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Discuss Your Impasse Behind Closed Doors, SACCORD Urges Prime TV/Government

General News Discuss Your Impasse Behind Closed Doors, SACCORD Urges Prime TV/Government

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has called on Prime Television and Government to ensure that the proposed dialogue between the two over their impasse is kept behind closed doors so that it is not clouded by politics.

In a statement issued to the media, SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe observed that proper discussions can only yield positive results if it is done behind closed doors away from political interference.

He said Government and Prime Television are partners in development hence the need for the two institutions to find amicable solutions to their impasse.

“SACCORD believes that the private media and the Government are partners in development in the country and it is therefore paramount that these two stakeholders always enjoy cordial relations.

“The reported refusal by Prime TV to work with the Government over the global crisis of COVID-19 triggering the retaliation from the Government is regrettable but provides a learning point for how the two stakeholders can pick best practices on cultivating a win-win partnership for the future. One of the lessons to be learned is the need to have mutual respect and cooperation among developmental stakeholders. Failure to foster such a mutual respect and cooperation is a recipe for stand-offs of the nature currently prevailing,” he said.

Cheembe further commended Prime TV for being proactive and seeking audience with the government to address their difference.

“SACCORD has taken note of the proactive step by Prime TV to seek an audience with the Government to address their differences. SACCORD always believes that dialogue is the best way to address differences on any nature and we hope that both the Government and Prime TV will maintain an open-door policy for dialogue. We appeal to both Prime TV and the Government to ensure that dialogue over the stand-off is kept behind closed doors as much as possible so that it allows for proper discussions that are not clouded by politics.

“The private media and the Government are key stakeholders in development and having an amicable win-win solution to the current stand-off between Prime TV and the Government advances such a developmental agenda,” he said.

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  1. can Government waste precious time dialogues prime tv.?
    Boma has important issues to deal with the nation not tribal inclined tv station.

  2. What development does prime TV give this country ? Zambia can exist without prime TV but prime tv cannot exist without the republic of zambia. Think about that. Kz

  3. KZ

    Can PF exist with out the republic of Zambia ??

    Zambia can exist without PF.

    Zambians love price tv as proven by audience numbers.

  4. And again, Spaka did I miss something? Have the courts of Law found that a pf member was responsible for the alleged gassing of the public? Please point me to that judgement so I can read it also and pass it to our president.

  5. KZ

    After the police arrests of known PF members , gassings of our people have ceased…..

    What you can pass on to your president is the silence like on the 48 mansions will not work…..people have been lynched , we will not stop hounding you until you and lungu come up with an answer

  6. Gerald Shawa over rated himself thinking he was bigger than the Government….Why is crawling to the government…Very soon most of his workers will ran away from him and he Will only remain with UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress who are into group think mentality…

  7. Fwanya

    “….will ran away from him and he Will only remain with UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress who are into group think mentality…

    Like at ZNBC where workers don’t get paid ????

  8. Spaka point me to records showing that those arrested were pf members. Also show me evidence of the charges brought against such persons including their full names and area of habitual residence because all this information is provided to public in such circumstances. I await your comprehensive response. Kz x

  9. KZ your incoherent postings do not make any sense, all you know best is bludgeons people mark my words your time is catching up with you. Bring your baloney to me you will see how I will react not those people who are letting you free. You are no different from a jalopy

  10. Imprezza have respect for authority. You say all these things due to anonymity online
    However I dare you to say the same to my face, young boy.

  11. kz am not always against your comments,but the way you comment lives much to be desired.If you are the real KZ,then please go on the ground and find out for yourself what exactly people need.They do not want PF to live power but the corrupt leadership.I was 100% PF but the way things are happening we headed for an economic down fall that this country has ever seen before.Sometimes you make reasoning comments,but most often you make rhetoric and heartless comments such that if you could utter such statements in my hood they would kill you.Be patriotic as you claim to be and if you see that the masses are against you just step down and accept that you have failed to run as can be witnessed currently!


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