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The Failures of President Lungu’s Leadership are Transparent and Well Documented, Says CiSCA Vice Chairperson


The Civil Society Constitution Agenda is elated at the swelling ranks of Zambians who have decided to not only defend the Constitution but also to unapologetically and categorically exercise their constitutionally guaranteed human rights specifically the freedom of expression.

CiSCA Vice-Chairperson Judith Mulenga says her Organisation is proud of the youth exemplified in B-Flow’s and Chellah Tukuta’s refusal to apologise as per Minister of Lusaka Bowman Lusambo’s reprehensible shameless attempts at repressing their right to express themselves on legitimate dissatisfaction and anger at the dismal failure by President Lungu’s administration.

Ms. Mulenga says the failures of President Lungu’s leadership are transparent and well documented and do not need someone well versed in governance to see.

She said the insatiable borrowing spree that he defended with, “No government does not borrow so I will continue to borrow because I am in a hurry to develop Zambia.” Now Zambia is debt-ridden and cash strapped and the so-called development is still an illusion for the majority of us Zambians.

Ms. Mulenga said the wanton unabated matrix of plunder and corruption which has deteriorated to an extent of 48 mansions building themselves and plunder of the Mukula trees and now the plunder of gold deposits.

She said all these whilst diabolically attempting to mutilate the Constitution through Bill 10 to perpetuate his hold on power and therefore this rise of the youth to defend the Constitution needs to be emulated by all patriotic Zambians especially their fellow youth whose future is being stolen by the careless, absent and unconcerned leadership of President Lungu.

Ms. Mulenga has reminded Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo that human rights are a birthright and non-negotiable as they are the sum total of being human.

“We further want to remind Minister Bowman Lusambo that, unlike human rights being a President in Zambia is a privilege that is given to a person by the Zambian people and the privilege can be withdrawn at any time. For the information of Bowman Lusambo who worships President Lungu, it is the Office of the President that is sacrosanct and not the person who occupies it”, she said.

Ms. Mulenga said the person in the office does not own it but is merely afforded the privilege by Zambians to lead the country failure to which Zambians can withdraw that privilege.

“Criticism of President Edgar Lungu is our duty as citizens. He was not born into the Presidency and he will eventually leave that office. President Lungu does not possess any more presidential qualities than other Zambians who are exercising their constitutional political right to offer their candidacy for the Office of the President”, added Ms Mulenga.

She said the qualifications to be a President of Zambia under article 100 of our constitution are that the person has to be Zambian, at least 35 years old, has a grade 12 certificate, is fluent in English, and is a registered voter.


  1. She said the qualifications to be a President of Zambia under article 100 of our constitution are that the person has to be Zambian, at least 35 years old, has a grade 12 certificate, is fluent in English, and is a registered voter.


  2. We need dictatorship in Zambia. Every Jim and Jack will wake up and start insulting the President. This includes failures in life, amahule, thieves and jackals. Zambia will not develop as long as we take this path. Rwanda is developing because such kind of nonsense is never tolerated. Let people keep their lane and let the president Govern in peace.

  3. Mama tell the i.diot and gang of thieves…. we are so determine to see there back sides go. Ati humble leader, the F.OOL has no clue what leadership means. Some us warned you years ago. No country can develop or prosper in the hands of a man who has spent his life drinking kachasu in a compound.

    This is a man who could not even afford nomination fee to become a candidate. He needs to go back to were he belongs with his gang of thugs.

    You too our silence for granted…

  4. KZ

    Tell lungu we have not forgotten how PF gassed our people resulting in upto 50 innocents being slaughtered on our streets by irate citizens for the first time in the history of this one peacefull country……

    We will always demand accountability on that horrific Bloch of our history

  5. Where to even start from. Firstly the huge debt they used to deny they contracted earlier but has come to light, the mines they have failed to properly manage on the copperbelt, the closing of zambian owned companies putting people out of employment, the illegal ministers stay in office and subsequent refusal to pay back despite there being a court order, violence and caderism has gotten worse, 42 fire trucks, ambulances, lusaka Ndola dubious road contract, high prices of fuel despite the global prices of oil going down, the gassing issue, 48 miracle houses, ghost workers on payroll, the issues highlighted in the FIC report, mukula saga, add weak kwacha, unemployment, rising inflation etc

  6. Rowdy

    On point……

    and those are only the issues in the public domain , imagine the scandels that have not seen the light of day ???

  7. Even Bowman didn’t think the backlash he would receive from the zambian public would be so much when he was making those threats. He should think twice in the future before opening his mouth.

  8. Bowman, where are you? The grass is singing. I guess you are still counting down to your ultimatum, eh?

  9. In my humble opinion ,

    The worst part of lungus disastrous presidency began when I thought I was looking at an explosion of south african savegry and lunatic butchery ……
    The burning of human bodies in streets surrounded by jubilant mobs…..

