Monday, February 26, 2024

Vocal PF Women’s official Charity Banda dismissed


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has with immediate effect, revoked the appointment of PF party Lusaka Province Women’s Vice Chairlady Charity Katongo Banda.

According to the letter made available to Smart Eagles, Wednesday morning, and signed by the ruling party Secretary-General, Mrs. Banda’s appointment has been revoked following her continued misconduct contrary to the expected behaviour in jurisdiction of duty as Provincial Vice Chairlady


  1. Sorry. It’s not wise to continue breaching your contract during a pandemic. Now what? Hope serverance package is good (or you stole good and saved)! Joke…..

    Now let’s hear you say, “The humble & able E.C.L is a God in Zambia”
    That belly will pompoloka!!
    Chasalako manje’ niku joina ma Sl@y Qu33n mu Lusaka.

  3. She shouldn’t despair, next year the same Secretary General who has fired her will be on the streets as well.

  4. We told you that there is a problem in the Nyongonyongo party (PF), wait until next year. They are planning to block Lungu on the filing day. The original PF founders are regrouping to take over from Lungu. This is just a beginning. Bally will fix them still. PF must go!

  5. @ Samlindo. But you have read that she is Mrs. Banda and why ask about her marital status????????? In other words, she is married to a Mr. Banda.


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