Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Conversation with the Nation: MMD Official Mobilisation Launch



In just under 300 days, Zambians go to the polls to choose a President and a new Parliament. The choice of Zambia’s 7th President will have an irreversible impact on the future of our nation from both the political and spiritual point of view.

To day I wish to have a conversation with the nation on the gravity of the decision we are all about to make. This includes the path to August 2021 and the quality of our electoral process.


The latest developments in the United States in which President Trump has challenged the integrity of that country’s electoral process calls for deep reflection by all nations which subscribe to the western type of democracy.

It is clear that the democratic election experiment is approaching the sunset of its relevance. The western system of democratic elections has started to fail in many parts of the world, especially Africa. It is time Africa begins to craft for itself a new, more credible system of choosing leaders which in the end reduces conflict and places in office leaders of morality and integrity.

As we head towards our own election next year, it is important that we truly and fully interrogate the integrity of our own electoral system. The MMD has led the way in challenging the integrity of our own electoral system. We have insisted that the only way to build confidence in our electoral system is to ensure that consensus is reached at every stage.

The path to the August 2021 election starts here and today. Our demand is that all stake holders must be satisfied that the process serves the interest of all Zambians. The 2021 election remains rigged unless all pre election issues are resolved. This includes corrupt free management of the voter registration. Corrupt free issuance of national registration cards. The unfair application of the Public order act. The selective access to public media like ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia. More importantly, we demand the full independence of the electoral commission. ECZ in its current state is too politically compromised to deliver a free and fair election. Under the current ECZ, violence and vote buying are not punishable. Continental research on the destabilization of most african countries reveals that corrupt electoral bodies are responsible for most of the carnage taking place in Africa.

MMD therefore insists on an electoral process that is free from interference from the party in government. MMD insists on a depoliticized police service. To build confidence in the electoral commission, we demand that the current ECZ be re instituted and re organized to acquire the necessary confidence from all stakeholders.

We wish to remind the ECZ that you are not our masters but our servants supported by tax payers money. We demand for consensus on all matters relating to elections. The first act towards creating an acceptable election path is to immediately call for an elections Indaba which shall consist of all political parties, the ECZ, the Police, the media, the church and civil society. This Indaba is meant to help in building confidence in the electoral process. Such a process will help in keeping peace and unity after the elections. Contrary to some overzealous responses from some sections of the media, our call for a respectable and dependable electoral process MUST be the cry of every Zambian. How do we improve the quality of our democratic institutions if we are unable to question the dangerous cracks we see?

The fall of Bill 10 must call for reflection on both sides of the political divide. The government must understand that democracy means governance by consensus. This bill lacked consensus from the beginning but the PF government chose to use the arrogance of power to try and force the bill through. The result was the rejection of the entire bill. We call for consensus in the management of our country. That’s what democracy is all about. One single vote can shift the direction of an entire nation. There is no small or big player in democracy. Every voice matters. The outcome of Bill 10 would have been different if consensus had been pursued.

It is in this same vein that the MMD condemns any plan to table yet another bill, THE POLITICAL PARTY BILL. The PF government must not lead us into temptation by bringing bills that have the ability to divide the nation further after the failed Bill 10. We are too close to the election to start agitating the nation with more divisive bills.

The MMD however calls upon all Zambians to ensure that they are registered to vote. Our fortunes will not change if we choose not to register to vote.


MMD Chairperson of Finance Ambassador Felicity Chulu sharing a light moment with an MMD member
MMD Chairperson of Finance Ambassador Felicity Chulu sharing a light moment with an MMD member

Our nation stands divided and paralyzed. We are at war with ourselves. We must fix this breach in our governance system. We must not divide ourselves along tribal or political party lines.

No one, outside ourselves shall bring decency back to Zambia except ourselves.

The New Hope MMD is of the view that the ongoing debate on the illegibility of President Lungu to stand is an issue for PF to resolve. Our colleagues must legally convince themselves that the law is on their side on his matter. The assumption that PF’s incumbency shall reward them in this matter is being negligent. Let them call on their best lawyers to guide them on this subject.

They must base their position on the law. The MMD can serve as a litmus test on this matter. Former President Chiluba’s bid for a third term in 2001 received overwhelming support at our party Convention. We even adopted President Chiluba as our candidate for 2001 election.
The law of the land stopped us.


