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Fuel Supply in Zambia is back to Normal-Energy Minister

Economy Fuel Supply in Zambia is back to Normal-Energy Minister

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says the country should expect to see constant fuel supply on the market.

Mr. Nkhuwa says this is because a number of fuel dealers have started importing fuel into the country following the removal VAT on fuel importation.

He says there has been some hiccups in fuel procurement as some dealers had reduced imports, thereby causing a shortage in most areas.

Mr. Nkhuwa says government intends to keep the prices of fuel stable, hence the introduction of the tax waiver.

He has told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the fuel supply is now back to normal.


  1. The author is a lazy journalist. Would have expected the following:
    1. Fuel consumption per month
    2. Quantities that we being imported
    3. The % VAT that was introduced and the resulted landed cost
    4. The landed cost of fuel after waivering of the VAT
    5. The fuel import policy for Zambia
    6. Regional comparison etc.
    I felt this is a very important article for business hence the need for comprehensiveness.

  2. Has the minister entered into a PACT with fuel dealers or not. Where is he getting the energy to even say It will get back to normal as If he is the one procuring the stock.

    Has the ministry of energy gone to the begging of fuel dealers to Import fuel or not?

    Does this mean the dealer can wake up today and starve the economy with fuel since the Ministry has no teeth to bite over fuel importation.

    Ministry of energy need to give a clear policy direction over fuel stocks into the Country and not this kantemba way of dealing with fuel, a major economic factor of the Country.

    Has Government failed to Import fuel into the Country or not. If Not, what is the clear policy direction over this matter?

    The minister of energy is better of not even talking at all because i wonder If…

  3. Matthew Nkhuwa you’ve been in business for a long time now, starting from the scratch and I admire your resilience. I’m sure you understand that when a certain component of the cost is removed or added definitely figures will change. So help us understand why the price of fuel has remained the same even after removal of VAT. Is it true what the people of Chingola are saying that you’ve run away and have bought a house in RSA in readiness for the final relocation? No vichi vasudza mwanangu? We still need you here!

  4. Twalumba kapati ba saaa.

    Those complaining and still criticising are diasporans who don’t even own a car in diaspora and catch buses. Yet they feel the need to comment on fuel costs in Zambia

  5. @KZ, you know that I’m around. I’m in Chingola this week. I even attended the burial of 2 PF miners who died in an accident. So I’m not talking from without

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