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COVID-19 Test Results From Nakonde still being awaited


Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has said that the validation of samples and results from Nakonde which remains the epicenter of the pandemic has continued and the nation will be informed on the outcome.

Yesterday, Dr.Chilufya announced that the closure of the Nakonde was due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the area so that mass screening and contact tracing can take place to ensure that various measures are implemented to avoid further spread of the virus into and out of Nakonde.

The Minister further said that cases in Nakonde were being analyzed and validated and that a comprehensive figure was going to be given in today’s update.

However, speaking at today’s media briefing, Dr. Chilufya, instead, said that the screening and testing exercise has begun in Nakonde, and results will be communicated once the validation process is complete.

“All samples in Nakonde, Cobberbelt, and Northwestern are being validated and will be announced after the process is completed. Nakonde remains center of attention” he said.

Dr. Chilufya said mass disinfection of public places has commenced in Nakonde and additional human resource and Personal Protective Equipment have been deployed to continue with the exercise of mass screening and testing which is currently ongoing.

Dr. Chilufya clarified that the temporal closure will be informed as the pandemic evolves but assured that all modalities have been put in place such as the deployment of adequate human resources for the effective undertaking of the exercise as well as ensuring that supply and delivery of key economic commodities are not disturbed.

For the rest of the country, Dr. Chilufya said that Zambia has in the last 24 hours not recorded any new case of the coronavirus pandemic and that, cumulatively the cases still stands at 267 with 117 recoveries,143 active cases, and 7 deaths, but warned that cases could go up.

“We are in the surge phase and cases are expected to go up, ” he said and called for collective responsibility in the fight against the pandemic in order to avoid further spread.


  1. Surely do people believe this man’s lies …what is there to validate? Unless you have faulty Chinese test kits which you would never can you wait more than 48 hours? Are you transporting samples to Lusaka? These lies can not go on get rid of this man…he is too incompetence and very crafty.

  2. Kkkkkk!! What a dull PF minister. How can they record any case on Sunday? No lab is open on Sunday. Slow thinking.

  3. Situation is fragile but we’re still confident and hoping for the better. I’ve just been reading an interesting report in which several studies are pointing towards air pollution amplifying the severity of Covid-19. This explains the high mortalities in northern Italy, New York and other regions with high air pollution. This could be an additional factor to the low death rates in African countries, especially the rural areas. Another reason to be hopeful.

  4. I mentioned yesterday that there are a lot of holes in Chilufya’s briefs. You cannot report 79 cases and then there is a break in results. He reports like he manufactures results in his laboratory to achieve certain set objectives. Sooner rather than later the truth shall come out. Did he intend to embarrass the President?

  5. Thank you for the update. We shall await an update once the details are in. I like that our minister keeps us fully updated. This is the transparency we need. To the I.diots above like tarino, will continue complaining and criticising until you die. Your achievements in this life will be having being an expert at complaining and criticising. For someone who feels so strongly about leadership and thinks what we are doing is so wrong, why aren’t you here in Zambia to form your own party to do a better job than us if you feel you know better? Come and stand as president since you think you know best and only you can do what is needed. Let the people come and select you via the ballot. What are you scared of?

  6. Awaiting Covid -19 results as the truck ferrying chickens, vegetables & Covid specimen samples broke down in chibombo en route Soweto Market.
    Once the samples reach Lusaka, they will be stored in a Chawama Casino fridge & later transferred to the lab for final analysis.
    That Ladies & Gent’s is the P.F way of doing things.
    Meanwhile #P.F.MUSTGO.

  7. “Situation is fragile but we’re still confident and hoping for the better.”

    Nine Chale – this is the reason why I question your sanity at times I dont care if your lawyers see me in court – you need a reality check (lady/man) …this is not cholera we are talking about here okay to be false confidence and hope …do you see people in Germany hoping? They have planned already …are transparent and accountable with what they are doing. They are not telling people on camera that everything is there but behind the scenes rushing to IMF with a begging bowl. Just today Germany has given Zambian some money K380million where its going to ? only Chilufya knows..he has never come on camera and said Zambia needs X and Z he just wants cash. If he was serious he should be contacting these…

  8. If he was serious he should be contacting these countries for those ventilators which they have stockpiled or remain unused for our clinics and hospitals but he is not as he wants to procure from his Indian friends at inflated rates.
    Wake up!!!

  9. Nine Chale – Furthermore, you are back to the topic of low death rates in Africa…. when we have explained this to you …why? You keep coming back trying to convince yourself …now you are alluding to air pollution? Is there no air pollution in South Korea? You are like a child who never listens just comes back rephrasing the same question.

  10. MOSESIATION – He didnt cook them properly …He is awaiting results but doesn’t say how many test were conducted in the meantime.

  11. Why is there a sudden reduction in the number of tests being carried out daily from the usual around 800 to about 200 now? Are we running out of test kits?

  12. Arm chair governance critics. Grow some testicles and come and vie for the top job so that we see what you can do. It is easy to sit in diaspora scratching your backside all day and criticising government. Come and prove yourself here. Failure to which keep quiet.

  13. @Tarino come down, you sound very angry. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having hope while doing the needful.

    Lately, you’re posting a bit too much. I advise you to spend more time and thought composing your posts. And try combining multiple thoughts into a single post. Also give other people time/chance to reply before posting again. “Machine-gun posting” is discouraged.

    Now drink some water and get some fresh air. Walafenta mune…

  14. Lmao exactly nine chale. Tarino and co are frustrated little boys who lack decorum. To him posting 100 comments full of crap is winning a debate. A case of saying too much and yet saying absolutely nothing. He even claims to be an economist. I wonder which institution he attended. He is probably mistaking a psychiatric ward for a university. You know there abroad their chainamas might be so good looking that it is easy for a mad man to think he is at university. Niwofunta uyo. See how is a coward and scared of responding to me. He knows that I will put him in his place. Kz

  15. Excellent – at last a picture of the “hon” Minister wearing his mask over his nose AND mouth. Imagine.

    Was that so hard, doc? Keep it up!

  16. As fo KZ stop insulting well meaning citizens will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will not forget that you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanise Zambians. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. Cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and testimonies will be in your face.r KZ stop

  17. There is no laboratory validation facilities in Northern or Muchinga Provinces. The samples have to be shipped to Lusaka or Ndola for validation. Patience is important in this regard.

  18. Wamulume Kalabo – so how did they obtain the 85 cases in Nakonde on Friday? You can’t validate unless there is something that is not right.

  19. Sick government. GRZ needs serious medication. Yesterday minister said things are being analysed today he says the testing process has begun. Was he lying yesterday and today he is telling the truth or Wat? Wat being analysed yesterday then if today that’s when the process has stared. Information is useless if it is not complete, misleading and lacking facts.

  20. Munadekhane why waste your time on that troll. Even my boyfriend thinks he is a loser when I told him about this fake boy.

  21. Ba Doctor, you cant announce results as they come? I mean the way you have been announcing since COVID-19 began in Zambia? Ba PF nabo awe shuwa!

  22. Leave, let him expose his foolishness to the whole country. Because we ve been telling people that this man is a nincompoop ,they called us names & belonging to upnd. Now let him tell the nation that indeed he is a nong. And believe me,he will, even better than i was going to. Gud luck guys.

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