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Church members should passionately pray for peace and unity in Zambia-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has called on the Church to encourage their members to passionately pray for peace and unity of the country.

President Lungu said he is happy that the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) has been promoting the unity of the country through its teachings.

He says the government is proud to work with the UCZ because of its positive contribution to human development.

The Head of State says the Church has also contributed to the political history of Zambia by producing politicians like Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Lieutenant General Christon Tembo , Simon Kapwepwe, Harry Nkumbula and Mutumba Bull among others.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka today during the farewell service held at UCZ Saint Andrews Church for UCZ Outgoing General Secretary Reverend Peggy Kabonde.

Reverend Kabonde has since been replaced by Reverend Chipasha Musaba. President Lungu praised Reverend Kabonde for her contribution to the nation and the church. He said during her tenure of office, UCZ has made gains in the promotion of mission works, among other works.

And speaking at the same event, Reverend Kabonde urged President Lungu to remain strong even in difficult times. Reverend Kabonde said President Lungu should focus on God, even in the wake of criticism. She said no matter the storm, God will always fight for those who do his will.

Reverend Kabonde also used the opportunity to encourage Zambians to promote love and unity. She said young people should respect elders as this is one way that they will receive their blessings.

And UCZ Synod Bishop Sydney Sichilima thanked President Lungu for accepting the invitation to attend the farewell service.


  1. What has happened to UCZ? Is this not the same church where some church members were photographed raising pf symbols in church?

    • Why is that Rev holding those brown envelopes in such a manner? There are no deacons and deaconesses around to stealthily take those envelopes to the backroom?

    • He is holding brown envelopes, there is money inside he can not give it to deacons. Its him to share. Lungu Pay retirees.

  2. Meaningless platitudes. This is one church where money goes missing and they don’t even bother to report to police. They are lagging behind in so many areas now.

  3. You got to change brother Edgar. Yes you trashed out Amos Chanda, Kaizer, we guess Findlay too, but they left you with stinking Rwandan stories etc.
    Today you need to discard chi Tutwa and Chi Lusambo. What a peace of gangsters. Which church can pray for Lusambo??
    Unfortunately the better 2 MPs and 1 PS died in week. God is unfair, he is taking wrong ones.
    Ba Edgar pray, God is sending a signal like he treated Job (Yobo) of the bible.

  4. United Church of Zambia (UCZ) is one of the most corrupt institutions in Zambia …forever used by politicians as its full to rafters with cowards and thieves.

  5. Does Edgar Lungu knows what it means to pray for peace? He wakes up without nothing to talk about.

    Useless man

  6. Hypocrisy from president Lungu – Zambians are dying under his watch and urges the church to pray for peace and unity. Pf cadres are harking Zambians, harassed over freedom of assembly and expression and police have even become victims while you meet with PF rogue cadres at night. That is hypocrisy of the highest heaven

  7. Lungu is basically a very hypocritical, sick minded Warlord!! He wants people to be praying for
    1.”Peace” when he is responsible for the Violence which has left many people dead. He sends armed PF militiamen and wants people to be praying when he can simply stop it – he has the powers that can stop it.
    2. praying for “Unity” when he is the very idyot disuniting people because division within the nation helps him to stay in power.
    The problem is that people have now realised that economic mismanagement does not choose tribe, everyone is now suffering even those that voted for Lungu are also not being employed because Lungu and his crooks have stolen our money for running the economy.
    So many youths at their prime age cannot find meaningful jobs and are engaging in all sorts of…

  8. Deeds (not cheap words) are what differentiate Saints from hypocrites! Violent PF Cadres don’t need prayers. They need a leader like Late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa MHSRIP! Levy did not call for prayers to end political violence. He empowered the police to deal ruthlessly with any violent cadre. Is prayer going to stop PF cadres from attacking police officers on duty? To date, no statement of condemnation from the top! Can we hear what is being done about the two foreigners mentioned in Case 3 of the FIC report and what has been done about them. Zambia should not become a safe haven for terrorists!

  9. Ba Zambia why umuntu umo aletushupa kwati calo cabawishi? Let’s vote these guy out and get the country back on track. This guy has no plan for Zambia. All he enjoys is traveling around carelessly spending our public funds like it’s his money. Ati ebakwata akasaka kandalama. Atase, Uko! Pono


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