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Emeritus Archbishop Mpundu should preach peace ahead of next years tripartite elections


Authentic Advocates for Justice and Democracy has advised Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu to preach peace ahead of next years tripartite elections and to play a fatherly role and not as a politician.

Organization President Josephat Changwe has told Smart Eagles in an interview that it is very disappointing to see the Archbishop, who is supposed to focus on preaching peace, love and unity is the one trying to bring division in the country.

“The church is a sanctuary for all believers regardless of political affiliation. Hence has a role to play in promoting a culture of peace among the people especially youths for them to become good and responsible leaders as they are the leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

“The church needs to reach out to the youth who are vulnerable. Young people are faced with challenges such as lack of jobs, early marriages and pregnancies, substance abuse and a high rate of HIV infections. The church needs to reach out to the youth who really need its counsel.”

Mr. Changwe said it is of grave concern to his organization and sad to note that in the past year or so the honorable Archbishop has been issuing dangerous political statements that have the potential to send this country into war.

“Zambia has been known for its peace-loving people worldwide, As Authentic Advocates For Justice and Democracy we will not allow Archbishop Mpundu to just destroy it despite all the presidents effort to ensure that peace continues to reign in our country,” he added.

“We urge Christians and all the politicians to work for peace, to preach peace and unity and avoid partisan politics.”

Speaking on The Assignment programme hosted by Andrew Mwansa on Muvi TV on Sunday evening, Archbishop Mpundu said that the “shameful” Bill No. 10 should have been correctly called Bill third term for Lungu and pointed out that President Edgar Lungu had already been elected twice and therefore, ineligible to contest for the presidency for the third time.

The clergyman noted that a law that was made to benefit a person or a small group or even a big group of people against others was right from the word go, wrong.

“It’s shameful for many reasons. First of all, why is it that every administration that comes to State House wants to change the Constitution in order to perpetuate themselves in power? This is wrong!” Archbishop Mpundu said. “They are tampering with the Constitution in order to perpetuate themselves in power. They will be remaining there to continue maladministration in this country. It is a shameful bill! That Bill 10 they should have simply called it Bill third term [because] they want to give a third term to Lungu.”

“That’s what it is! What they see in that (Bill 10) is not only to perpetuate Lungu in State House but also it is designed in a way such that perhaps one person among those who are aspiring to become [presidential] candidates will be disqualified. It is criminal!” Archbishop Mpundu said. “So, it is a shameful bill [and] it should be withdrawn. Anyone who has been elected twice as President of the Republic of Zambia cannot run for a [third time]. This is what has happened to Lungu; (being elected twice). So, he is not eligible.”

Archbishop Mpundu added that Bill 10 would sow seeds of dissension, especially after the August 2021 elections.

“That is what happened [with] the disputed elections, the last ones. What happened to HH (Hakainde Hichilema)? Things like that might happen again,” he cautioned. “It is unfortunate [that] we have lost an opportunity to dialogue. Everything was in place after the Commonwealth people came here…People are taking the peace that we have in this country for granted. It is something that has been hard-won but now it will be destroyed.”


  1. Once the upnd attend national prayers, violence will be a thing of the past. The upnd are cursed with a demon of violence and have continued to shun national prayers. We call upon them to do the right thing because in 2021 we wont tolerate their violence.

  2. The Bishop is very oaky, there are no politics here. Don’t gag his freedom of expression. Where has he even insitigated violence. Don’t lie please

  3. Thanks Bishop for speaking for the voiceless, this is not the Zambia we all loved, Both economy and governance brought at its lowest ebb

  4. Mr. Changwe , why should bishop mpundu call a spade an axe ????

    You are the same corrupt clergy who bury your head in the sand after reciving Brown envelopes from statehouse ……..

    Why should bishop mpundu not call political persecution as violence and restriction of democracy ?

    If it looks like PF police violence , feels like PF police violence and sounds like PF police violence,……. darn , it must be PF violence……

  5. This Archbishop Emeritus seems to be a very bitter man. What is his problem? He is free to stand as MP for Lusaka Central. Every time he speaks, he sows seeds of discontent – no wonder the Vatican retired him prematurely. Why does he not advise the UPND to go to Parliament to demand for the removal of the “Third Term” Clause? What did ECL do to this man kansi?

