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Declare 28th April, KK Day, Nevers Mumba urges Government


Opposition New Hope President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has called upon Government to declare the 28th of April as Kennetj Kaunda day.

In a statement circulated to the media this afternoon, Dr. Mumba who is also former Republican Vice President wished Dr. Kaunda a happy birthday.

“On behalf of my wife Florence, the New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy and on my own behalf, I would like to wish our Founding President Dr K.D. Kaunda a happy 96th Birthday”, Dr. Mumba

Dr. Mumba then said that Dr. Kenneth Kaunda sacrificed a lot.

“Not only did he spearhead the struggle for independence but also played the leading role in reestablishing the multiparty system of government in 1990. After facilitating constitutional changes by amending article four, he sacrificially cut his term of office by two years and called for early elections which he lost. His greatness was demonstrated in the manner he responsibly handed over power to the Movement for Multiparty Democracy. A rare attribute on the African Continent”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that Zambia has not done much to honor Dr. Kaunda.

“We have an icon and a greater than a celebrity amongst us, but Zambians have not fully given honor to the great asset in our founding President. He belongs to the class of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jnr and Nelson Mandela. ZAMBIA has a reason to celebrate the life and gift of Dr Kenneth Kaunda. He should serve as a rallying point in our efforts to unite our nation”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then called upon the Government to honor Dr. Kaunda by declaring 28th April, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda day.

“In the USA they have honored Martin Luther King Jnr with a national holiday on his birthday on 18th of January. In South Africa, they created a Nelson Mandela day on 18th of July. In India, 2nd of October is a national holiday in honor of Mahatma Gandhi. It is also his birthday”, Dr. Mumba

“ZAMBIA will do well to emulate the three nations by declaring a Kenneth Kaunda Day on 28th of April. A nation that honors its patriarchs carries a blessing with it. We urge government to consider honoring the only remaining hero and patriarch in the class of the other three who have already been honored by their nations”, Dr. Mumba said.


  1. That’s wrong Mr. Nevers.

    Stop politics of appeasement and let this country change into a people with economic minded people.

    U r a pastor, and u want to start idolatry, stop it.

  2. Zambia has too many public holidays as it is, money will be spent by these thieves to celebrate the so said Kaunda day. In future someone is going to ask for a Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda and God forbid an ECL day. Lets carry on as we are, thanks.

  3. Don’t we already have Heroes Day in Zambia? I think it is in order to honour KK’s legacy on this day alongside all other great men in the liberation struggle. There must be a line between honour and hommage.

  4. @Mwape, you left out the likes of Kapwepwe, China, etc. Kaunda did not achieve things on his own there were other great people that worked with him.

  5. I wanted to disagree with Pastor Mumba, unfortunately LT don’t want me on “their” website.
    We mattered those days when people didn’t have internet access every where.

  6. Mmmh this is too much bootlicking ba mumba. We may consider kk day when he turns 100. A national birthday party.

  7. There goes another mad one. How many holidays do we have? Doesn’t even know the right thing to say. Always eager to please.

  8. Their is nothing wrong with declaring 28th April KK day.

    This is infact a good idea and Dr. Nevers Mumba should be praised for suggesting it.

  9. “Mr President I am a white African and I have struggled for the whole of my political life against colonialism I share a belief with many thousands on the African continent that as soon as people and young countries are able to stand on their own feet to conduct their affairs and govern themselves they should be allowed to do so but I am anti colonialists with a difference I want to see colonialism go but to go in an orderly way and go only when it gives place to something better and being a white African and knowing no other home but Africa what happens when he doesn’t go in this way is perforce of considerable personal concern to me.”Sir Roy Welensky

  10. KK deserves a National Day.

    BUT also Naming big INFRASTRUCTURE edifices like malls and bridges as

    Chona Mall/Bridge at Kazungula in SP,
    Kamanga Mall in EP,
    Mundia Bridge or Highway IN WP,
    Mulemba Mall at Solwezi in NWP and
    Chiluba Mall in Luapula.

