Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Government pledges to distribute face masks to the most vulnerable people in society


Government has pledged to distribute face masks to the most vulnerable people in society.

Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit-DMMU has pledged to provide re-usable face masks to the most vulnerable people In communities in a bid to fight COVID-19.

This follows President EDGAR LUNGU’s directive to the Ministry of Home Affairs to deploy officers to enforce COVID-19 guidelines in public places.

DMMU National Coordinator CHANDA KABWE told the media in an interview that government is aware of some people In society that may have challenges in acquiring washable face masks.

He said working with the Ministry of Community Development, his office will identify the most vulnerable and provide them with masks.

He said the fight against COVID-19 should not only be left to Government alone but should be a responsibility of everyone.

Mr KABWE further disclosed that government has started installing automatic SANITIZERS and body fumigators in selected public places.

He said this will enable the public to sanitize at any point while conducting their daily activities.

He however called on the public to help by adhering to the set guidelines in order to reduce the spread.


  1. Just give them out to all the citizens as part of the exercise. why holding on to donations and grants given for all Zambians and where do you want to take the donated funds?

  2. Bandit PF how much is mealie meal? Has load shedding finished? How much is fuel?how is the economy doing? PF Bandits 1 year to elections.bye bye Bandits

  3. Looks like no vision PF bandit President Edgar Lungu spends most of his time watching CNN and copying other Presidents….no originality no vision….just busy stealing

  4. Wonders will never end, why they still have that maggot Kabwe to run an supposed to be important?
    Replace it a ZNS General, nobody thinks in PF.

  5. Good development. I applaud anything that helps our people. The diasporans are evil. Whilst they wear masks abroad they are against this development because they want deaths to increase. This evil party relies on evil blood to exist.

  6. Very few people in Zambia can afford to buy bundles….look all who have posted are diasporans including that chap KZ.

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