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Issuance of National Registration Cards is not a political undertaking, Kampyongo warns Stakeholders


HOME Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo has insisted that the Mobile Issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs) is not a political undertaking.

Speaking at a media briefing held in Lusaka yesterday, Hon Kampyongo said that the process is a legal requirement according to the National Registration Act Cap 126 of the laws of Zambia that mandates the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Department of National Registration, Passports and Citizenship to Register and issue NRCs to all eligible persons.

Hon Kampyongo says the Opposition UPND and all those who are self appointed Monitors of the NRC exercise are doing so at their own peril as the police will not hesitate to effect arrests on anyone disturbilising the process.

He says it is very unfortunate that some thugs stormed one of the Centres where officers are conducting the exercise to cause unnecessary commotion.

“With regards to those who want to break the law in the name of monitoring an exercise they are not mandated to, I can only promise them one thing and that is to say that the police will not hesitate to deal with them accordingly”Hon Kampyongo said.

Hon Kampyongo says contrary to some assertions, the Ministry is not working in Isolation during this exercise but is collaborating with provincial and district administrations in the five provinces who in turn are monitoring the process.

“I wish to emphasize that, in as much as citizens have every right to ensure accountability in the delivery of Government services, including the issuance of National Registration Cards, the law does not allow disruption of government services “ Hon Kampyongo says.

And Hon Kampyongo has since implored the Police Officers on the ground to ensure law and order is maintained and no person regardless of political affiliation should be allowed to disrupt the registration process.


  1. But Davies Mwila, the PF secretary general has already said it’s a party programme. So it’s a political process.

    • News Diggers

      NRC registration exercise a party programme, insists Mwila

      By Julia Malunga,
      7th August 2020

  2. News Diggers

    NRC registration exercise a party programme, insists Mwila

    By Julia Malunga,
    7th August 2020


  3. Aristotle you can start by not believing fake news. You very dull diasporan.

    Back to the article. I have been saying exactly what the minister is saying. This is a government exercise. We don’t need cadres there causing hell and intimidating our workers just because hh is an insecure little boy. They want to examine everything. Next they will want to examine their dog’s backsides in case it can win an election for them. Go and examine each other’s backsides you party of homos. K

  4. Why is everything from Kampyongo and Lusambo a threat, warning, violence? Power has gone to their little brains. We do not deserve such.

  5. There is one Province that is well known for registering under age people and cattle. They are crying the most knowing that a certain Town situated in the game part polled more votes than its population. In the history of NRC issuance they have never been such a thing as political parties monitoring the process.

  6. The people that want to monitor the issuance of NRCs what are they looking for? How are they going to tell which party someone has been given an NRC belong to? Have Zambians become green or red and yellow? Unless they use the usual of identifying people by tribe and this the tribalism we have been talking about. Every Zambian regardless political affiliation has the right to be given an NRC.

  7. That is why NRC issuance and Voter registration must be a continuous process. When you reach the required age , you walk in a district office and get your NRC and voters card at the same time. Then from time to time say twice a year, Registration officers can be doing some mobilizations in far flung areas. The process must be smooth not like the current situation when excitement is created a few months before elections. We need to show progress PLEASE…. Its like everything is POLITICAL in this COUNTRY

  8. Kampyongo if its not a political undertaking why dont you leave it to the NRC office and ECZ why are you personally taking charge of the matter…there was the gassing debacle where 50 lives were lost you have never come out and issued a report or a statement.

  9. KCI, why dont you first ask the people who want to monitor the issuance of NRCs? Did anybody tell you that they want to monitor which party each person issued an NRC belongs to? The people who want to monitor this mobile issuance of NRCs, want to make sure these NRCs are not issued to underage people and foreigners. Everybody knows that every eligible Zambian has the right to obtain an NRC. Dont bring your partisan based tribalism on this issue. Those who wish to monitor just want to make sure that people who will be issued with NRCs through the mobile exercise qualify to be provided the NRCs and are not foreigners. Calm down. This monitoring will restore confidence that all people who will register to vote will do so with a genuine NRC. The aim of the monitoring is to avoid…

  10. Why is everything from Kampyongo and Lusambo a threat, warning, violence? Power has gone to their little brains. We do not deserve such

  11. This issue is both political and not political. I would say it’s not political because every Zambian must have NRC for citizenship and to have a job,, honestly how would one get a job without NRC? So it’s a reminder for the people. It’s a political issue because neither should one monitor if you have NRC nor knowing the party you belong to.

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