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MP urges Zambia Business Community to invest in Newly created District


Chasefu Member of Parliament Gerald Zimba has urged the business community in the country to commence investing in the newly created district in Eastern province.

Mr. Zimba said investors should follow the right procedure and acquire land in newly created districts like Chasefu through the councils for their business investments.

In a statement issued in Chipata today, Mr Zimba said time has come for those who want to build lodges and venture into other businesses to acquire land in Chasefu district.

“This opportunity has presented itself for everyone who wants to invest in Chasefu district and to take this opportunity seriously and follow the right procedure to acquire land through the council,” he said.

Mr. Zimba said there were many benefits in investing in Chasefu which was formerly part of Lundazi district.

He said the local authority in Chasefu has opened bids for land acquisition in pursuant to the Ministry of Lands circular No.1 1995 on land alienation

“Plots are now on offer for residential and commercial in Chasefu and interested developers should have the capacity to develop within the statutory period,” he said.

Mr. Zimba said the closing date for receiving applications for the plots is February 19, 2021.

The Chasefu lawmaker, who is also Eastern Province Patriotic Front Vice Chairperson, said investment potential in the district is very high because most of the vital sectors have not been fully exploited by the local people.

He said this presents an opportunity for investors to become stakeholders in local economic development.

In 2017, President Edgar Lungu created five new districts in Eastern Province namely Chipangali, Kasenengwa, Lusangazi, Lumezi and Chasefu.


  1. Nothing tangible will ever get invested as long as taxes remain high.The high taxes make it difficult to accumulate capital,we pay lower wages in this country but foreign companies like nike dont even want to invest here mostly because of high taxes.As long as taxes remain high then investments wont be there,and thus people will live unemployed their whole life,we will not be able to have a better people.Mostbtime what drives taxes up are the loans,because we want to pay the loans we end up subjecting the country to high taxes,what brings loans are deficits.
    The way forward should be to cut taxes,it would be very beneficial in a short run,we will have to plan how we deal with the effects in the long run.Thats why you saw MMD giving tax holidays to investing companies,they lost tax but the companies created jobs and people who were working paid tax.It calls for planning.

  2. Most people are afraid of investing in rural places because they want quick money ….people don’t seem to be investing for long term benefits. They would rather the benefits are immediate.

  3. I agree with that statement.

    Good morning to my brothers and sisters including those in diaspora. Please note that God loves you and I love you too

  4. There are a lot of opportunities in the new districts..those that want agricultural is plenty and cheap… Chain store or grocery shopping malls plenty of land and cheaper materials plus labour..

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