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Traders should be on guard against coronavirus- Chasefu DC

Rural News Traders should be on guard against coronavirus- Chasefu DC

Traders at Emusa mobile market, locally known as the Bwandila market in Chasefu district of the eastern province, were this morning sent away following the suspension of the market, owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Chasefu District Commissioner Mustapher Banda is however, disappointed with traders who almost disobeyed his directive to suspend the market despite communicating to them earlier.

ZANIS reports that speaking when he addressed scores of traders who mainly came from Lundazi yesterday, Mr Banda told them that they cannot conduct businesses in un-conducive environment.

He said the suspension of mobile markets is one of the preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus because the market premises do not meet hygiene standards due to lack of sanitation.

On March 19th, 2020, Mr Banda suspended the mobile markets in the district until further notice, following the two cases of coronavirus that the country has recorded.

Meanwhile, Chasefu town council yesterday, joined the rest of the country in the cleaning of trading centers, following a launch by the Local Government Minister, Charles Banda.

As coronavirus spreads across the globe, countries in Africa are taking preventive measures to keep the disease out and many are showing a strong level of preparedness to counter its spread.

In Zambia, the Ministry of Health has since put up measures in place to combat the epidemic, knowing that an outbreak of the Coronavirus would have catastrophic consequences for the country.

The world has now come to know that the Coronavirus is very infectious and spreading fast.

Zambia has so far recorded two cases of the COVID 19.


  1. Excellent. Let us enforce the law and ensure order. People need to realise that this virus is no childs play. Some people think because they are on ARVs they are immune. But let me tell them that there is no guarantee anyone is protected.the world is still learning about this virus. So please follow the guidelines we have given you. Kz

  2. It is good that Africans are prepared to adhere to restrictions to counter the spread even though I’m convinced this virus is powerless under African skies. Hold on strong my brothers and sisters! The madness will soon be over and people will be free to do their business as usual again.

  3. Please LISTEN. We have a high level of poverty and our economic capability both individually and govts, is always on a precipice. It takes little to push below the hardship line, but it’s important to understand that the current threat means you have to preserve your lives. The only thing citizens should be doing right now is going into survival mode. Clean your houses, get hygiene products, Dettol, bleaches and s run every corner. Clean your clothes and ensure a good environment inside your home. Stay at home and stay away from crowded places like markets, bars where people are in enclosed places. Avoid minibuses. Check your Health, looking out for coughs and flu. Isolate/keep the family separate from anyone with flu/coughs, let them sleep in a separate room away from the…

  4. Check your Health, looking out for coughs and flu. Isolate/keep the family separate from anyone with flu/coughs, let them sleep in a separate room away from the family until well. It’s really serious and you need to prepare an environment separate for sick members. Keeping them away from the family. Hospitals won’t cope, so please NOW IS THE TIME TO PREVENT CATCHING IT. Isolate, keep away from close contact places. PRAY EVERY HOUR. God PROTECT US in your Mercy and Grace. Observe your Lent period, move closer to God.

    CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE, this is super important. IDEA FOR GOVT. ISSUE EACH HOUSEHOLD TENTS. Maybe citizens can go to Game the store to get TENTS for each household so the sick ones can be put on the veranda away from other family members?????!! Be creative, find…

  5. Another thought for the govt is to allocate land away from residential areas to create emergency hospitals even if it’s in tents. We need the govt to have a plan to remove sick family members out of the houses/areas, which are usually crowded to these makeshift treatment centers. FAMILIES WILL NOT COPE. ACT NOW. SENSITISE.

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