COVID-19 new cases swell to over 1 000, in 24 hours, with 18 deaths recorded

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya

Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded a total of 1,029 new COVID-19 positive cases from the 11, 855 tests conducted, bringing the cumulative number of cases to 25, 236.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says the country has further recorded a total of 18 deaths in the last 24 hours with 11 brought in dead (BID) and 7 being facility deaths.

Speaking during the routine COVID-19 update in Lusaka today, Dr Chilufya noted that Zambia’s coronavirus outbreak has been escalating at an alarming rate with the country recording the highest number of deaths and critical cases within the 24 hour period.

The Minister stated that the cases were identified through various surveillance platforms in the community, health facilities and at points of entry including five districts that stood top.

“The top five districts with highest cases include Lusaka with 379, Kabwe 122, Livingstone 67, Ndola 56 and Solwezi 40,” he said.

Dr Chilufya noted that in terms of clinical update, 171 patients are admitted to various COVID-19 facilities in the country out of which 96 are on oxygen therapy.

He added that 396 people have been discharged from various facilities, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 20, 349 with 441 fatalities.

The Minister further indicated that the status of the epidemic in the country needs an urgent and effective collaborative and coordinated response approach.

“We are all called upon at individual and collective level to act in solidarity to ensure that we do not spread COVID-19 or contract the disease,” Dr Chilufya said.

And Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Victor Mukonka noted that the new variant of COVID-19 is contagious and spread quickly.

Professor Mukonka added that the COVID-19 pandemic is a severe formal disease that is causing high mortality, and has since advised the public to avoid unnecessary movements, while paying attention to serious adherence to health guidelines.

“This pandemic is facilitated very quickly through super spreaders such as weddings, parties and many other gatherings, so avoid crowded places, avoid restaurants. Let’s stay home,” he stressed.

Earlier Dr Chilufya called for a moment of silence in honour of Professor Kumar Baboo who succumbed to COVID-19 yesterday at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital and Mr Ezekiel Sakala a dentist and Office Administrator in Eastern Province who also died of the pandemic.

Dr Chilufya said, Professor Baboo who was a regular at COVID-19 updates played a critical role in many aspects of public health including the fight against COVID-19 outbreak and taught generations of medical doctors in the country.


  1. We arent reporting this well enough. Just read how our fellow citizens here in Chambia are reporting our second wave:
    LUSAKA, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) — Zambia on Wednesday reported 850 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the cumulative cases to 23,495 as the country continues to grapple with a surge in the second wave of the pandemic.

    The cases were picked from 10,461 tests while five people died bringing the total deaths to 417.

    Figures released by the health ministry further show that 146 patients were discharged during the same period bringing the total recoveries to 19,672.

    Huge gatherings have been identified as the major cause behind the second wave of COVID-19 in the southern African nation.

    Health authorities fear that the country’s health system if cases…

  2. Iwe you should not be in that job.

    Just explain why you have flooded the country with fake medical products.

    As a medical practitioner that is trained to save lives, you are a joke. Profits over lives?

    One thing is for sure, no amount of money (that was stolen) will spare you jail time.

  3. He is back again this heartless corrupt thug Chilufya …which donor is going to entrust this crook with their hard-earned funds when there is no oversight. He is even wearing the wrong type of face mask that’s a dust mask used by carpenters I hope this thief has not given those to our health workers.

  4. You will see how these figures will swell as campaigns draw near when this fundraiser hits the target La7y Lungu will suddenly him tell him to stop announcing data and covid will disappear like a fart in the air. This is why La7y can not fire this chap Chilufya.

  5. Can the Minister of Health explain to the PS Education Mr Kalumba that pandemics operate according to the changing environment and become more vicious as they mutate to new strains. He does not seem to understand that this more widespread than the last time.

  6. Really laughable this clown of a doctor is busy counting cumulative tests of 25,000 in two days …what of deaths in the last 7 days …he has started cooking his figures again ..anyway he has bloggers like Neneh Cherry to believe him.

  7. All public gatherings including places of worship and trading areas may have to be asked to suspend their activities.

    Walk around town or soweto markert to appreciate the impunity .
    As for schools please dont open as planned ..

  8. Buufi fititi…! If these figures were correct, that Lazy chap wouldn’t be moving aimlessly like a stray dog drawing huge crowds of innocent souls on the copper belt. Fuseki……

  9. So what measures are being taken in markets, public transport and soon in schools that are about to open ? It simply can’t be business as usual with packed buses, mini rallies etc..

  10. Zambia has to create more measures , not tell us figures everyday . The MOH has Making policies as one of it’s major roles in the health system

  11. Don’t follow that f00l called tarino. He is based in UK where they are dying uncontrollably due to covid. He has an agenda to mislead us zambians so that we experience more deaths and he can feel good about his sad life.

  12. Your condoms and gloves u bought have killed more people than covid iwe dog…. One u and ur PF lot will hunted in the streets like dogs… Can’t wait for that day….. Including stup1d Edgar

  13. We warned but as usual they sneered and laughed praising each other. How many times does one see officials wearing masks on the chin?

  14. My appeal to Professor Mukonka and Prof. Mulenga , please appeal to Dr. Chitalu to convince to the president to immediately take drastic measures to control the rapid spread of the infection.
    1. Cancel all super spreaders eventsike weddings and parties. Limit no. of attendants of funerals.
    2.Introduce a curfew to run from 20 00 hrs to 0400am
    3. Ban the sale of Alcohol ( oops!) for the next 2 months until the stuation improves.
    4.Postpone the reopening of the schools
    5.Wearing of mask must be compulsory and punitive measures introduced to those disobeying the orders.
    The situation is getting serious, please let us not play politics. TIME TO ACT IS NOW
    My appeal to all Zambians, please immdiately get yourselves the blue medical masks andplease putthem on ALLL THE TIME!

  15. COVID19 might end since Biden has won, it was a cover to rig the US elections at any cost to justify voting through mail in ballots as bizzer as that sounds. But first Corporation owners have to make money from the poor Nations through selling vaccines to entire populations, kill some & render some infertile. But what do I know, who would want to stop a lucrative business. Stay safe from their Bio weapon, avoid crowded areas. Dr Mumbai is right. Wish we had more leaders like you.


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