Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Opposition and its foreign paymasters have heightened their campaign of injuring Zambia’s reputation


By Sunday Chanda

We are aware that the Opposition and its foreign paymasters have heightened their campaign of injuring Zambia’s reputation in order to instil fear and doubt in the minds of unsuspecting members of the public.

Those funding the Opposition believe this strategy could trigger a regime change to allow for their puppets to usurp power. They have auctioned Zambia in exchange for promissory notes touching on the country’s mineral wealth and other natural resources.

The Opposition and its funders seem to forget that citizens have repeatedly and emphatically stated that Zambia is not for sale, not even to the highest bidder.

Therefore, Citizens will not fall for the lies and falsehoods being championed by the Opposition and their international sponsors bent on vilifying His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and discrediting the Republic of Zambia.

We are not shocked that what President Lungu said jokingly about Zambia having too many presidents has been twisted to imply something else.

While acknowledging the hard times faced by the majority of our people and small businesses amidst corona virus, citizens are fully aware that President Lungu has continued to deliver in all the ten (10) Provinces of Zambia without exception.

This he has been able to do amidst very difficult circumstances such as the climate change induced droughts and more recently COVID-19 which has negatively impacted on economies of the world and Zambia is no exception.

Patriotic Front under President Lungu has continued to unite the nation premised on the understanding that Zambia is a land with promise, purpose and destiny. Contrary to the lies planted by the Opposition in sections of international and domestic media, PF remains committed to creating a better life for all Zambians without exception. The challenges we face today are but a passing phase!

In order to take Zambia to its promised land, and achieving economic diversification, President Lungu’s Government has focused on building:

(a) A diversified and export -oriented agriculture sector;
(b) A diversified and export oriented mining sector;
(c) A diversified tourism sector;
(d) Improved energy production and distribution for the sustainable development;
(e) Improved access to domestic, regional and international markets;
(f) Improved transport systems and infrastructure;
(g) Improved water resources development and management;
(h) Enhanced information and communication technology;
(i) Enhanced decent job opportunities in the economy; and
(j) Enhanced research and development.

Contrary to the Opposition manufactured and sponsored propaganda, PF is committed to ensuring that its vision for economic diversification is attained through value addition and industrialization anchored on agriculture, mining and tourism. PF believes these sectors have high growth potential, comparative and competitive advantages as well as potential for poverty reduction among our people.

As Zambians register to vote, we can state with certainty that PF knows where Zambia is coming from, where it is and where it must be. Our focus beyond 2021 is to work hard while critics do what they know best. President Lungu has always been committed to listen to criticism especially when it comes with alternatives. What PF does not have luxury for however, is the unproductive politicking aimed at suffocating the much-desired development for our people. We are committed now as always that at the end of this term of office in August 2021, we shall present to the Zambian people the results of our hardwork as promised in our election manifesto 2016-2021.


  1. Ba pf (Kaizer Zulu explain), do you have a policy on broadcasting in this country, like the dos & don’ts of radio DJ. Like what is radio language or topics. Or do you only react to radios when they are opposing you.
    Radios in Zambia, a so called christian nation, are a shock. DJs only promote beer drinking & sex, both in comments & songs played. Komboni is worse. Even lady DJs are scary. In this country, is every song done by musicians radio worthy? Songs played are about getting drunk, beer drinking, bokosi, gumu gumu, uku momonya, mpwimpwi etc. All day. Radios have no educational or enlightening content. There are no programs on youth upliftment, what businesses youths can get into. Nothing of farming as ventures for youths. What country is pf running really?

  2. Such people are the reason why Zambia can’t get out of the debt mess. They can’t take responsibility for anything, everything is because of HH. Shallow thinking is what PF is all about….

  3. Just tell the IMF the true figure for the National Debt iwe Kolwe and stop wasting your time writing this nonsense

  4. People write articles without thinking! You cant see the debt and the financial burden the country is experiencing?

  5. A quote from the Financial Time of 19 November 2020 about Lungu’s PF government:

    “Where it goes wrong is they didn’t have the right system for selecting projects,” Mr Smith said. Some were valuable for development, such as a hydropower dam project. Others were more dubious priorities, including a second international airport for the country’s Copperbelt mining region and haphazardly planned highways. “You could argue that Zambia had an investment problem, not a debt problem, in those years,” Mr Smith said.

