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Government calls for National Prayers Against Ritual Killings


MINISTER of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has called for national prayers following the spate of alleged ritual killings in some parts of the Copperbelt.

Reverend Sumaili told journalists at a press briefing, Thursday morning, that the government is concerned about the unfortunate situation hence President Edgar Lungu’s intervention to task Ministries of Home Affairs and Defence to investigate the matter and restore unity.

She noted that peace should be natured in the country because in its absence, there is fear which breeds hate, violence, disorder, confusion, and anxiety as well as affects productivity.

“Am calling for effective and fervent prayers from the children of God, intercessory teams, intercessors, families and all peace-loving Zambians to arise and pray. I encourage the church mother bodies to encourage their members to pray,” Reverend Sumaili said.

She has further called on all Zambians to cooperate with the defense and security wings in maintaining law and order and avoid taking the law in own hands.

Reverend Sumaili has also warned those circulating videos where people are being murdered to stop immediately as they have the potential to spread confusion and plant seeds of violence and death.

“I encourage the people of Zambia to stand together and restore calm and peace. We will hold hands in prayer as one Zambia one nation because blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Reverend Sumaili said.


  1. Here we go again! So you think just praying will stop killings?

    Where is your police to investigate those crimes? Because you have turned the police into political tools,the top brass is also busy stealing…

    Prayers do not solve crimes you *****s!

  2. This sounds like a helpless cry. Faith without works is dead. Prayers are in order but they must go hand in hand with action. Where was the law when things started to go wrong? Security wings should have gone all out from the first case to stop the culprits from instilling fear and anxiety amongst the residents, Good will always prevail over evil.

    • Exactly my thoughts too. Yesterday Sibote and Madam Katanga said there were no ritual killings, today its the other way round.
      My friend with PF, the opposite is true.

  3. Economy is slowing down…call for national prayers
    Kwacha is depreciating rapidly….call for national prayers
    Killings and violence on the Copperbelt….call for national prayers
    The problems Zambia faces stem poor leadership, mismanagement of national resources and abject poverty

  4. Stop praying. Just arrest the criminals. Invest in the training of supercops. Teach our police to be independent. Independent of the PF and the President

  5. Waaaait,,,what??? Didn’t I hear something like “there are no ritual killings yesterday from the acting IG? Now how do we pray for something that isn’t there, it doesn’t make sense at all.

  6. When the Catholic church said it’s illogical declaring Zambia a Christian nation when her citizens aren’t all Christian and the government policies aren’t, most cried out and called them names. The consequence are very visible, taking the name of the Lord in vain. Everybody outside Zambia now thinks every Zambian is a fool.

    If this is what it means to be a Christian then being one is the most stupid thing ever. But my being Christian comes from faith and reason just just some kind of emotional or gutty expressions.

  7. Scrap off this ministry of religious affairs. Anything that annoys God is is of the devil and is an annoyance in the sight of God. It is serving no purpose at all. People are being killed by ritualists and u are calling for prayers instead of applying the law on perpetrators of such criminal acts! Indeed IQ of an African is below 60 which considered a retarded level.

  8. Exactly my point. Police yesterday assured the nation that the stories that are circulating are fake. So this minister wants to organise prayers for a non existent threat? What a country!

  9. Ba Minister. National prayers? What will happen if killings dont STOP after so called National Prayers.
    God has given us leaders who claim they’re appointed by God. Cant they pray? Fichitike!!

  10. Ba sumaili those prayers you’re calling we know that you will benefit from it, allowance ati shani ukwingila mu account yenu mayo na bonse ba muntu mwaba nabo mu chipani chenu.
    Elo futi imwe mayo na ba boss benu ba LULU why don’t you ban the practice of native doctors (ing’anga) there’s no way you claim to worship JEHOVAH GOD and again you allow the native doctors to do evil in this country so called Christian nation.
    Be serious ba mayo and warn ba LULU to be serious with GOD.
    Am sure you know that the living GOD is a jealous GOD who doesn’t want to see any evil practices.
    These same native doctors are the ones bringing all these calamities in our land Zambia, they have taking advantage of the unemployment by the youths hence telling them to start killing people for money.

