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Churches urge government to declare food crisis to unlock international help


Churches in Zambia have called on the government of the country to declare a food crisis to unlock international help.

The President of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Bishop of Chipata, the Rt Revd George Lungu, said that declaring a crisis was the first step in addressing it.

“We believe as a Catholic Church that it would not only be wise but necessary for the government to send a very clear message — not only to the people in Zambia but the world at large — acknowledging the problem,” he said.

“And we are not saying that when we say there is a problem, it is the fault of one person or another; of one ministry or another in government. These are things that occur because of climate change because of unfavourable weather patterns. The only responsible way to address the situation is not to bury our heads in the sand. We must face the truth, and the truth is that people need help.”

The Zambian government has rejected the call.
It said that it has enough supplies of grain.

The UN has issued a warning, however, about the growing threat of hunger in the west and south of the country, owing to prolonged droughts.

The general secretary of the United Church of Zambia, the Revd Dr Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde, told the World Council of Churches: “Things are so bad in the south and west of Zambia we have to pray to God to have mercy on us.”

It is feared that at least 2.3 million people are facing food shortages during the “lean” season, until March 2020.


  1. Let the subject be ba katolika na ba UCZ has urged the government…..not generalising, not all churches bane and don’t involve us we are not in politics.

  2. ECL and the PF are just worried about how he will remain in power in 2021.
    The Church should instead request the international community to provide food relief through them. They church have institutions on the ground which act as distribution points.
    Forget about ECL and the PF

  3. Independent: I agree. The Catholic Church has CRS, Catholic Relief Services. It’s an organized outfit. ECL loses no sleep over the lack of food most families are facing in tural areas.

  4. Let’s we church not only lies on the government instead come on board and lender help has our duty to the affected people.

  5. Matthew 16

    23 But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

  6. This so called hunger is only in Southern, Western and some parts of North Western province, places that have rejected Gods Word in The Book of Romans 13. When we look at the Bible in study, we see how God chastises people with hunger, drought and death of their animals to bring them to repentance. What these Bishops should be concerned with is the Spiritual and not human solutions by going to God on behalf of these people to pray for mercy and teach them the fear of and benefits of God. Next time don’t shun National Prayers to God the Father of Jesus Christ. Look how he has Blessed the country with abundant rain. If you didn’t join the rest of the country in prayer and honoring Romans 13 expect more chastisement. Don’t let politics separate you from the Love of God. Repent! See the rest…

  7. ……. Repent! See the rest of the country has full stores and bellies. Don’t be a stubborn and arrogant people you will just keep suffering.

  8. Psalm 68

    9 You, O God, sent a plentiful rain,
    Whereby You confirmed Your inheritance,
    When it was weary.
    10 Your congregation dwelt in it;
    You, O God, provided from Your goodness for the poor.

  9. Ndeloleshafye: Wht about floods in so-called “blessed areas” that periodically wash away crops? Is it God behind them too? And why is Lusaka hit by drought too, the very host of NDPR?

  10. Thou shall not take the name of
    The LORD thy GOD in vain, for
    The LORD will not hold him
    Guitless that taketh his name in
    Vain . Exodus: 20 v 7

  11. Pipo are selling agriculture inputs, instead of cultivating and bcom independent of being given food by boma, declare hunger , these pipo are not serious. meda of fertilizer k20.00 and buys beer. its really sad.

  12. GOD is the creator of heavens and earth
    He is the Owner of the whole Zambia .
    He does not segregate or hate any one
    Unfair selective punishments to any.

  13. Wishful thinking on the part of Catholic Bishops. Our leaders would not want to embarrass themselves by declaring that there is hunger in Zambia because It would seem as if they have failed to run the country.

    The head of the family can not go to the neighbour and tell them that in his home there is hunger.

  14. You don’t declare a crisis just because you want to seek international help. We do so based on reliable evidence that such a crisis exists on a national scale. As things stand that criteria has not been met yet. We have sufficient food to ensure the country is fed. Kz

  15. KZ, your humble leader should put peoples lives first. This sad situation we have does not require pride of any kind. Neither should look at region or political affiliation.

    Even before the crisis 40 percent of children were malnourished. The situation now is terrible. The video clips from Nalolo are just a tip of the iceberg.

    Where is the humanity in us when we can cast a blind eye to starving children? May God have mercy on us for our lack of sensitivity.

  16. Churches are saying what? You dont tell him when he comes to “pray” on sundays? Or play perhaps?

    Catholics: “The only responsible way to address the situation is not to bury our heads in the sand. We must face the truth, and the truth is that people need help.”

    The general secretary of the United Church of Zambia, the Revd Dr Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde, told the World Council of Churches: “Things are so bad in the south and west of Zambia we have to pray to God to have mercy on us.”

    These are simple facts, not rocket science, but the humble one doesn’t agree.
    Bafimwena pa tu mavoti bena.

  17. @ Mark, I agree with you that God is not a respecter of persons and is good to both the wicked and the righteous. But what he has done is left it as a choice for people to follow his Word like Romans 13, Punishment comes upon ones head from failure to do so.

