Friday, February 23, 2024

I have not been arrested-Abel Ng’andu


Engineering Institution of Zambia Vice President Abel Ng’andu has denied media reports that he has been arrested by Anti Corruption Commission of Zambia over a project to construct a runaway at Kasaba Bay.

Eng. Ng’andu who is Ng’andu Consulting Limited Managing Partner said they story circulating that he has been arrested by the ACC over the Kasaba Bay runway project is untrue.

Eng. Ng’andu is running for the presidency of the Engineering Institution of Zambia and feels the motive behind the circulation of the story is to discredit his image ahead of the EIZ elections.

“This is an evil attempt by my competitors and their sponsors in EIZ who want to deter me from standing as President,” he said.

He added, “From the onset, the one thing I want to make abundantly clear is that these allegations are malicious, unfounded and a premeditated attempt to damage my image and reputation and also tarnish the image and reputation of the talented engineering professionals I have closely worked with during my over 20 years of practice as an engineer and consultant.”

“I want to say again without reservation: the allegations are false, unfounded and malicious, and like any other citizen of Zambia, I have only read about them and the underlying mischief and wickedness today.”

He said, “Clearly, the purveyors of these falsehoods have deliberately decided to distort the facts to suit their sinful agenda.”

“For that reason, let me present the truth they have deliberately chosen to misrepresent: [1] At no time have I ever been arrested by the ACC;
[2] Truly, the matter mentioned in the article is active in court but I am not an accused person as alleged. In fact, I am appearing in court as a state witness. In short, I am aiding the state to deal with this matter conclusively; [3] It’s clear from the above that there was no wrong doing on my part or the firm I run, no wonder I am a state witness in the matter.”

“What I have stated above is the truth and in the interest of fairness, justice and honesty I will stand in that truth any day, any time and anywhere.“

And Eng. Ng’andu has assured all that as a fellow of the Engineering Institute of Zambia, he has dedicated his life and service to his career and will always abide by the ethos and moral principles that guide the engineering profession and no amount of malice or hideous acts will deter me from pursuing my passion.


  1. Just arrest him naimwe … Why you need an engineer from Lusaka who can’t even drive grader to design a run way at Kasaba bay?
    That ranway just need 10 ZNS officers to do it in a week. Not those millions of dollars.
    Arrest Ng’andu and all

    • Its not a runway Nostradamus. Its a runaway. Story says….construct a runaway at Kasaba Bay. Only Ng’andu can construct such a thing

  2. So which company is the accused? Where does yours feature in the matter? And who’s the state witness, you the individual or your company?

  3. Kasaba Bay runway has been a hot potato for a while. I don’t know why it’s stuck in court. Zambians are waiting for justice from the CONTOURS OF A DEVELOPING JURISPRUDENCE to quote the short title of Supreme Court judge Mumba Malila’ book.

  4. For me I don’t take evidence-less allegations seriously. Look what is happening with DR Chilufya. It has become a disease for angry jealous opposition to make false allegations of corruption for political gains. However I am yet to come across a political party that won an election because they successfully accused some one of corruption. Sell your message to voters you losers

  5. Acquisition of assets through corruption should be the ONLY crime for which one should be presumed guilty until they prove themselves innocent. You just charge them for acquiring property through corrupt means and leave the burden of prove to the contrary to the accused. Very easy especially for a public servant show them that on your books, this is what they earn, and their assets are worth so much.

  6. When I read a full page article in Daily Nation about Chitalu Chilufya authored by Issac sometime back, I thought he didn’t know what he was talking about. With turn of events in court, I think our investigations wings need overhauling to avoid messing the lives of innocent people. Sadly propoganda like the one they claimed Abel was arrested makes us make wrong decisions. I have vowed to vote for Abel for President to shame those who spread the malice


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