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PF’s Desperation over Bill 10 is Sickening-Mwaliteta


United Party for National Development-UPND-Lusaka Province Chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta has bemoaned the heightened desperation by the PF to have Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 passed into law at all costs.

Speaking in an exclusive interview this afternoon, Mwaliteta, who questioned the rationale behind the PF’s heightened campaign to have the Bill passed, stated that if Bill 10 was a good law, it would have advertised itself in Parliament.

He stated that it was sickening that the PF have gone on rampage erecting bill boards across the country with the aim to gain sympathy from Zambians on why Bill 10 should be supported when most health facilities in the country lacked medicines.

Mwaliteta said that the PF’s fear for President Hakainde Hichilema’s growing popularity has led the PF to start devising schemes aimed at ensuring that he doesn’t appear in the 2021 presidential ballot.

He, however, observed that it was not surprising that the PF’s heaving frustration to have Bill 10 was nothing new as the ruling party was in the habit of abrogating the law to perpetuate their stay in office.


  1. Rwanda: Rebel Leader Sankara Tells Court His Group Was Facilitated by Zambian President to Launch Attacks in Rwanda
    Maj.Nsabimana Sankara Calliixte has Monday told Rwanda’s High Court for International and cross-border crimes that his group National Liberation Force(FLN) received US dollars 150,000 from Zambian President Edgar Lungu to launch attacks in Rwanda.
    Maj Sankara who faces 17 charges including Terrorism and murder was appearing before court for hearing a case in which some of the victims of the rebel groups attack were seeking compensation for the suffering inflicted on them by the attacks.
    Before the case commenced, Maj Sakara reportedly requested to be allowed to tell court about a funding his group got form one of the Presidents of country he didn’t want to mention.

  2. The further surprising thing is that inflation is sky rocketing, exchange rate is in a limbo and a record high, reserves are gone, your currency is the second worst performing currency in the world, MMD left the fuel price at K5 and it is now K17, the mines are giving notice of care and maintenance due to poor policies, bumper harvest does never translate into reduced prices of mealie meal in the PF mandate, civil liberties completely curtailed with opposition parties completely curtailed to mobilize, ZNBC and other public media is for the PF, so where is the morality to still want to come and rule by the PF in 2021, are the PF the only party that cant see that the country is in a complete mess

  3. I am PF but I want to concede our total failure, we have brought the country down to its knees economically. Total disaster

  4. Bill 10 has a catch, the energy being used to push bill 10 if was used to push the economy we could have been very far, and the number of organizations being paid to champion bill 10 is large and growing. For me I want real things in bill 10, for example if a leader tells lies, like the case of burning city market and gassing, bill 10 must compel the speaker to punish that leader and avoid extracting apologies where they are not needed from MPs who should be commended for exposing non truths, because we are a Christian nation.

  5. Very strange to hear YALI say we want bill 10 so that we can reaffirm Zambia as a Christian nation. What does reaffirmation really change, completely nothing , the reaffirmation itself is not even biblical. People are being killed in bye elections with no prosecution of offenders, so what Christian nation are you talking about?

  6. True PF green

    When we were telling you , lungu is the wrong man to support , you thought we are bitter …….now look at Zambia’s economy……

    The man lungu ran a law firm into the ground , only his bar was only just surviving in chawama , on top of that he is a fraud convict.

    You PF guys are very dul.l to support such a person

  7. since unip this is the only bill that is be advertised on billboards, the same fellaz from pf who have been saying that the bill is entirely left upto the MPs (parliament) why are they now advertsing it to the public again through bill boards when they have said at the stage it has reached there is nothing the public can do but only wait upon their MPs.

  8. Yes Bill 10 is a survival toolkit for PF in 2021. PF has lost a lot of popular support due to corruption and failed management of the Economy. PF Leadership has demonstrated that they are corrupt to the core. PF desperately needs to pass Bill 10 into law to consolidate power and rig the 2021 Elections in their favour. Without Bill 10 law PF will lose 2021 Elections and will not be able to change the Election Results thru Election rigging.

  9. There is a lot of money being flushed around for this bill 10, you will see it through some pastors and churches, NGOs, chiefs and a lot of other weaker souls. So these billboards should not surprise you, its just part of the evil scheme. Remember since the history of the world there is a constant fight between good and evil.

  10. Badala bakunembo nkobali? Go and educate people about the advantages and disadvantages you have found in Bill 10 than getting surprised with a bill board which your intelligent friends are doing. In short, originate a thinking than being reactional bo Mwaliteta.

  11. This same Bill 10 why are they taking so long to pass it if it is really that important? What hiccups are they facing?

  12. Mwaliteta, you don’t have to megaphone anything, UPND Ltd is still in the black even during COVID-19, you will be paid.

  13. Bill 10 pa Bwato is like a Lifejacket for 2021 Elections. Without Bill 10 law ECL’s eligibility will be challenged during Nominations. No matter how compromised the Nomination Court it will difficult to Rule that ECL hasnt served 2 terms. The fact is ECL has been elected and sworn in twice already and Third Term is forbidden in Zambia. There is a danger that ECL will be disqualified if his Nomination is challenged thru Article55 52(4) of the Constitution. That is why PF is Repealing this Article so that ECL is not disqualified as a Presidential Candidate in 2021. Bill 10 or No Bill 10 ECL and PF are losing the 2021 Elections. The writing is on the wall.

  14. Upnd are very dull . They have failed to debate and show why they think bill 10 is bad. It doesn’t surprise me that they have become experts at losing elections

  15. It would be tragic if Bill 10 is not passed by parliament. We should not make the same mistake we made when the opposition convinced us not to vote for the referendum which would have introduced the Bill of Rights in our constitution. The opposition vigorously campaigned against the referendum because they were so convinced they would win the 2016 elections and did not want the Bill of Rights to frustrate their evil plans to loot the country “in peace” if it went through. To their shock, they lost, thereby regretting the day they decided to campaign against the referendum! And should we believe them now when they say Bill 10 is evil when we can see its obvious positives? No, sir, not this time.

  16. ECL and PF have invested Millions in Bill 10 and they want it enacted into law at all costs. PF realize that they have lost public support and ECL cannot win the 2021 Elections and meet the 50%+1 vote threshold. Hence the proposal to have a Coalition Govt. To avoid his Candidacy being found ineligible as a Presidential Candidate ECL has repealed Article 52(4) of the Constitution. PF without Bill 10 are scared of losing 2021 Elections. Thats why PF are desperate to pass Bill 10 into law.

  17. Mwaliteta, a grade 9 advising the nation on an issue he doesn’t understand?? I bet you a 100 kwacha he hasn’t even read bill 10. Oh, I forgot, he can’t even file papers to stand as mp pantu chikopo… Yaba!!!!

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