a Christian nation. Upnd lied to us Zambians on the Refrendum,alot were deceived and again upnd is using propaganda to deceive the masses on Bill 10.Its a pity that a lot are being deceived but just know that Zambia is bigger than upnd.Viva ECL.

  5. We the people are not interested in sending more *****s to parliament just to shout yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. If anything we would even like to reduce on the number. Stop playing with our emotions.

  6. Why tie the number of constituencies to the constitution? Population growth and human settlement patterns are wht drive constituency boundaries and number of constituencies. These always change over time. It’s ridiculous to regulate them under the constitution. The irrational provision to regulate the delimitation exercise under the constitution was put there because sober voices were ignored.

  7. What is so urgent about increasing the number of constituencies when we are bankrupt as a country? Is PF trying to make up for the failed attempt to award a few misfits with Deputy Minister positions following the overwhelming rejection of Bill 10? When is PF going to accept the reality of our precarious fiscal situation and reign in fiscal discipline? Do they understand that IMF can never approve the bailout package without us demonstrating that we have put our house in order? Having more constituencies only increases public expenditure which requires more tax money! Zambian a, if you want to be taxed to death, continue supporting these expensive and selfish PF schemes!

  8. Delimitation or no delimitation, the pf will still win in 2021. In fact I am so confident that I pledge to give upnd 3000 of our votes and also to run naked from arcades to mandahill. If upnd are confident of a win can hh pledge to do the same? Kz

  9. They will soon be saying they want to borrow more to build a new parliament building to accommodate the extra baggage of MPs when our debt to GDP ratio is approaching 100%? Only people who are high on debt weed think like this!!!!

  10. ECL signed in the new constitution in January 2016. ECZ announced the creation of 6 new constituencies in May 2016 bringing the number to 156.
    Which constitution did ECZ use? 1996 Constitution or 2016 constitution?

  11. This boy Kampyongo has become so arrogant and pompous just yesterday he was in Katondo Street exchanging foreign currencies today he is there even talking to his constituents like school kids about shopping mall. The same police you use as your security guards will be used to come and pick you up for questioning in relation to 42 by 42 Firetrucks.

  12. Kaizer Zulu, what a douche. Why on earth do we have people like you in our political system. Bushe twalituka lesa or what? Please go away, far away!

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