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PF’s Popularity Claim in Ndola by Clear point Consulting Ltd is a misconception


By Sam Nyirenda NDC Provincial Secretary

PF’s purported claim of Popularity in Ndola by Clear point Consulting Ltd is a misconception.

Just like the unpopular inertia that was unnecessarily created by the Patriotic Front on Bill 10 against the wish of the people is now an artificial belief that the Patriotic Front is still popular on the Copperbelt.
The Opinion poll conducted by a self accredited Opinion poll Company Clear Point Consulting Ltd Company is basically an image building venture with the hope of mending the damaged Political fortunes of the once vibrant PF party under the late President Sata.

The PF seems to draw comfort from this mitigation by the Opinion poll since it’s disconnected from the realities of the suffering Zambians. They seem to have lost touch with the ordinary citizens on the ground.
Whilst the idea of sampling Opinion polls could be good Clear Point has not indicated how, where or which target groups it collected it’s data clusters from that they used in there final data analysis rational.

Ndola is a city which has been Politically exposed and it has always been so.No amount of misinformation,mis-representation or indeed manipulation deliberately calculated to mislead the Electorate will succeed in this current depressing Economic trend.The people of Ndola will not be misguided nor misled with the same rhetoric when it’s the same people who have been subjected to high commodity prices that keep fluctuating day by day rocked by the high inflation.

The Electorate in Ndola or any other place on the Copperbelt will not be made to falsely believe that the Economy of Zambia has improved when in actual fact it has not.The fundamental indicators project that there will even be a negative Growth Domestic Product of 2.4% retardation by the end of 2020.Other than Politicking Edgar Lungu’s administration was suppose to seriously reflect on how they are going to handle the pending recession. The Economics of Ndola has not been spared from the overall Country’s weak Gross domestic Product that has culminated into a poor net Purchasing Power Parity.The ordinary Zambians purchasing Power has been eroded.We are in a Country that only favours a few Elite in this Economic decline caused by outright corruption and mass mismanagement of the Economy.

Apart from being Copperbelt’s administrative town Ndola was until the beginning of the 90s the hub of Zambia’s Light and heavy Industrial line plant production.It also boasted of weaving plants that included a thriving yawning and spinning clothing Industry.This Production covered the Country and beyond in exports.It was the Northern regional inter trade Centre where the impact of the devalued Kwacha has had devastating effects.
What development has the PF brought to this once vibrant Industrial Area ever since they came to Power.The answer is ” Nothing Significant”.

Ndola boasted of over 200 Viable Production Companies in the Ndola Industrial Area.Dynamos and Electrical motors ran day and night.We had shift workers trooping into the Industrial area day and night.
Ndola’s life line has been predominantly of a Manufacturing nature coupled with service provision to the Mines of the Copperbelt.

What has the PF done to Ndola with regard to there Industrialisation Policy ? For those who would want to care this is a place that has now been turned into a dumping ground of imported goods through the provision of Warehousing in the same Industrial area.As if that was not enough it is littered with Chinese finished products from the Central Business District to the Townships areas.

A few days a ago the Copperbelt Minister Honorable Mwakalombe once again proudly officially opened another Large Warehousing in the CBD of Ndola District.

Can the PF tell the Nation how many manufacturing plants they have commissioned so far to provide the much needed employment to out Unemployed Ndola residents the Youth in particular with formal employment.
The Patriotic Front Industrialisation policy through the IDC has had no impact in our development circle Seven years down the line.

They have failed to improve even on the already existing Industrial infrastructure like INDENI.A serious re-investment in this Energy plant would have ultimately lowered the cost of doing business directly and enhanced Job creation as fuel is an engine of Economic growth.

INDENI is one quasi Government Industry that is now obsolete despite it having been faithful to the Zambian Economy for last 46 years.Courtesy to his Excellency Kenneth Kaunda.

This Energy refinery plant also in the City of Ndola has never seen an upgrade from the time it was commissioned in 1974.

The National Democratic Congress has a well defined Industrialisation Policy that encompasses the Energy sector.

From the 2011 Study INDENI Just required 5 million Dollars at the time for an additional high tech processing upgrade Unit.