    • The nation is very fortunate to have people like Archbishop Mpundu, even after retiring, the man is still talking for his flock. Especially with the country degenerating to low levels in governance never seen before, it would be highly irresponsible for the man to keep quiet. Atleast not under these strange circumstances

  6. Harriet then quit complaining and being a pain in the backside. If you don’t like it, then move. If you decide to stay here then live with it. We don’t have time for your constant crying like a constipated cow mooo mooo mooo

  7. Harriet then quit complaining and being a pain in the backside. If you don’t like it, then move. If you decide to stay here then live with it. We don’t have time for your constant crying like a constipated cow mooo mooo mooo


  8. Look, who is attacking Harriet. No morals in the man whatsoever and he is still talking, even after evidently misleading his Leader. the guys’ stubbornness is beyond comprehension, anyway time will tell

  9. The Bishop has joined the political fray so he should be handled us such. You will know them by their fruits.

  10. Do these people attacking the Bishop even know what comprises politics, you have lowered governance to its lowest level since 1964, and you are attacking the bishop for speaking out, evil people.

  11. But even Bishop entered the Political fray, he is within his constitutional right. And why don’t you want to be told the truth by anybody, look at how you have impoverished this nation. Governance Zero, Economy Zero, and archbishop should be clapping for such labish

  12. Archbishop is within his constitutional right, no matter how much you gag him using your usual style, and don’t threaten him that you will take him as a politician because he also has the stamina to hit back

  13. People should discuss what the Bishop has said but not the person. The Bishop feels that the main purpose for Bill 10 is to give a Third Term to ECL. On this basis the Bishop suggests that Bill 10 should be coined Bill Third Term and he is against this Bill. That is the Bishop’s opinion so what is wrong with it? Surely the Bishop is entitled to his opinion and it is Constitutional Right to express his opinion. The Bishop feels that ECL has been elected and sworn in twice and is not eligibile for a Third Term. The Bishop is not alone on this issue.

  14. The pope saw it fit to retire Telesphore because he became a danger to the peaceful standing of this nation. He is not speaking for the voiceless but for his party, upnd and its supporters-let’s be clear here! Frank Bwalya openly joined politics and put his religious cloth away, why can’t Telesphore be a man and do the same??

  15. Bishop Mpundu personally retired three years before 75 years due health problem, The pope doesn’t just retire bishop for calling corrupt leaders the truth. The church and it’s leaders are the light in the darkness of anything be it corrupt leaders or injustice. The Catholic church is not utuntemba envelop churches

  16. Bishop mpundu applied for early retirement three years before due to health reasons. The pope congrats bishop that call for corrupt and abusive leaders to account. Bishop mpundu has been consistent as priest and bishop to tell off corrupt leaders. Keep in mind that the Catholic church and it’s bishops are not utuntemba church and pastors surviving on political handouts.

  17. Bishop Mpundu is the only voice remaining in the Church, he has the right to express his rights by defending the voiceless and those who don’t understand the issues of the day like some of you condemning him. He reminds me of the the late bishops like Dennis de Jong, Elias Mutale, Paul Lungu….. we miss those galant men of God….unfortunately the crop of bishops we have today….complete the sentence!

  18. Tripartite means composed of or split into three parts, or refers to three parties. Last time we had tripartite elections was when we voted for president, MPs and councilors at the same time unlike previously when we every general election we only voted for president and MPs. I think these coming elections we will voting for president. MPs,councilors, mayors, this can’t be tripartite. Ututuntu Ba pf .

  19. @c19: Telesphore didn’t retire on his own, he was fired. Some of us are not donkeys who get info from upnd politicians and believe their lies, we research and compare sources. If Telesphore did a 360 and declared political interest under PF, you will be the first to insult him and call him a corrupt cadre. But since he is with hh and upnd, he speaks for the “noble voice”. How naive!!!

  20. I see nothing in the man worth wearing the cloth of statesman! Completely nothing! He looks a bitter man to me, a hatchet man! But of course you can see in a person what you want to see in them!

  21. Mpundu is a disgrace, he should just come out open and declare his interest and not hiding in a sheep skin when he is a goat.

  22. To preach peace is to preach against the causes of lack of peace. Simply shouting ‘Peace’ a million times does not bring or maintain it. The Bishop is asking us to look at and remove those things that array man against man

  23. I am always sceptical when men of the collar use it to promote personal political interests. The religious platform is different from a political one. The honorable bishop should choose his platform carefully, otherwise he is abusing one to avoid getting bruised by the other. There is a name for such people. God is watching you.

  24. don’t forget the late Bishop Paul Duffy who did so much for the people of Western Province despite being constantly harassed by the powers that be in our country and all because he spoke the TRUTH !

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