    Only to realise this was happening for the first time in our history of our once peacfull country…Zambia ,
    Zambians burning fellow Zambians like diseased culled animals ….I was grief stricken….

    What has lungu and PF done to Zambia ?
    This butchery and slaughter went on for almost a month, while lungu and his lieutenants supposedly watched.

    Zambians must be very cautious of this lungu. He will stop at nothing to hold on to power.

  10. Useless woman with so much hate and jealousy. Let us learn to respect the office of the president. That office requires a lot of respect like my brother lusambo told me. Who is bflow and that camera guy ?? These are non entities. Only 2 people in a country of 17million. We are governing for a country not the convenience of 2 little boys paid by opposition to bark. Kz

  11. Ba Kz
    Everything has an expiry date and the PF has passed their “best before (BB)” date. There is no disrespect when we complaint about the misdeeds of your regime. I respect the office of the president fully but I do not agree with some decisions that have been made from there, and that is not an offence, by the way for the fat one from Lusaka province to be harassing innocent people for expressing their constitutional rights. As things stand your fortunes are dwindling rapidly and no amount of rigging will save you this time about. You are way past your BB date. Get used to that thought, bitter as it may be to you.

  12. Zambian citizen and the rest of the sadists in diaspora, we will see in 2021 who is a failure. I have been willing to shake hands on an agreement to run naked if pf lose the general presidential election. Why won’t any of you including hh agree to shake hands on doing the same if pf win?

  13. Bowman Lusambo is just a common ignorant thug, whose main job is boot-licking corrupt Lungu’s boots. This foool wants to stifle Zambians’ freedom of speech. Who the heck does this id1ot think he is? This corrupt foool does not own Zambia, and neither is his equally corrupt boss, gangster Lungu. Lusambo, you need to shut the heck up. You don’t own Zambia. Zambia belongs to all the Zambian people. Stop acting a thug, you fooo1. Let the Zambians speak their minds. If you don’t like it, resign then. This is not North Korea. So get out the way, kamushi iwe. Leave the Zambian Youth alone. Let them speak. You PF criminals are stealing the young people’s future, and you want them to keep quiet about it? You fooo1s. Shut your mouth if you have nothing of value to give to the Zambians, and…

  14. Ba KZ

    Kuliko navintako votambako. Spare us the horror of your kabody without any apparel on it….14 more months and Zambia will be too small for you and your cohorts.

    You only win when you have delivered. What have you delivered to be proud of? If you’re honest you’d see what every Zambian is complaining about….but could I forget honesty is nemesis to PF.

    Mugone bwino, baba.

  15. KZ, ignore that bubblehead calling himself Zambia or Zambian Citizen. The twit can’t even spell. He’s a upnd cadre attacking any objective thinking just like that useless paid up woman hiding behind CSOs and attacking the president. These donkeys are a bore. 2021, there is no alternative, bro. It’s ECL nafuti, nafuti.

  16. PF need to muzzle Bowman. Good thing though is that he is exposing the incompetence at the helm of the country.
    Thank you Covid 19, i actually think it has gone to his brain. Sad

  17. corruption scandals: 48 houses; social security cash; luxury presidential jet; ambulances; fire trucks; mukula trees; ndola-lusaka rd; malawi maizegate; fuelgate; swaziland landgate; zesco loans; illegal gold mining; massive debt corruption scandals: 48 houses; social security cash; luxury presidential jet; ambulances; fire trucks; mukula trees; ndola-lusaka rd; malawi maizegate; fuelgate; swaziland landgate; zesco loans; illegal gold mining; massive debt

    Very well articulated madam! Please go round the country and educate and sensitize everyone on these issues.

    I think the Zambian opposition needs to think through the strategy of rigging and manipulating the elections results. That is their only hope they are banking on. Start by investing in cameras (or smart phones that can live stream video). Get law enforcement agencies to understand their constitutional duties and ensure the ECZ do the right thing.

  18. @17 – Zambian Citizen

    Arguing against you will only give credibility to your inability to articulate matters. I stop there lest people fail to see the differences in your IQ and mine!


  20. I see some one has cloned you Zambian citizen. These small boys are so desperate. I would suggest you upload a picture which is pro pf so that your clone does the same and helps you to promote pf.

  21. Judith Mulenga!!! Your rights are sacred, you do not have to play to the gallery. Did your masters not send you to the the Bill 10 convention? True, the government has failures. The bandwagon Bill 10 rhetoric is probably a square peg in a round hole!!!

  22. Having PF in power is the biggest curse ever for Zambians. Getting rid of them is getting extremely urgent, we cannot afford any more time with these Pompwentic Failures. How I wish 2021 could come tomorrow.

  23. Make sure they hand in their travelling documents prior to elections otherwise we won’t recover anything n we’ll remain in this deep pit they dug for us n the next generation.

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