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Embed good morals in pupils-schools implored

General News Embed good morals in pupils-schools implored

The Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has commended the Living Water Baptist Church in Kabanana area of Lusaka, for erecting a school that will not only provide education but instill morals and values in children.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili notes that imparting biblical teachings in children while they are still young, helps maintain principles and values acceptable by society.

She stated that the Purpose Baptist Christian Academy which is based in a peri urban area will give a vital service to children and the community at large, citing that education is the best equalizer in society.

Ms Sumaili hailed Living water Baptist church for further supplementing government’s efforts in the provision of education and employment to its citizens.

The Minister urged the teachers to fully apply themselves through offering quality education as she called on the pupils to concentrate so that they achieve their dreams in life.

This was said on her behalf by Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela.

And Purpose Baptist Christian Academy Director, Reverend Joseph Sakala said that among other challenges, the church saw the need to alleviate the living standards of children through education.

Reverend Sakala disclosed that the vision of the school is to provide holistic education that will help the students apply themselves in society.

Reverend Sakala noted that they are also being taught the word of God which is cardinal in their lives.

Speaking on behalf of parents Lisa Chingwenembe was elated by the development, stating that it will help children in the community with biblical teachings that will foster good behavior.

Ms Chingwenembe said the school will act as the light of the community through the lessons it will provide to the children.

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  1. Let’s just call this Ministry, the Ministry Without Portfolio so that we are not cheating each other. They have no real work.

  2. Please give hope and guidance to pupils you are sending home during the Covid-19 epidemic period, and not just fear and hopelessness. Encouraging them to remain physically fit during this period will do them good than just sending them home with zero information.

  3. The most hypocritical minister and her wasteful ministry ….talking to pupils what is lacking in her President and cabinet!

  4. Excellent ba minister.you are a true mother of the nation. We pray that God continues blessing you with the wisdom and courage to guide us. Kz

  5. Young man Spaka did I miss something? Have the courts of Law found that a pf member was responsible for the alleged gassing of the public? Please point me to that judgement so I can read it also and pass it to our president.

  6. KZ

    according to police reports, PF members have been arrested in connection with the gassings , after the arrests gassings have stoped

  7. Spaka point me to records showing that those arrested were pf members. Also show me evidence of the charges brought against such persons including their full names and area of habitual residence because all this information is provided to public in such circumstances. I await your comprehensive response. Kz

  8. Everytime this woman opens her mouth, I’m reminded of the wasteful expenditure that we the taxpayers are incurring in keeping this ministry afloat.


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