  6. ??????.. But kwena. Is it the opposition that made the PF government buy second hand fire trucks at exactly the same amount his party in government has failed to pay to the BOND HOLDERS?. Sometimes keeping quiet when one has nothing tangible to say to the public is better than trying to play victim. The truth of the matter is that the PF government has messed up the Zambian economy and no amount of propaganda will erase that fact.

  7. Very well articulated ba Director. At the end of this pf term, we shall itemise what the great pf party has done along side asking the opposition what they have done for the country apart from just mere politicking. Let’s be fare. Pf has done something unprecedented to this country. I have never seen any serious developmental projects done by any previous governments like what I have seen under the pf government which have been done under very difficult circumstances. The Zambian people should not be swayed or hoodwinked by the negative pronouncements made by the opposition which are being capitalized by the so called debt default. Zambia is not the first country to have a debt default. There are very big national economies that have done it b4. Ala bane muletasha. Pf naibomba apa…

  8. He says ‘…value addition and industrialization anchored on agriculture, mining and tourism…..’.
    Can you name a few value addition industries that have been created in these sectors under PF rule? How many are by Zambians? On the ground, PF has made it difficult for people to be participants. In tourism, for example, the number of licenses, levies, taxes, fees and charges you have to pay to be an operator have not only increased in number but also in amounts payable. How does this encourage industrialization in this sector?

  9. What a waste of space with this article for the following reasons:

    1) Mining – you have allowed foreign entities to take charge of Gold, Emeralds and Uranium

    2) Manufacturing – you have turned Mulungushi textiles in Kabwe into warehouses for example;

    3). Information Technology – you only think ICT is a tool by ZICTA to snoop on its citizens and not as a tool to enhance for example production

    4) Employment- you have allowed unqualified individuals from notable countries to be in-charge of key institutions leaving qualified and educated Zambians to roam the streets

    5). Empowerment – the monies doesn’t reach intended people. For example, who benefits from the community buses?

    6). Road construction and rehabilitation – no kind words here as these are substandard and are…

  10. Sunday please find something more productive to do with your life than hero worshipping someone who has cleared failed. There no two ways about it. Delusional explanations that make no sense will not take the country anywhere. Also remember that your parents brought you up to do the right and support the right things. Zambia under Lungu has become the worst in every way. We only have one country and we need to make it a true success and be proud not becoming the next Zimbabwe and we are happy. Zambia deserves better

  11. If a country can have such people without an ounce of integrity at the helm of things in government. No wonder our country is one of the worst in Africa and in the World. It is a country with leaders who don’t fear God or know him and are without shame.

  12. No one should be so foolish as to expose themselves or read this BS from this dull and clueless clown. They have destroyed the economy, stolen public funds, messed up the fiscal space and subverted the justice system yet they are acting like they victims. This is pure evil.

  13. I tend to agree, especially after reading that article in the Financial Times yesterday. Feel free to analyze our economy but when you digress and start disparaging the leader, gymnastics of the defunct Cambridge Analytica come to mind. This is not to say I am happy with what is happening in Zambia.

  14. #Ja. Thanks for that. Listening to local radio stations is quite painful. So much filth. Couldn’t somebody put up a radio station with decent reportlore of music (classical, jazz, etc)? Too much crap around.

  15. I tend to agree, especially after reading that article in the Financial Times yesterday. Feel free to analyze our economy, but when you digress and start disparaging the leadership, gymnastics of the now defunct Cambridge Analytica come to mind. This is not to say I am happy with what is happening in Zambia.

  16. Let’s be honest iwe ka chanda. The PF didn’t have a debt acquisition problem but had poor investment plans coupled with corruption that has plunged the country in its current economic turmoil. The roads they brag about will need repairs soon, while our kwacha keeps plummeting to levels that Zambians never once imagined before. The PF have only succeeded in taking zambians on a horrible ride that most won’t forget. Unemployment is very high, the cost of living has increased fivefold due to increasing inflation. Which same person has not felt the blunt force of the PF?. Quite frankly PF doesn’t deserve another term in government.

  17. Remember it was climate change, then HH, then Covid, then failed bill 10 and now it’s the opposition and their foreign masters, they have to blame something or somebody at any given time. And this is all at the expense of working, and not surprisingly the country is down on its knees

  18. Fear has already been installed in the general populace because of how you have over borrowed to the extent of even failing to pay just interest, thereby, defaulting. The UPND and HH tried to advise you, but, imwe nuu. Have you seen now where we are?

