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HH urges Zambia’s rural Population to Join the Bally Rural Movement

Headlines HH urges Zambia's rural Population to Join the Bally Rural Movement

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated his call on Zambians to acquire National Registration Cards that will help in liberating the nation from PF in 2021.

Mr Hichilema who is in Central Province as part of his party’s rural development agenda has encouraged all citizens to get NRCs and voters cards as time for Hope and Help is here.

He says every Zambian must get involved and be part of the great vision to get it solved and resolve all the challenges created by the PF government.

Mr Hichilema has reiterated that Zambia deserved better and he is inspired to win next year’s elections by the sufferings Zambians have been subjected to by the PF.

And Mr Hichilema took time to distribute face masks to the people he interacted with.

He reiterated his call on Zambians to adhere to the set COVID-19 guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Mr Hichilema said wearing of face masks, sanitizing and social distancing are key to curbing the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic among Zambians.

He urged the rural population to join what he termed the Bally rural movement as 2021 fast approaches.


  1. This joker never ceases to amaze me. Ati bally rural movement Haha. Every day he comes up with a new term or party slogan. Who are his advisors? In my entire life this will be the easiest election I win because whoever’s advising hh clearly wants them to lose. I would advise hh to quit asap and save his money. The entire upnd needs rebranding from its tribal tag. And that in itself will take at least a decade to achieve. Kz

    • Zambian journalists are too sleepy. Everyday they tell us about HH and they will add Bally. I can see they think everyone knows what it is. But here Iam and I don’t know what that means. So you have failed in communicating you pretenders to journalism!

  2. HH thinks well towards sabbath.
    Indeed getta fvck out of covid den Lusaka, spend time in rural areas. Don’t just talk, go there. I like HH when he come back in senses.

  3. Rural development is a foundation to growing the economy holistically. UPND will be on the right track if they could ignite this part of the sector & build up.

  4. This oval headed twit is becoming senile at a very young age. A real political clown, only a western puppet would think he’s liberating his country from fellow Zambians so that his masters would take over our resources. Colonised tribalist-like his forefathers who rolled on the ground in total submission when they saw a white man!!

  5. Kz just join balimaniac, ballymania naiwe ichibwato chalibunda. You will die of bp because whenever you see the name hh on media it’s like someone who has seen a lioness that escaped from mundawanga.

  6. KZ

    Can you tell us why PF were gassing our people resulting in more than 50 innocent civilians were killed ?????

    We will never forget those innocent lives

    • This issue is not about gassing but about Badly’s never ending dreams of winning elections. If you had began giving money to people to come and vote for you earlier in the past years like you are doing now people may be would have voted for you but again they think about your tribalism tenets. They know you can give them money but when you become president it will be the Tongas first and it will take 20 to 30 years before they see that improvement in their area.

  7. True! Especially paving rural roads. Making them climate resilient. Let’s use local materials to make culverts and pavers.

    • Badly cannot be a threat to PF he can only be a threat to his remote controlled MPs and his tribal party members. How can he be a threat when the PF is winning almost every by elections in every part of Zambia and Badl’s party is loosing every where including in his perceived strong holds like western and northwest provinces. Very soon he will be loosing in the two forthcoming parliamentary elections. He has lost FIVE (5) GENERAL ELECTIONS and about to lose the sixth and last elections. In fact if it wasn’t for privatisation money that he obtained from selling mines and other companies at lower prices in order to be given a reward by the buyers, this time his members would have chosen another leader in spite of him being a Tonga because UPND top leadership is for Tonga’s according to…

  8. Diaspora lady that is very true. I know you are travelling back here to vote in 2021. Please do not waste your vote on this clown hh. I trust you will continue to offer support to the pf government

  9. Nice strategy.
    Leave Lusaka (the covid-19 hotspot) to ECL and his PF thugs.
    But be careful, the presidential motorcade is headed in your direction.They have nothing to do.

  10. In this article I have not read were hh says he will develop rural areas or pave roads. To me hh is as dull as Lungu. Both have no clue on how to develop & empower
    & enable Zambians to take their potential to full use.
    I will wait to hear what the MMD breakaway group is planning with Kalaba. I wait to hear them. PF& UPND have no vision.

    • I beg to differ. HH can certainly make a better leader than Edgar though I’m not one of his fans. I’m neutral

  11. Not rural area in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga provinces better you concentrate on Bantustan region where people can booo the Republican president

  12. Kaizer Ze zulu just tell us how 50 0f us died from your gassing spree. Jay Jay Banda a PF cadre who beat up police officers is shielded by PF regime _ Kamba knows it.

  13. These vampires are stopping HH from carrying out party rural mobilization. They are always monitoring his movements like a hawk. HH’s the biggest threat to their continued stay in power. It is like these thieves would rather start a civil war in this country than handover power to the opposition. Their crimes are too serious

  14. This Man now appears broke to go out and campaign. I never heard this language in 2016. Is this the reason he appears humble?

  15. @ Kaizar Zulu, Absolutely!!! Our Government must continue in power, I will be there to vote without fail.

  16. Calling you by your baptisim satanic name Badly which seer1 gave you and modified it into Bally. You are already improving the social media rural areas while Lungu has continued to improve the actual rural Zambia including your village in southern province. Badly continue with your dreams of becoming a real President with demonic names. Ati Bally, Bally your real name is Badly this was given to you by seer 1 your social media god. This seer1 is just eating your money. He has no power at all. The best you can do badly is to increase the salaries of all your workers here in Zambia so that the enjoy privatization money that you amassed from those corrupt acts where you asked people who wanted to buy companies to pay less money and then you ask them to give you some money for negotiating a…

  17. Just as i was about to ask what this “BALLY” is all about, somebody has explained that its actually a given name by Seer 1 to HH (Badly), but some chief in Livingstone could not prounce Badly so changed to Bally! God gracious me! Igwee!

  18. This oval head dung beetle of an idyot is finally out of his rat hole! Sata and his ‘dokota’ Scot friend used to roll up their sleeves and got dirty. Manje imwe ati bally, bally vaupuba! You think elections are won via ‘shosho media’. The problem with you idyots is you never learn, you thought Zambian watchdog would make you win, but what happened, dununadi! Not even in Mapanza do they know who bally is atase! Gellout! Loser!

  19. THE United Party for National Development (UPND) can continue imagining and fantasizing victory in the 2016 general elections but reality will hit them when the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu will be declared winners, Bahati member of Parliament Harry Kalaba has predicted.

    He said claims of popularity by the UPND were not new and that the opposition political party had always overrated itself but had never been any closer to winning any general election.

    Mr Kalaba, who is Foreign Affairs Minister, recalled that the UPND under Mr Hakainde Hichilema had adopted an “egocentric, elitist and plutonic attitude” which had made the opposition political party fail to work with other political parties in the past.

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