MMD National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika greeting the MMD members
MMD National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika greeting the MMD members

In 1991, the trade union movement was at the forefront of ushering in the multiparty democracy we enjoy today.

In 2021, the lot has fallen on the Church to take the lead in deciding the outcome of the August election.

Whatever the Church shall decide will have a major bearing on the results of next year’s election. But for the Church to deliver on this mandate, she must assume a position of incorruptibility.

The first step for the church to be relevant is to say NO to monetary gifts from politicians. A compromised preacher is of no effect in the shaping a nation. A good name is better than silver and gold. It is more honorable to accept to suffer than to be corrupted and lose your voice and Godly authority.
The second step is to get rid of FEAR. Many great ministers of the Gospel are in paralysis. Afraid to lose what they have. Fear to be imprisoned for saying the truth.

In 2012, God gave the former ruling party to us Christians, following my landslide victory at the MMD convention. The first time a member of the clergy became a leader of a mainline political party.
We were persecuted. Fought against and Imprisoned.
We fought back. After a long struggle which lasted almost four years, we finally overcame with a landmark judgement from the High Court which declared us as victors.


Part of the National Executive Committee (NEC) members and MMD members
Part of the National Executive Committee (NEC) members and MMD members

Today, I wish to submit that I have never and shall never compromise on who I am. My first call and my first love is that I am an ordained Minister of the Gospel. I belong to the church fraternity. I have served the Lord for 44 years. I have seen Zambia transition from being a mediocre Christian society to a fully practicing Christian Nation.

I wish to echo the words of St Paul, “… I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation.” Before Politics, in Politics and beyond Politics, my position remains unchanged. I am God’s servant first, then a politician. Just like Paul was first an Apostle and then a carpenter. I am running for President of Zambia to infuse Godly values into our governance system. I therefore call upon every confessing Christian in the land to stand behind us as we prepare to place righteousness on the throne.

These values of integrity, justice for all and equitable distribution of goods and services to all Zambians are what shall build a strong and resilient economy.

I held the second position in the land when our economy hit its summit of success. We became one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world. Our foreign reserves were intact. We had almost run towards a zero debt portfolio. Zambians had disposable income in their pockets. As President I intend to build upon that success.


Under the New Hope MMD administration, we shall not be an appendage of any foreign power. We shall never ever be colonized again, either politically or economically. We shall live within our means so that our existence is not dependent on other economies. We shall be free to make our own political decisions. We shall choose our own friends and we shall demand for respect in all our multilateral transactions. We shall ensure that Zambians have the first share in all the resources of the country. We shall ensure that Zambians are the bosses within the boundaries of our nation. We shall strengthen all productive and mutually respectable bilateral relations. We shall also further cement the Zambia- Israel relations by moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. Zambia has a rich history with Israel and we intend to strengthen this.


Today, I am honored to flag off one of the most ambitious mobilization programs ahead of next year’s election. Under the supervision of our National chairperson for Mobilization, Madam Sylvia Nawa, I am confident that the political fortunes of MMD are about to flip positively.

I am convinced that the season for the Church to provide national leadership is now. We have been prepared for a generation and we cannot be called unqualified. In this generation we have upped the Christian influence to 97% of the population. We have declared Zambia a Christian Nation and we have adopted Christian principles and values as the guiding light into our future. What is left to complete this progress is to elect practicing Christians as Counsellors, Members of Parliament and President. August next year gives us an opportunity to complete the Godly project of making Zambia a truly Christian Nation and a light house on the continent of Africa.


The question on your mind might be, but is MMD electable? Maybe your question should be, Is morality and integrity in a Christian nation electable? I believe it is, because we need it. There will always be those who are satisfied with the status quo. They were satisfied under colonial rule. They were satisfied under one party rule. They are now satisfied with the status quo. The New Hope MMD offers continuity of all democratic freedoms, a healthy economy, a new Christian leadership and a proven track record.
There is a shift towards God in the nation. There is a hunger for equitable justice. Zambians have shifted and New Hope MMD is here to provide the leadership.

Jesus said to the disciples,”…Launch out into the deep for a draught….” the disciples contended that they had tried to fish all night but with no success, but at thy word, we shall do it again, and when they did two boat fulls could not carry the fish..” remember it was the same waters they had dealt with the whole night. But when Jesus confirmed the season of harvest, the same ‘impotent waters yielded fish..’