  19. Mr. Sanderson Chandra, please be truthful, how can a serious govt in office allow the opposition to skip all tighty angles and allow foreigners to induce regime change. Please we need to hear clear and inspiring news on the way forward. There are so many things that have gone amiss which needs urgent answers and not mere talk. The way things are the boat has drifted afar and rowing stick has remained behind. This is not not time for fire fighting tactics but serious approach to problems otherwise its the likes of you who are cheating the top leadership that all is well yet things are failing apart.

  20. The moment one UPND cadre sent me the propaganda material I knew right away that the testosterone levels in UPND camp we talked about are already rising to unprecedented levels. After 2021 it will surely dawn to HH that the majority of the Zambian electorate do not support him or don’t want him to take care of the affairs of our great nation. But the sad part is the level of greedy on the part of HH to destroy our country with no sense of patriotism. But we understand this , right from his birth his things went wrong as everyone knows. It is not his fault but a victim of an abomination.

  21. Thank you for all the messages asking me to come and comment here. This is a sign that many of you value what I contribute on this platform. In relation to the article, I believe I have been saying the exact same thing . I cannot add anything further to this accurately written article.

    Its interesting to watch the angry upnd diasporans foam at the mouth with so much hate and anger in them. It’s not our fault mulepeepa amafl uko ku diaspora. Do not take it out on us

    • U are useless kaiser. Character lasts longer than duplicity and treachery. PF is useless, they are mismanaging the economy and only few people like you sell outs benefit. Yet you forget about posterity (if at all you understand the word).Long after all thsee PF surrogates are gone from power your children and our children will remain financially enslaved

  22. ????? Ba Sunday ! I have a ask

    If team Green? is playing football against team Red ? and team Green ? keeps scoring own goals .. would you blame team Red ? for the poor performance of your players ??

    ????? just asking for a friend.

    Happy Saturday Ba Sunday

  23. Why do think an Oposition Party should construct a road, build hospitals buy medicine for the Nation. Whose money is it going to use for all these projects, the money from their pockets. What did PF build when they were in opposition using there on finances? Be wise please for once.

  24. Money was borrowed to fix and revitalize the railways and Zambian rail. How are Zambians not mad? PF on this one you have blundered. Pay them back and save Zambia embarrassment. UPND and other opposition parties plus Zambians are correct. Pay up and stop rampant borrowing of money.

  25. The problem with upnd supporters is that they waist their energy on being negative at each and every article that highlights the developmental projects that have been carried out by the government.
    Ubwafya they think they have already won the 2021 general elections. They will be shocked.

  26. Poor Sunday Chanda. Your communication strategy is pathetic. You love playing the blame game. You were arrogant when borrowing and now you don’t want to tell us how you used the money, or how you plan to pay back.

  27. The big infrastructure which PF government has done is Kafue Lower Hydro. This Hydro will re-pay itself. Most of other investment do not help Zambia economically, but bring down Zambia economy. Simply, PF government has failed to implement the projects in the right order and at a wrong time with borrowed money. Just admit that PF has dire mismanaged the economy. Period.

  28. The biggest problem we have in this country is our failure to distinguish between reality and politics. We want to blame each other continuously without shame. The opposition wants to get into power at the expense of our suffering whilst the ruling party keeps blaming the opposition for its total failure. Believe me, it’s now a gamble to put anyone in power. The country has collapsed bcoz the opposition wants it to collapse and the ruling party is not willing to listen.

  29. Ba Sunday as young as you are the sort of nicompomp who leaks Edgar Choipa’s ass is scars me. Find something more productive for Zambians to do rather than complaining about the publicity which your foolish leaders display to the world and then blame it on the opposition. The opposition has nothing to do with eurobond or Lungu influencing judiciary to lock up opponents.

  30. Ba Lusaka times you should learn to moderate comments calling for violence. Messages such as the one posted by chitunga are what started the Rwanda genocide. As press you have a responsibility.

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  32. Gaddafi once said, ‘Ask his people.’ It is no use complaining about what foreigners say about your country. Concentrate on what YOUR people say. Are the Zambian people better off economically than they were in 2015 before Lungu took over the government? That is the question.
    Come 2021, August, Zambians will deliver the verdict on Lungu’s performance- IF there is a truly free and fair election.

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