    Deuteronomy 30

    15 “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil, 16 in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, His statutes, and His judgments, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess.

  18. ati Kaizar Zulu pono we mbwaaaa iweeee people are suffering and all you do is rejoice. I wonder why GOD thinks you should be alive. If I were GOD I would put you to rest with 1, one second. You are wasting oxygen iwe. You think Zambians are idiooooots fak dig

  19. So don’t deceive yourselves that you can go against Gods Word in Romans 13 and expect not to starve and your animals die out while the rest of the land is satisfied by Gods goodness. As it is while you are crying hunger the country is about to export maize to Congo. Repent seek God in prayer, forget about these men in the cloth that seek men’s intervention always first without any mention of calling people to prayer. They are part of the problem not the solution.

  20. Food and Agriculture Organization Country Representative George Okech says the prevailing hunger situation in the country does not warrant the government to declare a national disaster.

    Speaking during the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute breakfast meeting today, Mr. Okech said this is because all the indicators that FAO considers when declaring hunger as a crisis were in the positives.

    He said if indeed Zambia was in a food crisis the Food Agriculture Organization would have been the first to call on the government of Zambia to declare so.

    Mr. Okech said the Zambian government has shown commitment and capacity to provide food to the needy areas across the country with the help of cooperating partners.

  21. Reading the comments one can understand why we are facing a food crisis. There are Zambians who think things are fine when people are eating wild fruits.

    They sit in the comfort and blog with full bellies while watching others go to bed hungry. Wake up in the morning then tell the powers that be that all is well.

    We have seen this denialism on debt accumulation and corruption, but do nothing. What a crop of citizens we are.

  22. But the same churches tolerate this moron in their churches, he is even bribing them with money and they clap for him. Lungu will never declare food crisis as he is too proud and out of touch, he can not accept that he has lamentably failed. He would rather send bags of maize to the next by election campaign area.

  23. @Kaizar! Please stop citing those unfounded statistics. There is massive starvation in certain parts of the country. You should have compassion please. By virtue of having access to state house God has blessed or entrusted you with power to speak for the vulnerable. Be blessed sir.

  24. Hello Ndoleshafye ,let’s be careful about being judgemental when quoting the bible. I make this point having in mind the Pharesee ( a teacher of law) who prided himself about being righteous during his praying and other sinners .I
    Don’t believe that issues of politics are Godly they are a Ceaser property, Romans 13 is referring to Laws of the land which we must all follow.

  25. @ Charles you have said certain parts of the country. That does not equate to a national disaster or emergency.

    @lukanga no point for insults. It just shows how uncivilized you are and we hope you are not exhibiting such behaviour abroad whilst representing our country. I hope you can grow some testicles and engage me like a man

    @ rowdy wisakamana. There is a criteria that needs to be met before disaster management in the VPs office can recommend declaring a national disaster. This is not your father’s house where you want things declared just because you say so. Who are you ? Evidence based decision making is what is required. People suffer world over but that doesn’t mean every country declared a national disaster. Be realistic. Kz

  26. Lukanga Kafusha Justice, be careful whom you insult, I am just a humble servant of the people, speaking on their behalf. If you insult me, then you insult the people. And you lose 100 votes for every insult, now with 2021 round the corner you can’t afford that can.you?

  27. The leaders in government never experience challenges that the ordinary Zambians do with accessing food which on the Zambian scenario is synonymous with mealie meal! Yes they can pretend to be talking for the country in assurance that the stocks are healthy from what they see delivered to their pantries! Foolish pride and not caring for the ordinary people as an elected leader means the office being occupied is not deserved!

  28. The same leaders of the church and the congregation could go in the fields and grow food if there is a food crisis.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  29. In all fairness, trying to rationalize with PF hardliners is an exercise in futility. Even when a comment is coming from a neutral source, they think it is from the opposition.

    @KZ, how is one supposed present a legitimate concern to this administration as a Zambian? Should one have to have a green t-shirt or chitenge with a picture of the humble leader or simply a green NRC.

    Be sober guys the struggle is very real for most Zambians and you seem to take everything lightly.

  30. If this is not a national disaster and if there is enough food stocks to feed the hunger-stricken citizens, why are we not providing for them right now? I recently passed through parts of Western province where I saw people feeding their children on cow droppings. I also saw a family that got poisoned after eating the wrong wild roots. I have seen walking skeletons and yet, here we are with adults making fun of such a horrible state of affairs! Leadership should show concern NOT bogging us down with semantics, window dressing and fighting imaginary enemies. I miss MCS for action-oriented leadership.

  31. Imwe @34 Ch0ngw3, please wake up, this is NOT “THE REAL K@!Z3R” but the L.T. blogger “N3Z -my Wh!t3 w!f3”, who is also happens to be “Mu2h0ta -my P.HD”.
    Wonder how you people cannot see through this silly farce??

  32. @ Mark, I’m not being judgmental, merely stating that there are consequences that come with knowingly breaching the Word. In this case those provinces have rejected EL as their President, rejected calls to National Prayers and even called them a political gimmick. BTW you and I worse could have happened to them but for Gods Mercy, we continue to pray for them that they may choose Blessings and not curses.

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