  11. I remember like it happened this morning how KK used to punish us innocent children by keeping us out of school, very hungry, while waiting all day for his arrival from his begging missions abroad, and rewarded us with just a glimpse of his white hanker as he cruised by very fast like a freightened ghost. And shouldn’t a “Christian Nation” avoid any form of idolatry?

  12. “This great son of the world, Madiba, showed us the way. Whether you are white, black yellow or brown you are all God’s children, come together, work together and God will show you the way.” Kenneth Kaunda,

    Happy birthday, sir!

  13. Way may love KK now and say all good things about him. Lets however not forget that the man and his regime were brutal and had no respect for human rights. Of all the presidents we have had KK rea was the most brutal.

    Happy birth day !!

  14. There is a reason why the queen wears gloves. She does too many handshakes with people of all sorts and who have touched of all sorts of things. Please do not contaminate the old man. No hand shakes. We dont know were you are coming from.

  15. Mumba that’s being hypocritical coz kk wasn’t alone ,talk about the way his colleagues died too,
    Don’t smear us with yr propaganda for u can still name yr grandchild kk if u really mean well.
    Abash with yr dead idea,don’t easily forget the by air group!
    The old man was a savage &cruel too

  16. Imwe Vibantu dont give ba Mudala Covid! All that mouth opening near KK is not safe. He is a national treasure!

  17. So only two people commenting saw the problem with photo – Health watch and The Nubian Princess. Why is Mr Mumba shaking hands at this time? Where are the aides who should have stopped him? This is what will kill us Africans. Even with a doctorate in religion surely he is reading about the virus?

  18. Pay retirees at PSPF. We worked for this Govn but cant pay us upto now. That KK should just be wished a happy birthday nothing else added. You pay retirees and stop the nonsense.

  19. Making a national day for a person who stood with a frog during elections. Only him.and a frog.

    I was young then but when we would be go to his rallies in mkushi, he would say, Lesa kumulu and Kaunda Panshi. Because we were so young at primary school, we believed in this, until we grew up and went to campus.

  20. Please we do not need any more holidays in Zambia. Plus how do you celebrate the day when the entire national football team perished.

  21. wonders will never cease … I TOTALLY AGREE WITH KAIZAR on this one…So its possible to have common ground after all…Ok on serious note KK was working alongside many gallant Zambians (Like corrupt free duo of Grey Zulu and John Mwanakatwe) and others from outside Zambia and he was paid for it. We have even built him a beautiful mansion. He did a lot of good things… SO LETS CELEBRATE him on HEROES DAY…

  22. Kk airport is enough , aswell as kauda road in livingstone what more do you want ba nevers, if you want more holidays ,i suggest we create geoge mpombo’s day. the man also fought for freedom.

  23. Dr mumba the short time you spent with you copiecats the upndd you’ve also become a copycat, why do you like coping “no in s/africa, us. India” papa sure !

  24. Those who are condemning Dr Mumba for shaking hands with KK are showing their lack of paying attention to details. The picture above is an old picture and the narrative below it shows that it was at Heroes Stadium some time back.

  25. The demo,nic upnd leader didnt wish KK happy birthday, Shame…hh is very cruel,no wonder he had his brother sent to prison.

  26. Advisor, good to know that there is a living room for KK at Heroes Stadium.

    AK, which narrative below? Did KK turn 96 some years back? The narrative is for the day. What is wrong is that LT as usual digs up and slaps an old photo to the text without any clarification. So there was no news then? How important is Mr Mumba these days?

  27. It’s quite shocking to hear someone from land of the brave Chinsali glorifying such an evil person as Bwana kaunda. People indeed have a short memory. Not long ago in 1963 kk unleashed his dogs on the Lumpa our people, my people! It is laughable that people like Bwana Mumba should even be entertaining such saltless thoughts. Am from Chinsali, my forefathers were worriors. I ve great love for Chinsali above all i hate traitors. Kaunda has no place in chinsali

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