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53-year-old man set on fire by his 24-year-old girlfriend for allegedly infecting her with HIV/AIDS


A 53-year-old man of Kabitaka area in Solwezi is nursing kerosene burns he sustained after being burnt by his 24-year-old girlfriend for allegedly infecting her with the HIV.

The incident is believed to have happened last night between 22:00 and 22: 30 hours at house number 12959 Mulomba Street in Kabitaka.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police, Hudson Namachila has confirmed the incident in Solwezi today and identified the victim as Samuel Mumba and the suspect as 24-year-old, Evelyn Simwinga of house number three, Chambeshi road in Kalulushi.

Mr Namachila said Mumba sustained multiple superficial burns on both shoulders and back part of the neck and is currently admitted at Solwezi General Hospital.

He said Kerosene is suspected to have been used as police found an empty two-liter container, used matchstick and a partially burnt doormat on the scene.

Mr Namachila said Simwinga who is currently in Police custody justified her action as revenge for being infected with HIV by her boyfriend of two years.

When contacted for a comment, acting Solwezi General Hospital Medical Superintendent, Davis Saasa could not give the state of Mumba’s condition as he was unaware of his admission.

This incident comes barely two months since another Solwezi man was burnt with petrol by his girlfriend.


  1. I’m conflicted……! On one hand it’s not acceptable but I feel for this kid. Her life damaged by some old goon.

    The law should see the human side to her life sentence by HIV selfishly given to her by the criminal minded man old enough to know better. There have been many international court cases taken by victims and the law frowns on deliberately infecting others with prison sentences given to such criminals.

    Since he had superficial injuries she should be given a warning, presuming it’s her first crime. He should be given a long prison term. It’s practically murder. And considering this is in a poor country with little medicines for victims. It’s a terrible crime he’s committed against this poor, poor, poor girl. You weep for her really.

  2. Jonn Mukenge, do you know what a Bot is??
    That answers your question, Lusaka Times BOT!!

  3. Can you two danderheads above comment on the article. My salary which I work for is not tax payers money. Just like you I am paid for doing my job. Never for once think it’s a donation from tax payers

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