Friday, March 1, 2024

Chief Chitimukulu happy with sensitisation on voter registration


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba of people of Northern Province says the “Movement for Voter Sensitization” has stepped up efforts to ensure that all eligible citizens obtain voters cards during the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The Mwine Lubemba who is Patron for the named organisation, has disclosed that the movement has put in place a number of measures to enable people acquire voter’s cards.

“As a movement we do not want to leave any stone unturned. We are making every effort to ensure that we sensitize the public on the voter registration exercise” he said.

The Paramount Chief added that the organization is also working closely with the local traditional leadership in areas where it is operating, to ensure that people without National Registration Cards and Voters cards acquire the documents.

The Paramount Chief has hailed the provincial and district administrations in the province for the efforts they are making in sensitizing people to register as voters.

He emphasized the need for people to know the significance of participating in elections.

“We are also educating people so that they understand the importance of taking part in the various national programmes such as voter registration and voting” he said.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was speaking when Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Mungwi district.

And Rev. Sumaili said government is grateful to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for his tireless efforts in sensitizing people to register as voters.

Rev. Sumaili said the initiative by the Mwine Lubemba to set up a voter sensitization movement is a move in the right direction.

She noted the need for all stakeholders to come on board and sensitize people on the importance of participating in voting.

“We are conducting civic education to our people, we want to make them understand their responsibilities, values such as patriotism” she said.

Rev. Sumaili is in the province to engage the clergy, traditional leaders and conduct civic education on the importance of people obtaining voter registration cards.


  1. i hope this is not about tribal dominance, tribal affiliation and tribal appeasement. One thing for sure is that politics has changed in Zambia to Regionalism and all this thanks to the PF. It shall forever be their ever lasting legacy.

  2. @2, PF has got nothing to do with tribalism in Zambia. Tribalism is the brain child of UPND right from UPND’s inception. Only a Tonga…blah,blah, blah. is inthe UPND constitution.Quota policiy is in the UPND constitution. This Tonga, that Tonga is only in the UPND, not any other party in Zambia- big or small. Long before PF won elections there was already Quota Policy in UPND. So, maybe just be proud of your child.

  3. Wise timing what cave are you living under. So you mean to tell me you haven’t seen serving ministers go campaign based on tribe, tell us or show us evidence of the other party doing that apart from the ruling party. Very hypocritical of the ruling party to accuse others of the same thing they are doing. PF has nothing to offer in the north but tribal speeches which everyone is tired of

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