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140 Chingola Residents rushed health centers after their houses were spread with unknown chemicals


About 140 residents of Chingola were this morning rushed to various health centers across the district after their houses were last night spread with unknown chemicals by unknown people.

According to Radio Phoenix, Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said reports from various clinics and hospitals in the District indicate that criminals are now spreading the yet to be known chemical for unknown reasons.

Mr. Tembo said health authorities have confirmed receiving and treating victims.

The Chingola Mayor has noted with concern that despite intensified security, criminal activities in Chingola have persisted.

Meanwhile in Kitwe, the current volatile security situation on the Copperbelt has forced trading places such as Chisokone Market to close earlier than usual.

According to Association for Vendors and Marketeers President, Abel Chikwa, the market is now closing by 18:30 hours instead of the usual 20:30 hours.

Mr. Chikwa told Phoenix News that marketeers are losing out on business as they are forced to knock off early for fear of being attacked while clients are also equally shunning the markets beyond 18:00 hours due to suspected ritual murders in Chingola with fears that the situation is spilling into Kitwe.

He says the loss of business cannot be quantified yet but was quick to mention that markets have more business between 17 and 21 hours as this is the time most customers in the formal sector knock off and buy from the traders.


  1. It’s now getting serious !!!!! what does it take to announce a curfew in this town and just lock up everybody found on the streets and in alleys after hours before we start loosing lives?

  2. Zambia is resilient country with a formidable legacy of thwarting violent criminals. Those of you old enough will remember Sipalo – the woman strangler who was captured but the coward committed suicide at Lusaka central police. The other thug – Adamson Mushala was killed by the Zambian army after tormenting villagers for many years. Even now the thugs tormenting people in Chingola will be brought to justice; the end of these criminals will be a matter of national celebration.

  3. It shall be well. As we speak a special meeting is taking place with high level security officials to try and find an effective solution to this unfortunate event. We take the safety of our people serious. We will communicate in due course what the next steps shall be. If you see or hear anything suspicious please report it to your nearest authority. Kz

  4. The security forces we were told by the ministers of Home Affairs and Defence had moved in to ensure that the situation was brought under control. So wht do we make of this? In this country we hv never had a serious dialogue on our failing social policies. Can u really continue to throw so many young people into streets without any means to survive in a money economy? We hv a serious problem of state institutions and politicians trying to do wht the clergy are doing and hv been doing from before Zambia came into bring. There’s hard work waiting to be done and not prayers for things to work.

  5. How long does it take to know the chemical makeup of that spray? I hope you don’t need donor funding to help you determine that.

  6. Curfew is no solution. You need proper police investigation. Unfortunately the police have lost investigation skills since they started getting instruction from state house about who to arrest. Probably still waiting for instructions from state house.

  7. @Ngoni Warrior: Ati “before we start loosing lives”. Are you telling me that you havent heard about so many lives lost already?… Video clips of “Innocent” people being hacked to death?

  8. If you do not live in Chingola and is only hearing about the current state of affairs from social media, you may or may not be uniformed however let me take this opportunity to highlight the truth, it is intolerable, unacceptable, sad beyond measure and am heavily burdened by what’s go on, we are living under a cloud of fear, it is VERY SERIOUS, families are being attacked from right in their homes, sprayed with an unknown chemical through the air vents, a chemical which is capable of instantly able to render you dizzy and subquently lead to death if not attended to. As a measure to protect ourselves the neighborhood watch was formed it seved its purpose in chasing the attackers away and aiding the victims but as we learn today, the police as disband the Neighborhood watch and warns…

  9. Some of you complain and criticize the government from Monday to Friday without fail like it is a full time job. Its Friday, for a change let us discuss something positive. I will start. My self my weekend has already started. I am currently sipping on Hennessy. For Tomorrow I have a bottle of a 20 year old whiskey specially bought from Japan. What is everyone doing? Happy weekend. With love. Kz

  10. When you have a rotten apple in a box of good apples the normal course to take is to get rid of that rotten apple. These thugs are rotten apples. Solution, get rid of them.
    Scum has no place in a decent society, nor do these scum bags have any right to breath air. Zambian authorities namely the police need to shoot these low life scum bags on sight. Eradicate vermin

  11. Needless to say it is incumbent on all citizens to be alert. Report suspicious people/activities to police and even “other agencies” – that is how Zambia survived dangers posed by hosting liberation armies from neighbouring countries.
    Time to micro divide our communities into Branch/Ward/ Section. In a country without street addresses ( to a large extent), this is the only effective way of knowing what’s going on.
    Also. handle this ‘human rights’ thing by adopting it to suit our culture – not wholesale. Take a leaf at what Trump is doing with illegal immigrants and the European treatment of refugees from North/Africa.
    As noted above, we’ve had Saimbwede, Sipalo, Adamson Chishala, and more recently the notorious Mailoni trio – all of these gunned down. Did any courts ” find…

  12. Whn u hv uncontrolled vending, it’s hard to establish who has bought wht and from where. That’s why this dangerous chemical being used to attack innocent families in their homes cannot be immediately identified. Yes, we hv to pay this price to understand the rationale of licencing and regulation. Things started breaking down during Kaunda’s rule and we haven’t recovered since then. Lawlessness has a price.

  13. It’s not a military problem. It’s simple lawlessness which the police can handle. We don’t want our people to be raped and beaten by soldiers.

  14. Chingola is truly in a very bad state, people are no longer enjoying their peace and freedom.Early this morning, the killers opened the door for my neighbor, entered and pulled down the breakers then spread the chemicals luckily enough her husband was on night shift at kcm,wife and kids sleeping in my house.we tried calling the police but none came early in the morning we went to the police station to report but they didn’t even come for scene visit.we don’t know what is happening wit

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