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ZAMPOST Should Not Be Financially Struggling, It Has Strong Assets-Transport Minister


The government says the Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) should not be struggling because it has strong assets.

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says the company should instead strengthen its debt collection department in order to collect revenue.

The Transport and Communications Minister said this when he launched the newly procured EMS delivery vans at ZAMPOST Headquarters in Ndola on Friday after having a meeting with Postmaster General Brighton Ngoma.

Hon Kafwaya was confident that the management has the capacity to take the postal service company out of its current situation.

“Looking at the asset base that you have as ZAMPOST, you have the capacity to take the company back to its glory,” he said.

He indicated that postal service companies across the world have faced challenges because of the rapid change in technology hence the need to adapt to the new era.

He said the procurement of the vans by ZAMPOST is a testimony that the management wants to realign Post Office to be more effective and compete favorable.

And the ZAMPOST Postmaster General said the investment in EMS is aimed at making the institution viable and help raise funds to even pay for worker’s salaries.

Mr. Ngoma said one of the challenges facing the company is non payment of box rental fees by some government institutions amounting to about K18 million.
He however boasted that the institution is making headways in revamping the postal service company.


  1. Has parcel’s theft stopped at the post-offices? Is it possible to import foreign medicines for my old mother from abroad without risking it being stolen when it arrives in Zambia? When she went to the hospital near her, she was told there’s no medication for her condition, which includes BP and swelling knees

    • What happened to its bus services? With their countrywide distribution network one would have expected them to use that to their advantage, Another market they have failed to take advantage of is the courier business, when I saw the minister handing over those little EMS cars I just said NO not that type of courier service bane, most Zambians are into small businesses and what they require mostly is transportation of their katundu from one town to another as a result they resort to putting their katundu on big trucks, but if zampost had mini trucks( carter, Mitsubishi etc) some business people would not need to physically go to nakonde from other towns to buy rice, this the courier business zampost needs under the current business environment in Zambia and not letter distribution or…

  2. Hooo so their is such a minister of transportation? Look at that fooool without a coronavirus mask. No wonder the truck drivers are the main carriers of coronavirus. Look at red roses in front of him, he looks like a prostitute.

  3. @ Kuwayawaya fye, you can use EMS under Zampost, it’s safe and reliable as it has a tracking number and the recipient is notified when the parcel arrives. I personally use FedEx when sending parcels back home coz it gets delivered quicker.

  4. Tech ERA, Zampost needed to move with time.
    It’s regrettable that a business full of potential kept and keeps operating with Zambian style parastatal mentality.
    Zampost kept operating archaically.
    You don’t need 17th century thinking CEOs to run a Postal Service company.
    You need proactive strategists with impeccable modern knowledge to stir that ship. Not cadres or half baked CEOs.
    Take a leaf from Zamtel. It is running down because of misplaced management. The country’s national telecoms company can’t grab a huge market share and dictate impeccable service costs because of Mgmt that is not business ripe. We can do better!

  5. “Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says the company should instead strengthen its debt collection department in order to collect revenue.”

    And you will find that its govt that is the biggest debtor to Zampost …simply talking from ignorance

  6. these government institutions, should pay zampost because government has funds for zampost. these institutions must realize that, they are the key players for zampost development.

  7. A known pf cadre CEO run down the Zampost. He even stole social cash transfer funds. It’s subsidiary Zampost microfinance was even liquidated by BOZ due to insolvency. Nothing new will come out of this as the same group that was in management during the above highlighted transgressions is still running the company.

  8. Go to parliament and come up with a law that will make bus operators pay for every mail or parcel carried . Work with local authorities to give every residence an identification number that can be used when delivering mails. Don’t wait for your clients to come to post office but take their mails and money where they can be found. Buy bicycles for those to money and mails to clients

  9. The reason zampost is a failure jst like many other govt owned cos is incompentency. Who ar incompetent. It’s the mgt of these companies.who ar they. Bembas and nyanjas only.

  10. Kafwaya let me just tell u the truth: nepotism, tribalism, regionalism and cadrelism are the factors that have been killing parastatal companies including Zampost. Remember how much Zambia Railways gobbled and yet it is still financially in ICU. Look at Zesco. It is technically insolvent. Zamtel is still trying but it is also gasping for air.


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