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FIFA Official Free To Come for FAZ EGM


Government has assured FIFA that its emissary from Zurich for the planned FAZ Emergency General Meeting will not be prosecuted when he lands in Zambia.

The FAZ EGM, that has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has been called to settle the alleged wrangles at Football House.

Kalusha Bwalya, Damiano Mutale and a non-FAZ councilor Patson Lusaka filed an injunction to halt the ongoing 2020 FAZ elections that have so far been completed in six out of the ten provinces.

The trios’ lawyer Gilbert Phiri said in the press on April 22,202 that FIFA Chief member association officer Mosengo -Omba faced contempt of court charges if he disobeyed the Ndola High Court ruling not to go ahead with the 2020 FAZ elections.

“It has been agreed upon that FIFA representative Mr. Veron, who has been picked to handle the matters concerning the wrangles at FAZ, won’t face any sanctions in the spirit of reconciliation because as government, we are interested in all parties reconciling and finding a win-win situation in the interest of football in this country,” Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga said on Wednesday.

“I did indicate early on that what unites us is more important than the difference we have in opinion.

“So what makes us differ is not as important as what unites us.”

And Phiri said his clients welcomed governments’ guidance in this issue.

“We understood the context in which Mr. Veron Masengo-Omba, the FIFA representative, will be coming to Zambia to meet with the concerned parties,” Phiri said.

“In that context, and having been fully acquainted that the meeting will be under the auspices of government ,it is fully welcomed by ourselves on behalf of our clients Mr. Kalusha Bwalya, Mr. Damiano (Mutale) and Mr. Patson Lusaka.
“It is fully welcomed in the interest of resolving the issues that have beleaguered football in Zambia.

“Mr. Veron Masengo-Omba, be rest assured that when he comes to Zambia on the mission of FIFA to pacify the warring parties, under the auspices of government, no action will be taken against him in the interest of resolution issues at hand.”

Meanwhile, Phiri had earlier stated to the Daily Nation of its April 22,2020 edition that FIFA had taken sides in the issue.

“FIFA representative cannot chair meeting because FIFA have taken sides in the issue at hand. So, a conflicted or interested party cannot chair a meeting to the satisfaction of all the parties. If the FIFA Representative coming for the consultative meeting is Mr. Veron Masengo-Omba, he will face possible arrest for actively encouraging FAZ to defy a court order. He cannot get away with lawlessness. In this regard, FIFA is advised to send a disinterested party who will simply observe the proceedings,” Phiri said in the interview.

“In practice, and going by past practice, FIFA has never chaired a meeting of FAZ even at the height of serious controversy. They have simply been observers. Nothing has changed for FIFA to now chair an EGM. An independent local person or body must chair the meeting.”


  1. What that dull minister Mulenga is doing is contempt of court. PF is not Ndola High court.
    That outgoing Mulenga just want FiFa to discard Zambia in trash bin. Sabotage of these none adoptable ministers.

  2. So its true its the Government directing those three what to do. It can even direct the court not to charge the FIFA official for contempt if he comes and decides that the AGM should go on. Fifa should not entertain anything coming from the government or the three stooges.

  3. President Lungu should fire Emmanuel Mulenga immediately. He’s the one causing all this confusion in FAZ. Mulenga has no right to call for what he’s calling FAZ EGM. He’s not part of the FAZ set up. So cobstitutionally he has no powers. And what is his aim to bring these people together? He thinks that’s when relative Galu will come. Galu will never come back to Zambian football, find him something else to do. FAZ is following the constitution as per FIFA statutes, which cannot accommodate the bandits Mulenga is supporting like Galusha Bwalya. It was even shocking to see Emmanuel Mulenga hosting Kalusha’s lawyers at his office. Hosting them as who to talk about FAZ matters with Mulenga? I think something is seriously wrong with Mulenga. He doesn’t understand anything, and doesn’t…

  4. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to doing, and he’s in that job. He has even taken over functions of the NSCZ, the mature men in NSCZ are just looking at the chap Mulenga, that he’s a confused boy! But president Lungu should fire now, before it’s too late because Zambia risks being banned by FIFA!

  5. That’s Emmanuel Mulenga’s reason together with Galu Bwalya that when FIFA official comes to attend FAZ AGM he risks prosecution because there are still cases active in court against holding of AGM. Mulenga should just talk to president Lungu to find something for Galu Bwalya to do outside football. There’s no football administrator in Zambia who wants Galu as FAZ President, because of the way he messed up finances when he was FAZ president. Galu played good football but he failed as an administrator! One cannot be good at everything, you can only excel in one. Emmanuel Mulenga is exhiting tribalism at it’s best, he wants Kalusha because he’s a fellow Bemba, and Kananga because he’s not Bemba! Mr. Mulenga, what ever you do Galu will not make it back to FAZ. Intact you are just…

  6. Emmanuel Mukenga doesnt want Kamanga because he’s not Bemba! In fact you are just risking everything, your job as minister and as MP for Ndola Central. I don’t even know how you made it as MP in the central part of Ndola because you can hardly express yourself in English. Ni bu Jerabo bwa bombele?

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