The plant just does fractional distillation of separation of Commingled Oil in its unit output of Petrol Diesel ,kerosene etc.

Once upgraded this plant would have the capability to spike the actual Crude oil.

Zambia would save more than 250 million dollars that is wasted year in year out through middle Men.
Just by a mere 5 million dollars this plant would be modernised. Compare and contrast this amount of only 5 million dollars with the wasted resources through an irresponsible, careless , insensitive and lack of Vision dubious Procurement tendencies that characterised the PF Government .They have turned our procurement system into conduits of syphoning state resources with impunity. The dubious procuring ranged from overpriced Ambulances, Fire tenders , Digital migration ,Road construction name them that have plunged the Nation into debt distress.Our fiscal space has finally been suffocated with reckless Loan contraction while the production sector has dwindled.

The National Democratic Congress will enhance fiscal discipline in the governance system.It targets to diversify the Economy of the Copperbelt into Agricultural clusters.Ndola has a latitude for expansion.It needs to be repackaged with a new 21st century Industrial block that will attract new investment.

The comparative advantage of the inter-link trade corridor of the Democratic republic of Congo has not been fully utilized. This would enhance more Economic activities for our people on the Copper belt. The PF must prepare for there exist


  1. Indeni needs $5m upgrade to be able to process crude?? These NDC i.d.!.ots are clowns. So why didn’t the MMD for 20 years not do this?? Our politics has gone to the dogs if you are going to call these clowns opposition.

  2. It’s very disheartening regarding the derelict state of my once-vibrant and favourite town, Ndola. A lively go-to-town is now but a shadow of it’s former self. All sorts of delinquents masquerading as development gurus have put paid to the vibrancy of the friendly city. Shadowy characters from distant locales are the ones calling the shots regarding all manner of projects and programmes in Ndola. Who will restore and rebuild the spirit of pa Ndola?

  3. Without malice, fear or favour, as things stand today, PF have a lot to do between now and August 2021 to convince people here to vote for them.
    Wait and see…

  4. I was born in Ndola,and brought
    up the in the same city worked at textile Ndola was finished in MMD in Kaunda we had companies,upon selling they became Ghost town,what I can see the no true leadership in those who were there,those who are in leadership,and those who will come,as people we are talking this and this no is speaking the truth,it like somebody outside the pitch is able to see,but to tell you go in ,you also find difficult, and no leader can be the same we are different,and each one has weakness,and strength,Zambian we need to repent and seek the face darkness is big and only light including the clergy,if there is true revival every can change economy, God teaching lesson so that we learn,but we have to careful in choosing a leader who good in the sight or else we shall…

  5. Some people think with their ** Very useless opposition in this country. Anyway we are not surprised because what you expect from a party that has a convicted frog as its leader. A bunch of constipated hippos who think they are a political party. Please do not mess up my fridays. I am now just planning my evening.

  6. Some people think with their mb0I0s Very useless opposition in this country. Anyway we are not surprised because what you expect from a party that has a convicted frog as its leader.

  7. Ba NDC ikaleni fye. You don’t even participate in by-elections. In Northern Province you used Under 5 who was mercilessly walloped. The earlier you realised that you have ichipumbu for a leader the better for you.

  8. So @ Zambian Citizen, are you asking a question or what? Are you attempting to ask a question in English or in your own mother tongue masquerading as English. From your own written English, you have confirmed lack of understanding of the statement by NDC. Sometimes even a fool can be considered to be wise when he keeps quiet.

  9. It is not is a misconception! Its a manufactured story. This is why citizens are asking the opposition to establish their own media. They need to counter such fake news.

  10. Ba PF stop the loot ! Believe you me, uprightness and real humility is unequalled to any riches acquired through corruption. Your arrogance and cunningness is not adding value to your life – this, you will realise soon.

  11. When you are out there collecting data with your tablet or pen/paper whatever and you ask anybody who he/she is going to vote for next year then 90% the answer will be the ruling party no matter who it is. This is because the respondent doesn’t want to get in trouble with the government and thinks since you are recording then it will come back against him. The same thing happened during UNIP when opinion polls said UNIP was popular. The same thing happened to MMD when polls predicted an MMD win against Sata. What people say and what they will do in the ballot booth are two different things.

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