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There is a well-hatched scheme to hound me out of Parliament-Mweetwa


United Party for National Development-UPND-Choma Central Member of Parliament (MP), Cornelius Mweetwa says he is aware of a well-hatched scheme to hound him out of Parliament.

Addressing the press at UPND secretariat , the outspoken and fearless Mr Mweetwa stated that he had intel from PF MPs that the persecution that he is currently undergoing was aimed at throwing him out of Parliament.

He stated that the PF’s hatred against him was so high that he could feel it the atmosphere of Parliament, yesterday.

“I am already aware from the fillers from the Patriotic Front (PF) the aim is to hound me out PARLIAMENT. And yesterday I could smell their aim to throw me out of Parliament, and am ready,” he stated.

He stated that he has written to the Clerk of National Assembly challenging Dr Patrick Matibini’s decision to make him apologize against his will.

Mr Mweetwa has however clarified that his decision to apologize for a lapsed question was borne out of his respect for laws of the House.

“I have written to the Clerk of National Assembly to challenge and petition the ruling of the Speaker for 14th July, 2020 where I was made to apologize against my will. But I apologized in respect of certain rules in the House even if I felt the gravity of the matter didn’t require me to apologize because I didn’t do anything wrong,”

He added that the rude interruption that engulfed the House when he was on the floor debating the Monze riot which led to the shooting of a teenager made him suffer a health hazard that prompted him to seek convenience relief.

“Because I was rudely interrupted by PF members when I was debating a question from Nakonde MP and the Speaker was trying to ask me to sit down as he took turns to admonish them. And because he took quite some time in trying to admonish them that they were Honourable Members, I suffered a health hazard and I was prompted to seek convenience,” stated Mr Mweetwa.

“Have you ever seen an MP being punished for lapsing an important question?” asked Mr Mweetwa.


    • Mweetwa, we admire your principles. That is the correct way, providing proper checks and balances. Questioning certain glaring anomalies cant be equated to being disrespectful, everybody must be questioned regardless of age and gender, and if what they are saying in your opinion is shallow, say so, don’t be shy or intimidated, what is important is to remain truthful.

  1. Aka ka c.hikala ka mweetwa…what a useless tonga man. A misplaced resource, better off herding HH’s cattle. Wenyo!

  2. It is not pride. It is matter of being principled. Calling a spade a spade. Not calling a spade as a big spoon.

  3. These UPND zealots have started meeting Rwandan labels. The lies about EL were hatched by UPND together with NLF of Rwanda to make our president look bad to the external world. Kagame is aware about these lies.

  4. You so called PF cadres after coming to PF when it took power, just like your leaders who where not PF when PF was initially born.

    Just imagine , why out of the people should one be mentioned , what is the connection , there is a connection
    and that is what should be clarified donot start mentioning the UPND who are not a subject here . Also we need men and women of
    courage on issues of national matters . Therefore Mweetwa is just one of the few of us able to state as issues are .

    let the one mentioned cleanup himself, as this is a personal matter ,mwituletela

  5. We don’t need to. Come 2021your careerswill be over ba upnd. Anyway Friday things. Weekend entanglement things. What is everyone doing

  6. It’s not an easy thing speaking truth to power! What is important is to remain true to principles! Those who can’t stand for anything tend to fall for anything.
    Parliament currently lacks diversity in terms of representation. That is why the debates are boring these days. We miss the Parliament we had during the MMD government. We had the Guy Scotts, the Dipaks, the Nawakwis, etc. Parliament then had very educated MPs who debated intelligently and only talked about what was good for the nation. Today, the levels of Education of our MPs is appalling! That is the reason why some only know how to make demands for Covid allowances! The only advice to the few educated MPs, don’t argue with semi-illiterates.

  7. Mweetwa, I am not even UPND but I can advise that you are very much on the right track. How do you apologise for questioning lies?

  8. Total madness as John Sangwa would say, Mweetwa should apologise for saying the truth? If truly opposition were involved in gutting of city market and gassing as Inonge Wina is alleging, you could have seen state machinery moving in, don’t you recall how they went to brake HH’s house during the fake treason charge. Mweetwa should never ever make a mistake of apologizing.

  9. Mweetwa has the right to expose lies regardless of where it is coming from, regardless of age, gender, creed or race.

  10. Mweetwa please don’t even try to apologize. For What? its the people of Choma that took you to Parliament.

  11. This boy is very funny ati “I suffered a health hazard and I was prompted to seek convenience,” stated Mr Mweetwa”. Just say you had diarrhoea and went to shi’t.

  12. Oh, look who’s paranoid now!

    If you spend a lot of effort being mean and saying mean undermining things of others you should expect some sort of pay back right?

    People have a right to defend themselves. The politcal environment is one where Machiavellian practises are sharpest.

    You reap what you sow. Hatred grows without soil or water. Enjoy, …..mazeltov!


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