Saturday, April 13, 2024

Zambian youths need Change; not a ‘FIX’


By Christine Musole

When you fix something it breaks, you fix again, again, again and again and it still breaks. A broken system can’t be fixed and is not sustainable. And that is what capitalism and capitalist oriented parties have been doing to our country, and this has lead us nowhere but to deep poverty, hopelessness, and never-ending human suffering. But what we the youth in Zambia want is change, and true change and transformation in its real tangible sense, not a ‘Fix’.

The Zambia the youth want, desire, dream of, long for, can not be attained through fixing. The Zambia the youth deserve needs committed leadership grounded in the people’s ideology that serves the struggling masses; that struggles for a better transformed Zambia and tomorrow. We also need a leadership that truly involves the youth, that is true to our realities; a leadership with a vision to change and transform the education system, our universities, the agriculture sector, the health sector, mining, and create more jobs for us. Today, despite the degrees and diplomas to our names, a number of us continue to languish on the streets.

The Socialist Party brings to the table, a leadership with a wealth of experience, with a vision and knowledge to truly transform and change, and redirect this country and give us back the pride and smile we once had.

The game of fixing, the promises of fixing things will take this country nowhere. It will be the same circle of capitalist oriented approaches that yeild similar results we have seen before i.e. only uplifting a few bwanas here and there, and leaving the rest of us behind; the majority of us wondering what happened; and back again to the same circle of poverty, hunger and frustration. We need to truly look to alternatives!

The Socialist Party is clear about the change it proposes under the humble leadership of Dr. Fred M’membe. The SP is putting forward a vision to qualitatively change this country and move it back on track. Our change agenda (also detailed in our soon coming manifesto) speaks to how we will ensure free health care, free education, transformation of peasant agriculture, new approaches to mining and the mining sector that takes a diversified approach, and in all these sectors creating multiple jobs for many Zambians.

We invite the youth, including young women to join the revolutionary movement with a change agenda!

The Author is a Socialist Party Youth in charge of political education. The Socialist Party is led by Fred M’membe and Cosmas Musumali


  1. She is so beautiful, is she in wheelchair?
    I like Socialist Party Zambia, it has middle class supporters.

  2. I need a break from my kids. Covid go away so that they go back to school Haha. Many parents will understand

  3. Oh this young lady, how many times have we seen changes without fixing? You can’t change economy, you can’t change corruption, you can’t change lawlessness but we can fix them to function properly. You can change that can’t be fixed. PF must go!

  4. Socialism buyanuma. All former socialist governments: Russia, China have folded their socialist tents and embraced capitalism. And they are proving ultra adept at the game. Socialism doesn’t produce money but capital does. The guys bailing out impoverished nations like Zambia are all capitalist. Ba wamuyayaya KK David once tried hard to make socialism work, it didn’t. Now M’membe wants to make a go at something that never works. This is a mental problem, repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting positive outcomes.

  5. Cheap political punches by the Socialist Party
    You will never hear UPND attack the Democratic Party or NDC
    You will never hear Democratic Party attack the UPND or NDC
    The Socialist Party must direct its efforts at the corrupt PF government

  6. Socialist party is going nowhere. Better you also choose like other small parties where you want to be either with the ruling party or part of the opposition.

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