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PF Central Committee has already settled for President Lungu as Party Candidate for 2021 Elections


Member of the PF Central Committee Hon Davies Chisopa has emphasized that the Central Committee already settled for President Edgar Lungu as the Patriotic Front presidential candidate in this year’s general elections.

Hon Chisopa, who is also Mkushi South Member of Parliament, says even as the party heads to the general conference, the Central Committee wants to see President Lungu on the ballot paper come August 12, 2021.

Hon Chisopa said this at Sambala Day Secondary School in Lunte District before the party elections for Lunte constituency and district officials.

Hon Chisopa, who is the Commissioner for the party elections, lifted the suspension for all officials who were suspended and allowed them to take part in the election process.

He further dissolved constituency and district committees.

“We all know what we have come here for. It’s elections for constituency and district. You already had branch elections, we are here to elect constituency and district officials. We have not come to destroy the party but allow you to choose your leaders freely,” he said.

He said the process of doing intraparty elections I meant to strengthen the party. However, the party elections were postponed to this week Friday. Hon Chisopa was in the company of Hon Gladys Nyirongo who is the Presiding Officer for the elections.

Meanwhile, Lunte Member of Parliament Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya encouraged the delegates to ensure that they come on time to take part in the elections on Friday.

He also said the intraparty elections are important as they help to unite and strengthen the party.

“It comforts me everyday when I think about what you people said that you want to keep His Excellency President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu in office up to 2026. But how can we do this? It is through such processes like these elections because they will help us to mobilize votes for President Lungu. So let’s be here on Friday so that we take part in the elections,” he said.


  1. Even a baby born today knows that ECL is the duly selected candidate who will win this year’s election. DO WE NEES TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU DUNDERHEADS? I have even started working on the election strategy plan for PF

  2. Museveni is crying foul as his brutality through the police is going to cost him 12th January 2021 elections. He knows he has a lot to answer when leaves office talk of issues with Rwanda and killings done by police and many other cases. This is a lesson to ..

  3. As PF we want KBF to be the PF President, the way ECL has messed up the country, no one can vote for him, we will lose guys. Let’s be serious

  4. I think everybody will agree with me that Lusaka-times is simply the most popular, most reliable, most credible and most non- partisan social media, publishing about 30 divergent and opposing views of cadres from various political parties whether UPND, PF, NDC etc. and this makes it the most democratic and interesting social media to trust in Zambia. Alas! On the far extreme we have some media that publishes only 7 comments from one party only. How can you have 7 bloggers only from UPND and all singing the same song? This makes it boring and undemocratic and reduces it to mere propaganda that no sensible person can believe.

  5. President Lungu is the best! Zambians and PF members love and respect Mr. Lungu and hence, wanted him to be on the ballot ahead of general elections. I am sure UPND leader HH and his supporters will create controversies in this for no reason. As they just cannot see Mr. Lungu will get all the attention.

  6. Whatever President Lungu has done in Zambia, no other President in the past has managed to do it. We only received false hopes about development, but Lungu made us believe that Zambia has the capabilities to be famous internationally.

  7. Zambians who have benefited from the development and empowerment projects initiated by the President, only those will understand the true value of him, how important Mr. Lungu is for the nation. Corrupt people who want to earn loads of money by doing illegal works will support Hichilema.

  8. The 2021 general elections are so predictable! Zambians have already decided the President Lungu is the winner because there is no other leader as best as Mr. Lungu. I guess, the election result will be completely one-sided.

  9. Even though the upcoming result is known to everybody. We can still witness enthusiasm among Zambians. More than 6 million citizens had registered as a voter, this shows their excitement level.

  10. Cannot believe HH has killed two people just to spread a negative image of PF and get sympathy from people ahead of the 2021 elections. But still, the majority of people will choose President Lungu over him.

  11. Ba PF below are the list of names you need to consider for the 2021 ticket;
    1. Kelvin Bwalya Fube – Very intelligent and he has a vision for Zambia
    2. Alexander Chiteme – No scandals
    3. Davis Chama – Seen as a steady pair of arms
    4. Brian Mushimba – Very intelligent and young

  12. Central committee can’t choose. People must choose. We the PF members don’t want ECL, he is way past his shelf life, look at the decent economy he inherited, everything is negative after he took over . If we field him, opposition will wire us hands down, it will be a no contest

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