Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Government is determined to Increase the Stake of Shareholding in Mines


Mines Minister Richard Musukwa says Government through ZCCM-IH is working towards increasing its stake of shareholding in mining firms.

And Mr. Musukwa has challenged emerald mining firms in Lufwanyama to invest in infrastructure development so that locals benefit from its mineral wealth.

The Minister was speaking when Kagem Limited donated medical supplies and oxygen ventilators to Nkana Health Center, at a cost of 1-Million Kwacha.

He said authorities want to see ZCCM-IH and Industrial Development Corporation-IDC play a major role in mining operations for citizens to derive maximum benefits.

Mr. Musukwa said Government will continue to create an enabling environment for both small and large scale mine operations to enable indigenous Zambians fully exploit the country’s wealth.

And Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe said Government continues to embrace new investments in the sector.

And Chief Nkana of Lufwanyama District assured authorities that traditional leaders are actively supplementing Government efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Meanwhile Lufwanyama Member of Parliament Leonard Fungulwe hailed Government for embarking on the upgrading of feeder roads in his area.


  1. A patriotic party running a patriotic government. Putting our citizens first. Now imagine if hh was given chance to rule. If he sold this countries assets for peanuts whilst he was not in power, imagine what he would do with power. It’s not that bally will fix it. It is bally will fix you. Be clever.

  2. The sooner the better.

    ZCCM-IH….better to dissolve and create a Ministry of Mining Investment working in tandem with Ministry of Mines.

  3. That’s the right tone, honorable, that’s the right sentiment PF.
    “… And Mr. Musukwa has challenged emerald mining firms in Lufwanyama to invest in infrastructure development so that locals benefit from its mineral wealth….”
    Private companies and investors will NEVER give us the direct empowerment ZCCM gave Zambians. Like the Saudis with Aramco, the Chileans with Codelco, LET’S CONTROL OUR MINERAL WEALTH AND EMPOWER OUR GENERATIONS. Private ownership has let us down, they export all the wealth to their capitals.

  4. When are you going to allow Zambians access to their mineral wealth? You like talking good but your action always let’s you down . You can’t even allow local cannabis farmers to grow n sell their produce slapping them with almost 250 000 Kwacha for a licence. You throwing a wet towel on your own citizens n facilitating easy business for foreigners. You don’t create employment but you stand as a barrier between Zambians and the resources….start parking , we tired of you.

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