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Government lifts ban on the capture and translocation of wild animals


The government has lifted the ban on capture and translocation of wildlife from public protected areas. This follows the ban that was effected on October 2nd, 2019.

Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela says after reviewing the situation, the ministry has put in place modalities and processes to include the participation of other stakeholders.

Mr. Chitotela says the decision has been made to promote transparency in the capturing and translocation of wildlife.

The minister stated that the government is hopeful that the move will help boost the tourism sector which has been affected by the COVID 19.

He was speaking at a press briefing that was held in Lusaka today.

And Mr. Chitotela disclosed that the wildlife management Licensing Committee will be appointed and start functioning within the course of next month.


  1. There we go, these f!lthy Gundw@ne’z need campaign funds chop chop, as 2021 is fast approaching!
    Meantime #PFMUSTGO.

  2. So discouraging to be Zambian. A place where every wrong thing you can possibly think of is allowed to happen.

    • Its Covid 19 cant you see the people you support nine Chale. Because of Cocivid they now need to move the animals for tourism. Kikikikiki. We want to go and see them in their habbitats you crook

  3. Every day is just coming up with unnecessary press briefing which doesn’t add value to the ordinary Zambian. Who doesn’t know that covid-19 has affected everything.

    Even greeting and kissing is affected.

  4. That’s PF for you …they will find ways to plunder no matter what….where are you even relocating them to? Simply stealing everything of value.
    Anyway what do you expect when you have such a vile thief like Chitotela as a Minister of Tourism.

  5. Nine Chale – Its vague because his true motive is to sale wildlife to private ranchers so he can line his pockets!!

  6. Animals are comfortable just where they are they have been for so many years why would you want to move them from their area comfort and home. You want to shift animals like the lungu shifts you ministers of his? Leave the animals alone. I would applaud any measures to protect and combat the ever increasing poaching and remove the same translocation measures you want to put in place. Where you building your own private ranch and now that it is complete you want to disturb the animals you devils.

  7. Mu Zambia muli ma jokes, its even harder being in the diaspora (NEEZ AKA Kaizer Zulu must be happpy) coz people ask you if what they here is true.
    1. Did your enforcement agencies really give up on 48 houses when the purpoted owner simply said the houses were not his? Me, ‘ah, yes, I suppose they did their best to prove the case.
    2. Did you really buy firetrucks at 1millon a piece? Me, ‘well yeah, but they also included insurance’
    3. What about animals being sold from national parks? surely thats a joke right? Me, trying very hard to be patriotic, ‘ah, we did move them, but only to private parks, we didnt kill them!
    4. Okay, what about legalising commercial growing of weed but arresting small scale farmers? Me, fudge! leave me alone, I am a patriotic Zambian!

  8. Other countries are investing drones and sniffer dogs …investing in modern equipment for ranchers but PF its just plunder and receiving handouts…this thief Chitotela can not even justify the need to move animals.

  9. Why is this corrupt thief Chitotela obsessed with selling our wildlife?

    Zambia is one of 2 countries in the world that has not banned big cat hunting. That lazy corrupt Lungu lifted that ban as soon as he came to power.

    We used to have hundreds of thousands of wild dogs in Zambia. Now they are all gone. Has this thief exported them to China as dog meat?

    Then there was that black Lechwe theft.

    At one time, good citizens of Luangwa had to chase these thieves when they went to steal animals there with a convoy of trucks.

    Then there were those reports of Rhinos and Elephants being exported to China. Then Hippos were being sold to highest bidder.

    On top of that, this thief is also at the centre of Mukula theft, together with Mr. Kapata and wh0re Tasila Lungu.

    And yet, on…

  10. …contunued

    And yet, on top of on top of that, this maggot wants to start mining in lower Zambezi.

    This man is rotten through and through.

    A thoroughly disgusting specimen. T0mba Nyoko, waya sana nomba. Musatany0ko.

    Bushe ninshi wapatila ifinama fyesu?

    Fyalikut0mbela banoko? Fyonse fyalibasundilamo?

  11. STEALING WRITTEN ALL OVER!! How can capturing animals promote tourism when at the same time you are saying Tourism is affected by Covid -19?? Is capturing animals from their natural habitat a cure for covid that will make international travel possible making tourism grow again?? WHERE IS THE OPPOSITION AND SO CALLED CIVIL SOCIETY??

  12. I am not finished you corrupt thief.

    You will listen, like it or not.

    Leave the animals where they are.

    They have been in that habitat way before Bantu people went to southern Africa.

    The only animals we want moved is you and your corrupt lazy thieving friends.

    We will move you onto jails where you will never ever come out.

    And in there, you will be made to pick up the soap in the shower….like it or not.


  13. They could not wait for this one……we shot down their plan to sell the game parks , this is now the second best thing……plunder the animals.

    We urge chiefs and villagers to demand proper payment times 10 , for animals being sold by lungu and his gang…..make those animals too expensive for the 3rd party.

  14. Where is that

    ” Zambian citizen “,

    who at the height of PF looting game parks last year , had the chic to tell us PF don’t need to informe are one …..naturalists , conservationists or chiefs about moving animals ???

    Theiving dirty pompwes you are

  15. How will touarisim be enhanced by stocking tasila lungus looted reserve forest with animals that have been looted from national parks ?????

  16. The only people that need to be trans located from government to prison are you thieves in the PF government kwasila. Leave the animals in their own habitat alone.

  17. The animals are comfortable where they are .. in fact they are better off left untouched and as a minister you should know that ! Clearly your motives are for the benefit of curropt officials and not the animals. “Boosting the tourism industry ” more like killing it . And after killing the industry you will go begging for funds to bring it alive again. Our deforestation rate is already in the top five . What more do you want to ruin ?

  18. It’s time for bullets in heads to make monsters also knows as ministers to be removed from earth ! Their vague explanation is evidence enough of motives to please the PF government .. this government has left nothing for the country.. all sectors are dying .

  19. We never hear from other vital ministers and ministries like agriculture, fisheries, industry, commerce, technology and education; both of them. We here from tourism. Why am I scared for the antelope and rhinos? Chitotela looks like a crook even when not doing anything.

  20. The anti poaching has invested in weapons to fight poachers . Let me direct them to ministers offices they are the real poachers !

  21. They are paid highly for poaching these animals . And the ones fighting for the wildlife tourism industry have to pay an even bigger price to protect wildlife habitats . Why do they create caos and trouble everywhere and get paid to leave it alone ? Please go back to your villages selling chickens and pigs you share the same mentality

  22. Next you will hear Bo Inonge asking to give us a list of areas where the animals will be relocated to…this is what this moron Chitotela is supposed to do I hope the chiefs stand up against this…if they have not been bribed already.

  23. Stealing in Zambia by top politicians is part of life but stealing animals in the name ofrelocation is disgusting and should be stopped. Animals should be left in their natural habitat.

  24. The people must rise and stop this nonsense by this thieving government. Remaining dormant won’t do us any good.

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