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Don’t Expect Change in Load shedding, Energy Minister warns Zambians


Energy Minister, Mathew Nkhuwa has warned Zambians not to expect any significant change in load shedding once the 150 megawatts has been brought on the national electricity grid from the newly constructed Kafue Gorge Lower hydroelectric power station on the Kafue River.

Confirming the news that the reservoir of the Kafue Lower Gorge Hydro Power plant, in which water was being pumped for a period of seven days, is now full, Mr Nkhuwa said said that the impact will only be felt when the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Power plant begins to produce 300 megawatts in December this year.

Mr. Nkhuwa further said that the reservoir could have been filled in just three days but it took seven days on purpose, to avoid damaging the walls.

Mr. Nkhuwa said that now that it is full, the first machine will be tested to produce 150 megawatts as scheduled by the month-end of November 2020.

The Government initiated the construction of the 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower hydroelectric power station on the Kafue River in Chikankata district, 90km away from the Lusaka, in November 2015.

Considered the third biggest hydropower station in Zambia on its completion, Kafue Gorge is Zambia’s first major investment being funded through a public-private partnership (PPP) model, with the aim of addressing the growing demand for electricity in Zambia and surrounding regions and alleviate the power deficit, support continued economic progress.

The new power plant on the Kafue River, a primary tributary of the Zambezi river on the left bank, is located 55km upstream of the confluence of the two rivers and 17.3km downstream of the existing Kafue Gorge Upper hydropower station dam site along the river. It is 5.9km away from the Kafue Gorge Upper hydropower water outlet.

The total cost of the project was estimated at $2bn, which includes engineering, procurement and construction costs of $1.58bn, financing costs of $43m, the insurance cost of $100m and capitalized interest of $312m.

The project has been financed by the Zambian Government and foreign financial institutions, including the Exim Bank of China. The government allocated an initial investment of $186m for the project.


  1. In comparison the Grand Renaissance Power Project in ethiopia will produce 6450 Mega Watts and will cost $4.8 billion. The Kafue lower will cost $2 billion for a yield of only 750 Mega Watts. Do a cost benefit analysis and see if zambia is getting good value for its investment, why do we seem so short changed? We may need to cut off more than Mr. Nkhuwa’s finger.

  2. I think it will be folly of us Zambians to expect any good things from the PF government because to be honest they’ve run out of ideas and now they’re just doing Chipantepante trying to save face. They don’t know what to do coz they’ve run out of time and so Please let’s register in large numbers so that we can vote wisely next year.

  3. As always, we pay more than what others are paying in Africa. Ethiopia has built a hydro-power dam and station which will produce more power for far less than wht Zambia is spending for the power we will be producing. But that’s not something to bother Zambians.


  5. If our country can be first to default in debt payment what more can we expect from minister
    Of energy?We don’t even want to
    Admit it.

  6. Load shedding will reduce in the election year of next year, always dribbling. No ideas, meanwhile dollar heading to K22, economy heading to Zimbabwe, a lot of countries are affected by covid but there is resilience in their economies. We need leaders with competency, capacity and the intellect to lead. If not, the circus will continue

  7. In other words he’s saying we shouldnt expect the current government to solve our national problems. I wonder why people aspire for public offices. I even wonder more when they want to hold on and continue. Continue to to be doing what when it’s clear they have failed. As leaders you cant be shamelessly cheating citizens.

  8. Too much deception and lying in this sector by all manner of leadership regarding when to expect loadshedding to come to an end. From as far back as 2017. All we witness is changing of schedules. A shameless and grossly inefficient organisation, Zesco.

  9. The problem with opposition is that they are lazy especially when it comes to reading. The headline in itself is misleading and is the work of a useless opposition inclined editor of lusaka times. If you read the minister clearly explains when loadshedding will reduced. He says once we hit 300 megawatts. The minister is giving you facts. You want him to lie to you that it will happen over night ? Be real

  10. Baba, was it not you assuring us of loadshading ending if not that we should cut your finger?

    Which chibuku do you drink?
    You might want to remove some seeds before taking.


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  12. Lies indeed have short legs…last week this moron was saying something else now they have changed their tune as this project is completed. Here is another strategic project owned again by the Chinks, imagine the project cost $2 billion and our lazy govt only allocated $180million investment in a project of this magnitude and they call it PPP how sad is that…we know have two power stations 5 km away and just one drought season and these power stations turn into mere walls. Instead of investing in Solar these crooks would rather waste money on these useless things.

  13. You send $2 billion on a project which is a loan and you have the audacity to say to taxpayers that dont expect change…this is only possible under the leadership of one L@zy Lungu

  14. Before you start commenting on the price of building hydro generation plant, ask engineers to explain how they derive on the cost of each project: basically the equation is: E=MGH, where M is the mass of water available, G is gravity (9.8) and H is the height. Mr. Nkhuwa is a wrong person to talk about KL Hedro. He is more than a flip flop. Today he says this, tomorrow will say another thing.

  15. Not again electricity is being exported when we claim a deficiency you Nkuwa and the lot do you want to see how pipo feel. Guys have had pigs and a lot more wasting because of your madness. Guys I think to its time to sue them. Coz enough is enough!!!!!!!

  16. The man has already forgotten his empty promise he made about 3 months ago ( load shedding will be a thing of the past) Bwana Nkhuwa ,CAN YOU REMEMBER?

  17. The president ! Why does he allow such contradicting statements from a Minister’s mouth? From loadshedding finishing and become a net exporter of energy to loadshedding perpetual Mr Nkhuwa why are you their as minister just to sit and enjoy tax payers money.

  18. No wonder your name is SEE. You only see and don’t understand what goes on. In any Ministry, there is a permanent Secretary who is a technocrat and has directors who are well versed and qualified to be in that office. The minister is a politician who gives political guidance. Any statement made by the minister is originated by the technocrats and not a personal opinion. Ubukopo leave them in the gutters you grew up in.

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