  11. The few who are “rich” will not escape the many who are poor. It’s a simple calculus without the hocus pocus of politically motivated prayer.

  12. Was wondering where this woman had disappeared to. Once in every three months she has to make a statement or comment on anything just to make herself relevant.

  13. Ba government tapali nendalama bakwete ishama prayers,just get K100 and beef up security in the country,those prayers does not yield any results kunaulafye impiya, because you’re safe now you start fooling us.Ifyama prayer twanaka nafyo.

  14. Failing economy – Let Us Pray
    Rise in unemployment – Let us pray
    Increasing levels of crime – Let us pray

    Stealing in government – keep quiEt
    Refusing to give back money during illegal term in office – keep quiet
    Illegal land allocation and distraction f forests – Keep quiet

    So when it suits you we don’t pray but when your failure is exposed, we pray.. Give up if you have failed, even God is now tired of your toothless prayers.


  15. We are a Christian nation. Therefore prayer is vital to ensure blessings of peace from the most high. We shall look into organising a day of national prayer. We expect the freemanson party to be against these prayers as they have shunned previous ones. We rebuke all evil in jesus name! Kz

  16. Amen. Mr Zulu. You’d think they’d have figured out why Prayers against evil deeds are the first call of action in a Christian country!

    These deeds are of the wicked, and prayer always first action…..

  17. The true God does not answer thieves! Satana is also a god of thieves, so which god are you talking about iwe chikashana?

  18. Oooh so ba kz you now know God Abi, see when you where misbehaving you never thought of blessings and peace.
    Now today you’re in front preaching about blessings and peace, you could have done that when you were with chagwa .

  19. Good move bana sumaili, will join you in prayers so that we make sure we even pray about fire trucks deals, the $ 1.5 billion lusaka ndola dual carriageway and many more criminal activities that have just taken place from 2015 to date.

  20. Ba Satana Magogi, and you think Hod is going to answer your fake prayers when you’re in the forefront of abusing citizens. You have taken people for a ride. What Is the police service doing?? Let them leave offices and conduct roving patrols and not focus on escorting politicians!! Why should the police fail to contain these criminals!!

  21. P.F’s way of thinking Kaya??
    Example; I went to the tavern, drank so much Chibuku, my friends had enough went back to their homes, but ine’ the P.F, G0on proceeded to the Kachasu Den, drank more & on my way home n@zinye!a coz nayaka maningi.
    • The normal person would stop drinking alcohol full stop & seek help from alcohol support services if they exist in that failed Dununa Kleptocracy.
    • The P.F G0on Cadre would blame H.H & T0ng@’z for getting so inebriated & soiling their pair of trousers, & call for a day of prayers, so when they go out drinking next time, they donchi soil themselves.

  22. I wonder if our Minister thinks the church is just sitting idle waiting for her instruction to pray. Prayer is an everyday thing and asking people to pray now is hypocritical. Let the relevant authorities and the people do their part so that God acts through them. In short just ask the police to answer God’s instruction that they stop it.

  23. The only prayer that can reach God’s ears is the prayer to eliminate un useful, selfish, visionless, dunderheads kind of leaders who lacks wisdom who have no heart for the cry of the people and are blinded by greed and fame at the expense of innocent citizen LESA KANDENI IMBIFI

  24. Mama i can attend prayer session if u amend the what we have to pray for to include praying to God to strike dead those sending ritual killers to kill. God can answer such prayer not leaving senders behind coz the boys maybe sent by some big fish somewhere in comfort zone

  25. Mama why not let individual officials who got powers seek spiritual guidance. this is not a government problem.
    it is a problem of individuals who got powers period and shud return the supernatural powers

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