FAZ Orders Prison Leopards To Remove Convicted Defiler Fichite From Bench


The Football Association of Zambia has ordered league leaders and promoted side Prison Leopards to withdraw former Green Buffaloes and Zambia striker Dudley Fichite from their bench who is currently serving a life sentence.

Fichite was convicted for defiling a minor and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018 and is currently serving at Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe where the club is based.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said Prison had brought the game into disrepute by appointing a convict to serve on their bench.

“In the meantime, we therefore direct that you avoid involving the aforesaid individual in any FAZ organised football activities to avoid the complications that may arise from this act,” read Kashala’s letter to Prison Leopards read in part.

“We would appreciate that in future, your club should notify the Association before implementation of anything that you are not sure about so that we can give guidance in accordance with FIFA, CAF and FAZ statutes and regulations.”


  1. Hahahahahahahaha this really fun what these PF are doing. What is more important:
    – A prisoner voting or deciding who the republican president should be, compared to
    – A prisoner training Football?
    Common FAZ, Fichite is contributing to society, they think he is fvcing the players?
    So even prisoners are disqualified to play in Prison’s team?

  2. The current FAZ is crazy. How did they allow such a thing to happen sure? They will get us banned by FIFA

  3. But we see Mohan and Belos (convicted cold-blooded murderers) appearing on TV as supervisors of agricultural programs at Mukobeko – why should Fichite be treated differently? Is it because his skin color does not match the necessary conditions?

  4. Some people are a failed project. How do you allow a murderer in Mukobeko to fund agricultural programs and soccer programs in prisons and deny another to coach a prison soccer team in the same prison? Its both an issue of the rich having their way and politics. Fichite’s sentence does not bar him from participating in programs within the prison

  5. It is normal for convicts to use their skills whilst in prison. Architects, mechanics and electricians can still offer service whilst in jail. Mohan is doing business whilst in prison. If its beneficial to the public it’s okay as long as the convict remains in prison.

  6. James Shimwitwa – So, if it is good for Mohan then it must be good for Fichite, right. Just hit the nail on the head.

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