MMD labored all night with nothing to show for it, but I now hear the voice of he Lord saying, throw down your nets one more time. At his word, from the same Zambian population, electoral victory is at hand.

I, therefore, charge all MMD members nationwide to go into all Zambia and announce that righteousness on the throne is now possible.

In the USA, a former Vice President Joe Biden of a former ruling party is about to be sworn in as President of the United States.

Four months ago, in the neighboring country of Malawi, A pastor Rev Lazarous Chakwera, running on a former ruling party was sworn in as President of Malawi.

It is not beyond Zambia’s reach for a former Vice President and a Pastor Nevers Mumba, running on a former ruling party to be sworn in as the 7th President of the Republic of Zambia.

May God bless our great Republic.
Zambia Shall be Saved.
I thank you.


  1. Instead of talking about events in the US that don’t have any bearing on our local politics, Pastor Nervers Sekwila Mumba it’s better you talk about the birth of MDC under Felix Chipota Mutati that has taken away most of your members. You aren’t being honest by saying you won’t be an appendage of any foreign force, how come when your sponsors are foreign? Who pays the piper calls the tune. You’re amongst the dishonest clergymen in Zambia. I advise you to moderate your language because your alarmist statements might land you into problems. Your friends are winning elections under the same ECZ, so who’s the problem. Look into your heart and see whether the path you’ve taken won’t lead you into trouble

  2. Elizabeth chitika is just wasting her beauty and stressing herself with a party that is finished. Some women don’t think

  3. Pastor needs to say what he will do better, simply wanting to be elected because he is a man of God and a former vice President isn’t enough.
    Educated voters don’t vote because of music as is the case with PF, no do they vote based on your faith as a man of God.
    Discuss what exactly you will do for the country, it’s not enough to plead religious authority.

  4. A lot of what Mumba says is simply unconvicing and patently fake and hollow. An attractive alternative in the circumstances would be Mutati’s MDC.

  5. Mumba and his MMD are a waste of public space… We said it before….Mumba has been a failure through and thru. What has he achieved …Zero.
    1.Zambia shall be saved ….failed. Pastor Bonke must be turning in his grave.
    2 Victory Ministry…..Katemba fye after being a pioneer of pentecostal movement in Zambia. Only Lubuto is keeping it alive.
    3. National Christian coalition (NCC) – complete disaster… Lack of trust from his colleagues.
    4. Republican party- Complete disaster
    5.Vice Presidency…….Till today Mwanawasa is regretting in his grave why he had made such a decsicion. But comfort himself for changintg timeously.
    6.High Commisioner to Canada—-What a shame ..ended up in court.
    7 Presidential elections. attempt….Got Zero Votes.
    8. MMD post…

  6. WHO IS A CHRISTIAN? Will the pastor-led MMD only appoint Christians to positions of authority? Christian pastors have been known to be corrupt, immoral and tax frauds. Even Nevers Mumba himself cannot say that his hands are clean when he has used his position several times over to gain added advantage. By his own testimony, he got his brother out of jail because he was ba Nevers! No. We believe in the separation of church and state. Confusion always arises when these two start interfering with each other. You do not have to be a Christian to be morally upright. Keep your faith to yourself and don’t use it to gain acceptance. Otherwise, go back to the National Christian Coalition.

  7. A conversation is a two way thing. This is not a conversation, it is a one way – ‘Listen to me because I am a pastor and God speaks through me’ MAN OF GOLD rubbish we hear nowadays.

  8. Mwaice Sekwila tekanya. Just talk about what you are going to do differently and the rest will be history. What is a loaded dice to the villager kwa Nkweto? Ama Institutions are faceless, wasting time shadow boxing them defeated Trump. Talk development mwaice.

  9. Kwali ba kapompo nomba kwashala ba bwabi (Brain drain has only left throw-backs). Raise your politics beyond uku lwila ubunga. Reasoning by analogy and belief in conspiracies can lead to diminishing returns. Trump has tried and has failed.

  10. He started alright until he starts mentioning God ….given his track record I can never trust this man of Gold…he should just remained at his church.

  11. Dr Mumba likes saying I was vice president as if that is an achievement. That is just a ceremonial office and does not involve any critical thinking.

  12. Being a vice president can be used a point to convince some one who if one was not fire! Look at Biden…… the guy was even honored by his president calling him the best vice Presidents USA has ever had. Nomba ba Never like his name got fired for acting unofficial.

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